Allied Warships

Allied War Losses

This page is probably not fully complete
It shows ships destroyed (lost) to all causes during the war.

During the war the Allies (Americans, United Kingdom and Commonwealth, France, Russia, Netherlands, ...) lost more than 1,900 warships to all causes. This listing shows them all.

The US Navy Tambor class submarine USS Trout. She was lost on 29 Feb 1944.


10 Sep 1939HMS Oxley (55 P)SubmarineO 
17 Sep 1939HMS Courageous (50)Aircraft CarrierCourageous 
14 Oct 1939HMS Royal Oak (08)BattleshipRoyal Sovereign 
30 Oct 1939HMS Northern Rover (4.58)ASW Trawler 
13 Nov 1939HMS Blanche (H 47)DestroyerB 
16 Nov 1939HMS MTB 6 (MTB 6)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
20 Nov 1939HMS Mastiff (T 10)ASW TrawlerDog 
21 Nov 1939HMS Gipsy (H 63)DestroyerG 
22 Nov 1939HMS AragoniteMS Trawler 
23 Nov 1939HMS RawalpindiArmed Merchant Cruiser 
12 Dec 1939HMS Duchess (H 64)DestroyerD 
13 Dec 1939HMS William Hallett (FY 554)MS Trawler 
14 Dec 1939HMS James Ludford (T 16)MS TrawlerMersey 
16 Dec 1939HMS Sedgefly (FY 122)ASW Trawler 
20 Dec 1939HMS NapiaTug 
21 Dec 1939HMS Bayonet (Z 05)Boom defence vesselNet 
22 Dec 1939HMS DromioMS Trawler 
25 Dec 1939HMS Loch Doon (FY 127)ASW Trawler 


5 Jan 1940HMS Kingston Cornelian (FY 121)ASW Trawler 
7 Jan 1940HMS Seahorse (98 S)SubmarineS 
7 Jan 1940HMS Undine (i) (N 48)SubmarineU 
9 Jan 1940HMS Starfish (19 S)SubmarineS 
11 Jan 1940HMS Princess (FY 021)Armed Yacht 
19 Jan 1940HMS Grenville (i) (H 03)DestroyerG 
21 Jan 1940HMS Exmouth (H 02)DestroyerE 
3 Feb 1940HMS Sphinx (J 69)MinesweeperHalcyon 
9 Feb 1940HMS Fort Royal (FY 771)MS Trawler 
9 Feb 1940HMS Robert BowenMS Trawler 
18 Feb 1940HMS Daring (H 16)DestroyerD 
20 Feb 1940HMS FifeshireASW Trawler 
23 Feb 1940HMS Benvolio (FY 710)MS Trawler 
2 Mar 1940HMS Fairplay IIRescue Tug 
15 Mar 1940HMS Peridot (FY 198)ASW Trawler 
8 Apr 1940HMS Glowworm (H 92)DestroyerG 
9 Apr 1940HMS Gurkha (i) (F 20)DestroyerTribal 
10 Apr 1940HMS Hardy (i) (H 87)DestroyerH 
10 Apr 1940HMS Hunter (i) (H 35)DestroyerH 
10 Apr 1940HMS Tarpon (N 17)SubmarineT 
10 Apr 1940HMS Thistle (N 24)SubmarineT 
18 Apr 1940HMS Sterlet (N 22)SubmarineS 
20 Apr 1940HMS RutlandshireASW Trawler 
25 Apr 1940HMS Bradman (FY 189)ASW Trawler 
25 Apr 1940HMS Hammond (FY 149)ASW Trawler 
25 Apr 1940HMS Larwood (FY 172)ASW Trawler 
29 Apr 1940HMS Cape Chelyuskin (FY 119)ASW Trawler 
29 Apr 1940HMS Cape Siretoko (FY 263)ASW Trawler 
29 Apr 1940HMS Unity (N 66)SubmarineU 
30 Apr 1940HMS Bittern (L 07)SloopBittern 
30 Apr 1940HMS Dunoon (J 52)MinesweeperHunt 
30 Apr 1940HMS Jardine (FY 169)ASW Trawler 
30 Apr 1940HMS Warwickshire (FY 113)ASW Trawler 
1 May 1940HMS St. GoranASW Trawler 
2 May 1940HMS Afridi (F 07)DestroyerTribal 
3 May 1940HMS Aston Villa (FY 261)ASW Trawler 
3 May 1940HMS GaulASW Trawler 
5 May 1940HMS Seal (37 M)SubmarinePorpoise 
6 May 1940HMS Loch NaverMS Trawler 
