Allied Warships

Allied War Losses

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It shows ships destroyed (lost) to all causes during the war.

During the war the Allies (Americans, United Kingdom and Commonwealth, France, Russia, Netherlands, ...) lost more than 1,900 warships to all causes. This listing shows them all.

The Royal Dutch Navy De Ruyter class light cruiser HNMS De Ruyter. She was lost on 28 Feb 1942.


8 Sep 1939HNMS Willem van Ewijck (i)MinesweeperJan van Amstel 


10 May 1940HNMS Van Galen (i) (VG)DestroyerAdmiralen 
12 May 1940HNMS Friso (i)GunboatGruno 
13 May 1940HNMS M 2MinesweeperM 
14 May 1940HNMS Abraham van der HulstMinesweeperJan van Amstel 
14 May 1940HNMS BrinioGunboatGruno 
14 May 1940HNMS G 16Torpedo boatG 13 
14 May 1940HNMS Johan Maurits van Nassau (i)SloopJohan Maurits van Nassau 
14 May 1940HNMS M 1MinesweeperM 
14 May 1940HNMS M 3MinesweeperM 
14 May 1940HNMS M 4MinesweeperM 
14 May 1940HNMS O 11SubmarineO 9 
14 May 1940HNMS O 12SubmarineO 12 
14 May 1940HNMS O 8SubmarineO 8 
14 May 1940HNMS Pieter FloriszMinesweeperJan van Amstel 
14 May 1940HNMS Z 3Torpedo boatZ 1 
15 May 1940HNMS HydraMinelayerHydra 
25 Jun 1940HNMS O 13 (N 13)SubmarineO 12 
19 Nov 1940HNMS O 22 (P 22)SubmarineO 21 


22 May 1941HNMS Nautilus (M 12)MinelayerNautilus 
15 Dec 1941HNMS O 16SubmarineO 16 
19 Dec 1941HNMS O 20SubmarineO 19 
21 Dec 1941HNMS K XVIISubmarineK XIV 
25 Dec 1941HNMS K XVISubmarineK XIV 


11 Jan 1942HNMS Prins van OranjeMinelayerPrins van Oranje 
15 Feb 1942HNMS Pro PatriaMinelayerPro Patria 
15 Feb 1942HNMS Van Ghent (GT)DestroyerAdmiralen 
17 Feb 1942HNMS Van Nes (VN)DestroyerAdmiralen 
18 Feb 1942HNMS K VIISubmarineK V 
19 Feb 1942HNMS Piet Hein (PH)DestroyerAdmiralen 
27 Feb 1942HNMS JavaLight cruiserJava 
27 Feb 1942HNMS Kortenaer (KN)DestroyerAdmiralen 
28 Feb 1942HNMS De RuyterLight cruiserDe Ruyter 
1 Mar 1942HNMS AMinesweeperA 
1 Mar 1942HNMS Evertsen (EV)DestroyerAdmiralen 
2 Mar 1942HNMS BMinesweeperA 
2 Mar 1942HNMS Banckert (BK)DestroyerAdmiralen 
2 Mar 1942HNMS BangkalanMinelayerBangkalan 
2 Mar 1942HNMS DMinesweeperA 
2 Mar 1942HNMS K XSubmarineK VIII 
2 Mar 1942HNMS K XIIISubmarineK XI 
2 Mar 1942HNMS K XVIIISubmarineK XIV 
2 Mar 1942HNMS RigelMinelayerRigel 
2 Mar 1942HNMS SoemenepMinelayerSoemenep 
2 Mar 1942HNMS Witte de With (WW)DestroyerAdmiralen 
6 Mar 1942HNMS CMinesweeperA 
6 Mar 1942HNMS Pieter de BitterMinesweeperJan van Amstel 
7 Mar 1942HNMS Gouden LeeuwMinelayerPrins van Oranje 
8 Mar 1942HNMS Eland DuboisMinesweeperJan van Amstel 
8 Mar 1942HNMS Jan van AmstelMinesweeperJan van Amstel 
8 Mar 1942HNMS KrakatauMinelayerKrakatau 
12 Jul 1942HNMS Terschelling (i) (FY 174)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
13 Nov 1942HNMS Isaac Sweers (G 83)DestroyerGerard Callenburgh 


27 Feb 1943HNMS ColombiaSubmarine Depot Ship 


18 May 1944HNMS MTB 203 / Arend (MTB 203)Motor Torpedo BoatWhite 73 feet-type 
20 May 1944HNMS Marken (i) (FY 227)Motor minesweeperMMS I 


10 Jul 1945HNMS O 19 (N 54)SubmarineO 19 

57 Allied warship losses located.

Losses by navy

Royal Navy (1108)
US Navy (487)
Soviet Navy (138)
French Navy (95)
Royal Dutch Navy (59)
Royal Canadian Navy (31)
Royal Hellenic Navy (26)
Royal Norwegian Navy (23)
Royal Australian Navy (16)
Polish Navy (12)
Royal Indian Navy (12)
Free French Navy (9)
Italian Navy (7)
United States Coast Guard (5)
Brazilian Navy (2)
Royal New Zealand Navy (2)

This page shows all the Allied warships lost during World War Two. The page optionally is divided by navy for more compact listing.

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