15 May 1940HMS Valentine (i) (L 69)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
18 May 1940HMS Effingham (D 98)Light cruiserCavendish 
19 May 1940HMS Princess Victoria (M 03)MinelayerAuxiliary minelayers 
19 May 1940HMS Whitley (L 23)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
20 May 1940HMS RifsnesMS Trawler 
21 May 1940HMS Cape Passaro (FY 270)ASW Trawler 
22 May 1940HMS MelbourneASW Trawler 
24 May 1940HMS Wessex (i) (D 43)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
25 May 1940HMS Charles BoyesMS Trawler 
26 May 1940HMS Curlew (D 42)Light cruiserCeres 
28 May 1940HMS Thomas Bartlett (FY 553)MS Trawler 
28 May 1940HMS Thuringia (FY 106)ASW Trawler 
29 May 1940HMS CalviMS Trawler 
29 May 1940HMS Grafton (H 89)DestroyerG 
29 May 1940HMS Grenade (H 86)DestroyerG 
29 May 1940HMS Polly JohnsonMS Trawler 
29 May 1940HMS Wakeful (i) (H 88)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
31 May 1940HMS St. Achilleus (FY 152)ASW Trawler 
Jun 1940HMS Orpheus (i) (N 46)SubmarineO 
1 Jun 1940HMS ArgyllshireASW Trawler 
1 Jun 1940HMS Basilisk (H 11)DestroyerB 
1 Jun 1940HMS Havant (H 32)DestroyerHavant 
1 Jun 1940HMS Keith (D 06)DestroyerB 
1 Jun 1940HMS Mosquito (T 94)River gunboatDragonfly 
1 Jun 1940HMS NarcissusArmed Yacht 
1 Jun 1940HMS Skipjack (J 38)MinesweeperHalcyon 
1 Jun 1940HMS St. Abbs (W 02)Rescue TugSaint 
1 Jun 1940HMS St. Fagan (W 74)Rescue TugSaint 
1 Jun 1940HMS Stella Dorado (FY 131)ASW Trawler 
2 Jun 1940HMS Blackburn Rovers (FY 116)ASW Trawler 
2 Jun 1940HMS Westella (FY 161)ASW Trawler 
6 Jun 1940HMS CarinthiaArmed Merchant Cruiser 
8 Jun 1940HMS Acasta (H 09)DestroyerA 
8 Jun 1940HMS Ardent (H 41)DestroyerA 
8 Jun 1940HMS Glorious (77)Aircraft CarrierCourageous 
8 Jun 1940HMS Juniper (T 123)MS TrawlerTree 
12 Jun 1940HMS Calypso (D 61)Light cruiserCaledon 
12 Jun 1940HMS SisaponMS Trawler 
12 Jun 1940HMS TwenteTug 
13 Jun 1940HMS ScotstounArmed Merchant Cruiser 
14 Jun 1940HMS Myrtle (T 91)MS Trawler 
14 Jun 1940HMS Odin (N 84)SubmarineO 
16 Jun 1940HMS AndaniaArmed Merchant Cruiser 
16 Jun 1940HMS Grampus (N 56)SubmarinePorpoise 
22 Jun 1940HMS Campeador V (FY 002)Armed Yacht 
23 Jun 1940HMS CoringaRescue Tug 
23 Jun 1940HMS Khartoum (F 45)DestroyerK 
4 Jul 1940HMS FoylebankAnti-Aircraft ship 
5 Jul 1940HMS Whirlwind (i) (D 30)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
6 Jul 1940HMS Shark (i) (N 54)SubmarineS 
8 Jul 1940HMS Cayton Wyke (FY 191)ASW Trawler 
11 Jul 1940HMS Escort (H 66)DestroyerE 
16 Jul 1940HMS Imogen (D 44)DestroyerI 
16 Jul 1940HMS Phoenix (N 96)SubmarineP 
16 Jul 1940HMS Salmon (N 65)SubmarineS 
17 Jul 1940HMS SteadyMooring vesselTrinculo 
19 Jul 1940HMS Crestflower (FY 367)MS Trawler 
20 Jul 1940HMS Brazen (H 80)DestroyerB 
23 Jul 1940HMS Narwhal (N 45)SubmarinePorpoise 
24 Jul 1940HMS FlemingMS Trawler 
24 Jul 1940HMS Kingston Galena (FY 145)ASW Trawler 
24 Jul 1940HMS Rodino (FY 840)MS Trawler 
27 Jul 1940HMS Codrington (D 65)DestroyerA 
27 Jul 1940HMS Wren (i) (D 88)DestroyerAdmiralty Modified W 
30 Jul 1940HMS Delight (H 38)DestroyerD 
1 Aug 1940HMS Oswald (N 58)SubmarineO 
1 Aug 1940HMS Spearfish (N 69)SubmarineS 
2 Aug 1940HMS Cape FinisterreASW Trawler 
3 Aug 1940HMS Thames (N 71)SubmarineRiver 
4 Aug 1940HMS DrummerMS Trawler 
4 Aug 1940HMS Marsona (FY 714)MS Trawler 
5 Aug 1940HMS River ClydeMS Trawler 
10 Aug 1940HMS Transylvania (F 56)Armed Merchant Cruiser 
12 Aug 1940HMS PyropeMS Trawler 
12 Aug 1940HMS Tamarisk (FY 97)MS Trawler 
13 Aug 1940HMS Elizabeth Angela (FY 767)MS Trawler 
15 Aug 1940HMS MoorstoneMooring vesselMoor 
20 Aug 1940HMS Resparko (FY 822)MS Trawler 
23 Aug 1940HMS Hostile (H 55)DestroyerH 
24 Aug 1940HMS Penzance (L 28)SloopFolkestone 
27 Aug 1940HMS Dunvegan CastleArmed Merchant Cruiser 
31 Aug 1940HMS Esk (H 15)DestroyerE 
1 Sep 1940HMS Ivanhoe (D 16)DestroyerI 
1 Sep 1940HMS RoyaloMS Trawler 
4 Sep 1940HMS Saucy (i)Rescue Tug 
6 Sep 1940HMS Godetia (i) (K 72)CorvetteFlower 
7 Sep 1940HMS Rhodora (FY 023)Armed Yacht 
12 Sep 1940HMS Salvage KingRescue Tug 
15 Sep 1940HMS Dundee (L 84)SloopFalmouth 
24 Sep 1940HMS MTB 15 (MTB 15)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
25 Sep 1940HMS Stella SiriusASW Trawler 
28 Sep 1940HMS RecoilASW Trawler 
30 Sep 1940HMS CometMS Trawler 
4 Oct 1940HMS Rainbow (N 16)SubmarineR 
5 Oct 1940HMS Kingston Sapphire (4.81)ASW Trawler 
9 Oct 1940HMS Sea KingMS Trawler 
12 Oct 1940HMS Warwick Deeping (FY 182)ASW Trawler 
13 Oct 1940HMS Danube IIIRescue Tug 
13 Oct 1940HMS Resolvo (FY 821)MS Trawler 
14 Oct 1940HMS Lord StampASW Trawler 
15 Oct 1940HMS Triad (N 53)SubmarineT 
16 Oct 1940HMS MTB 106 (MTB 106)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft experimental-type (MTB 106/107) 
17 Oct 1940HMS Dundalk (J 60)MinesweeperHunt 
18 Oct 1940HMS H 49 (N 49)SubmarineH 
18 Oct 1940HMS Kingston CairngormASW Trawler 
19 Oct 1940HMS Venetia (D 53)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
21 Oct 1940HMS MTB 17 (MTB 17)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
21 Oct 1940HMS Waveflower (FY 703)MS Trawler 
22 Oct 1940HMS Hickory (T 116)MS TrawlerTree 
22 Oct 1940HMS Joseph ButtonMS Trawler 
30 Oct 1940HMS ML 109 (ML 109)Motor LaunchFairmile A 
30 Oct 1940HMS Sturdy (i) (H 28)DestroyerAdmiralty S 
31 Oct 1940HMS MTB 16 (MTB 16)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
1 Nov 1940HMS Tilbury NessMS Trawler 
2 Nov 1940HMS RinoviaMS Trawler 
3 Nov 1940HMS Laurentic (F 51)Armed Merchant Cruiser 
4 Nov 1940HMS PatroclusArmed Merchant Cruiser 
5 Nov 1940HMS Jervis Bay (F 40)Armed Merchant Cruiser 
6 Nov 1940HMS Sevra (FY 1652)MS Whaler 
7 Nov 1940HMS Swordfish (N 61)SubmarineS 
7 Nov 1940HMS William WesneyMS Trawler 
8 Nov 1940HMS MuriaRescue Tug 
10 Nov 1940HMS Kingston Alalite (FY 136)ASW Trawler 
11 Nov 1940HMS Stella OrionMS Trawler 
15 Nov 1940HMS GuardsmanTug 
16 Nov 1940HMS Arsenal (FY 140)ASW Trawler 
19 Nov 1940HMS FontenoyMS Trawler 
22 Nov 1940HMS ML 127 (ML 127)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
24 Nov 1940HMS Amethyst (T 12)ASW Trawler 
25 Nov 1940HMS ConquistadorMS Trawler 
25 Nov 1940HMS Kennymore (FY 857)MS Trawler 
25 Nov 1940HMS ML 111 (ML 111)Motor LaunchFairmile A 
27 Nov 1940HMS Port Napier (M 32)MinelayerAuxiliary minelayers 
28 Nov 1940HMS Manx PrinceMS Trawler 
29 Nov 1940HMS Calverton (FY 775)MS Trawler 
30 Nov 1940HMS Chestnut (T 110)MS TrawlerTree 
2 Dec 1940HMS Forfar (F 30)Armed Merchant Cruiser 
6 Dec 1940HMS Regulus (i) (N 88)SubmarineR 
7 Dec 1940HMS CapricornusMS Trawler 
7 Dec 1940HMS CortinaMS Trawler 
17 Dec 1940HMS Acheron (i) (H 45)DestroyerA 
18 Dec 1940HMS Refundo (FY 830)MS Trawler 
18 Dec 1940HMS Triton (N 15)SubmarineT 
21 Dec 1940HMS Sun IXTug 
22 Dec 1940HMS Hyperion (H 97)DestroyerH 
24 Dec 1940HMS PeltonMS Trawler 
26 Dec 1940HMS MTB 5 (MTB 5)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
30 Dec 1940HMS Bandolero (FY 188)ASW Trawler 


1941HMS LCT 1 (LCT 1)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
1941HMS LCT 15 (LCT 15)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
1941HMS LCT 19 (LCT 19)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
1941HMS LCT 20 (LCT 20)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
1941HMS LCT 6 (LCT 6)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
11 Jan 1941HMS Southampton (83)Light cruiserSouthampton 
16 Jan 1941HMS DesireeMS Trawler 
20 Jan 1941HMS Relonzo (FY 843)MS Trawler 
21 Jan 1941HMS EnglishmanRescue Tug 
22 Jan 1941HMS Luda LadyMS Trawler 
22 Jan 1941HMS St. Cyrus (W 47)Rescue TugSaint 
27 Jan 1941HMS DarogahMS Trawler 
31 Jan 1941HMS Huntley (J 56)MinesweeperHunt 
2 Feb 1941HMS Almond (T 14)MS TrawlerTree 
5 Feb 1941HMS Tourmaline (T 42)ASW Trawler 
6 Feb 1941HMS MA/SB 12 (MA/SB 12)Motor Anti-Submarine BoatBPB 70 feet-type 
12 Feb 1941HMS Snapper (N 39)SubmarineS 
13 Feb 1941HMS RubensASW Trawler 
14 Feb 1941HMS MTB 41 (MTB 41)Motor Torpedo BoatWhite 73 feet-type 
16 Feb 1941HMS Ormonde (FY 782)MS Trawler 
20 Feb 1941HMS Ouse (T 80)MS TrawlerMersey 
21 Feb 1941HMS Lincoln CityASW Trawler 
24 Feb 1941HMS Dainty (H 53)DestroyerD 
24 Feb 1941HMS Terror (I 03)MonitorErebus 
25 Feb 1941HMS Exmoor (i) (L 61)Escort destroyerHunt (Type I) 
28 Feb 1941HMS MA/SB 3 (MA/SB 3)Motor Anti-Submarine BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
Mar 1941HMS MGB 98 (MGB 98)Motor Gun BoatVTB-11 (former French) 
1 Mar 1941HMS St. DonatsMS Trawler 
6 Mar 1941HMS KeryadoMS Trawler 
6 Mar 1941HMS Sun VIITug 
7 Mar 1941HMS MTB 28 (MTB 28)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft 73 feet-type 
9 Mar 1941HMS Gulfoss (FY 710)MS Trawler 
16 Mar 1941HMS Lady LilianASW Trawler 
17 Mar 1941HMS Medusa (FY 018)Armed Yacht 
20 Mar 1941HMS Sir BevoisTug 
21 Mar 1941HMS AsamaMS Trawler 
24 Mar 1941HMS Wilna (FY 323)Armed Yacht 
26 Mar 1941HMS York (90)Heavy cruiserYork 
31 Mar 1941HMS Bonaventure (31)Light cruiserDido 
4 Apr 1941HMS BuffaloMooring vesselTrinculo 
4 Apr 1941HMS Voltaire (F 47)Armed Merchant Cruiser 
6 Apr 1941HMS Anna Marie (FY 004)Armed Yacht 
6 Apr 1941HMS Comorin (F 49)Armed Merchant Cruiser 
7 Apr 1941HMS RochebonneMS Trawler 
13 Apr 1941HMS Rajputana (F 35)Armed Merchant Cruiser 
16 Apr 1941HMS Mohawk (F 31)DestroyerTribal 
20 Apr 1941HMS HDML 1003 (ML 1003)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
20 Apr 1941HMS HDML 1037 (ML 1037)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
20 Apr 1941HMS Topaze (T 40)ASW Trawler 
24 Apr 1941HMS CalantheArmed Yacht 
27 Apr 1941HMS Diamond (H 22)DestroyerD 
27 Apr 1941HMS Wryneck (i) (D 21)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
28 Apr 1941HMS LCT 5 (LCT 5)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
30 Apr 1941HMS PeuplierTug 
2 May 1941HMS Jersey (F 72)DestroyerJ 
3 May 1941HMS AlbericMS Trawler 
3 May 1941HMS Usk (i) (N 65)SubmarineU 
4 May 1941HMS Ben GairnMS Trawler 
4 May 1941HMS Fermoy (J 40)MinesweeperHunt 
7 May 1941HMS Stoke (J 33)MinesweeperHunt 
8 May 1941HMS SiliciaMS Trawler 
8 May 1941HMS Viva II (FY 030)Armed Yacht 
10 May 1941HMS HDML 1011 (ML 1011)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
11 May 1941HMS Undaunted (i) (N 55)SubmarineU 
12 May 1941HMS Ladybird (T 58)River gunboatInsect 
13 May 1941HMS Salopian (F 94)Armed Merchant Cruiser 
20 May 1941HMS Widnes (J 55)MinesweeperHunt 
21 May 1941HMS Juno (F 46)DestroyerJ 
22 May 1941HMS Fiji (58)Light cruiserFiji 
22 May 1941HMS Gloucester (62)Light cruiserGloucester 
22 May 1941HMS Greyhound (H 05)DestroyerG 
23 May 1941HMS Kashmir (F 12)DestroyerK 
23 May 1941HMS Kelly (F 01)DestroyerK 
23 May 1941HMS MTB 213 (MTB 213)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft 55 feet-type 
23 May 1941HMS MTB 214 (MTB 214)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft 55 feet-type 
23 May 1941HMS MTB 216 (MTB 216)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft 55 feet-type 
23 May 1941HMS MTB 217 (MTB 217)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft 55 feet-type 
23 May 1941HMS MTB 67 (MTB 67)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft 55 feet-type 
24 May 1941HMS Hood (51)BattlecruiserAdmiral 
25 May 1941HMS Grimsby (L 16 / U 16)SloopGrimsby 
27 May 1941HMS SyvernASW Whaler 
28 May 1941HMS HDML 1030 (ML 1030)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
28 May 1941HMS Mashona (F 59)DestroyerTribal 
29 May 1941HMS Hereward (H 93)DestroyerH 
29 May 1941HMS Imperial (D 09)DestroyerI 
29 May 1941HMS Sindonis (FY 120)ASW Trawler 
1 Jun 1941HMS Calcutta (D 82)Light cruiserCarlisle 
2 Jun 1941HMS Kos XXIIASW Whaler 
2 Jun 1941HMS LCT 16 (LCT 16)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
5 Jun 1941HMS Ash (T 39)MS TrawlerTree 
10 Jun 1941HMS Pintail (L 21 / K 21)Patrol vesselKingfisher 
20 Jun 1941HMS ResmiloMS Trawler 
22 Jun 1941HMS Beech (T 44)MS Trawler 
23 Jun 1941HMS NogiMS Trawler 
24 Jun 1941HMS Auckland (L 61 / U 61)SloopEgret 
26 Jun 1941HMS TranioMS Trawler 
27 Jun 1941HMS ForceMS Trawler 
4 Jul 1941HMS Akranes (FY 513)MS Trawler 
11 Jul 1941HMS Defender (H 07)DestroyerD 
15 Jul 1941HMS Prince PhilippeLanding Ship Infantry 
16 Jul 1941HMS MGB 90 (ii) (MGB 90)Motor Gun BoatElco 70 feet-type 
16 Jul 1941HMS MGB 92 (ii) (MGB 92)Motor Gun BoatElco 70 feet-type 
17 Jul 1941HMS LCT 10 (LCT 10)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
19 Jul 1941HMS Umpire (N 82)SubmarineU 
20 Jul 1941HMS Union (N 56)SubmarineU 
23 Jul 1941HMS Fearless (H 67)DestroyerF 
29 Jul 1941HMS LCT 8 (LCT 8)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
30 Jul 1941HMS Cachalot (N 83)SubmarinePorpoise 
Aug 1941HMS P 33 (P 33)SubmarineU 
6 Aug 1941HMS Agate (T 87)ASW Trawler 
7 Aug 1941HMS MMS 39 (J 539)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
9 Aug 1941HMS MA/SB 62 (MA/SB 62)Motor Anti-Submarine BoatBPB 70 feet-type (ex: French) 
12 Aug 1941HMS LCT 14 (LCT 14)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
12 Aug 1941HMS Picotee (K 63)CorvetteFlower 
18 Aug 1941HMS P 32 (P 32)SubmarineU 
19 Aug 1941HMS LCT 12 (LCT 12)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
19 Aug 1941HMS ThorbrynASW Whaler 
20 Aug 1941HMS LorindaMS Trawler 
23 Aug 1941HMS Zinnia (K 98)CorvetteFlower 
25 Aug 1941HMS Kos XVIMS Whaler 
27 Aug 1941HMS Skudd 3MS Whaler 
6 Sep 1941HMS Brora (T 99)MS TrawlerIsles 
20 Sep 1941HMS MarconiMS Trawler 
22 Sep 1941HMS ML 144 (ML 144)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
27 Sep 1941HMS SpringbankAnti-Aircraft ship 
30 Sep 1941HMS Star of DeveronMS Trawler 
4 Oct 1941HMS Kos XXIASW Whaler 
10 Oct 1941HMS LCT 102 (LCT 102)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
10 Oct 1941HMS LCT 103 (LCT 103)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
11 Oct 1941HMS ML 288 (ML 288)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
12 Oct 1941HMS LCT 2 (LCT 2)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
12 Oct 1941HMS LCT 7 (LCT 7)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
14 Oct 1941HMS Fleur de Lys (K 122)CorvetteFlower 
17 Oct 1941HMS Gladiolus (K 34)CorvetteFlower 
18 Oct 1941HMS Assurance (i) (W 59)Rescue TugAssurance 
18 Oct 1941HMS Broadwater (H 81)DestroyerTown 
22 Oct 1941HMS Alder (T 84)MS Trawler 
24 Oct 1941HMS Cossack (F 03)DestroyerTribal 
24 Oct 1941HMS Emilion (FY 853)MS Trawler 
24 Oct 1941HMS Lucienne Jeanne (FY 1769)MS Trawler 
25 Oct 1941HMS Latona (M 76)MinelayerAbdiel 
Nov 1941HMS LCT 110 (LCT 110)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
Nov 1941HMS LCT 129 (LCT 129)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
2 Nov 1941HMS Tetrarch (N 77)SubmarineT 
4 Nov 1941HMS LCT 105 (LCT 105)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
4 Nov 1941HMS LCT 109 (LCT 109)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
6 Nov 1941HMS Flotta (T 171)MS TrawlerIsles 
13 Nov 1941HMS Ark Royal (91)Aircraft CarrierArk Royal 
21 Nov 1941HMS ML 219 (ML 219)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
22 Nov 1941HMS St. ApolloASW Trawler 
24 Nov 1941HMS Dunedin (D 93)Light cruiserD 
25 Nov 1941HMS Barham (04)BattleshipQueen Elizabeth 
Dec 1941HMS Thracian (D 86)DestroyerAdmiralty S 
6 Dec 1941HMS Perseus (i) (N 36)SubmarineP 
8 Dec 1941HMS Milford EarlMS Trawler 
8 Dec 1941HMS Peterel (T 21)River gunboatPeterel 
8 Dec 1941HMS Phineas BeardMS Trawler 
8 Dec 1941HMS St. DominicRescue TugSaint 
10 Dec 1941HMS Prince of Wales (53)BattleshipKing George V 
10 Dec 1941HMS Repulse (34)BattlecruiserRenown 
11 Dec 1941HMS Lady ShirleyASW Trawler 
11 Dec 1941HMS RosabelleArmed Yacht 
14 Dec 1941HMS MA/SB 30 (MA/SB 30)Motor Anti-Submarine BoatBPB 63 feet-type 
14 Dec 1941HMS MTB 68 (MTB 68)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft 55 feet-type 
15 Dec 1941HMS Galatea (71)Light cruiserArethusa 
16 Dec 1941HMS LCT 11 (LCT 11)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
16 Dec 1941HMS MTB 8 (MTB 8)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
19 Dec 1941HMS Aldgate (Z 68)Barrage / Gate vesselMoorgate 
19 Dec 1941HMS Alliance (W 77)TugAlliance 
19 Dec 1941HMS Barlight (Z 57)Boom defence vesselBar 
19 Dec 1941HMS MTB 12 (MTB 12)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
19 Dec 1941HMS Neptune (20)Light cruiserLeander 
19 Dec 1941HMS Poet ChaucerTug 
19 Dec 1941HMS Redstart (M 62)MinelayerLinnet 
19 Dec 1941HMS Stanley (I 73)DestroyerTown 
19 Dec 1941HMS Tern (T 64)River gunboatTern 
19 Dec 1941HMS Watergate (Z 56)Barrage / Gate vesselMoorgate 
20 Dec 1941HMS Kandahar (F 28)DestroyerK 
21 Dec 1941HMS Audacity (D 10)Escort carrierAudacity 
21 Dec 1941HMS Cicala (T 71)River gunboatInsect 
24 Dec 1941HMS Salvia (K 97)CorvetteFlower 
25 Dec 1941HMS Robin (T 65)River gunboatRobin 
26 Dec 1941HMS H 31 (N 31)SubmarineH 
26 Dec 1941HMS MTB 10 (MTB 10)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
26 Dec 1941HMS MTB 11 (MTB 11)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
26 Dec 1941HMS MTB 27 (MTB 27)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft 55 feet-type 
26 Dec 1941HMS MTB 7 (MTB 7)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
26 Dec 1941HMS MTB 9 (MTB 9)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 


1942HMS ChurtingTug 
2 Jan 1942HMS DaisyTug 
4 Jan 1942HMS Sona (FY 027)Armed Yacht 
9 Jan 1942HMS Vimiera (L 29)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
14 Jan 1942HMS Triumph (i) (N 18)SubmarineT 
16 Jan 1942HMS Irvana (FY 663)MS Trawler 
17 Jan 1942HMS Gurkha (ii) (G 63)DestroyerL 
17 Jan 1942HMS Matabele (F 26)DestroyerTribal 
17 Jan 1942HMS MTB 47 (MTB 47)Motor Torpedo BoatWhite 73 feet-type 
18 Jan 1942HMS ErinASW Trawler 
18 Jan 1942HMS Honjo (FY 661)MS Trawler 
27 Jan 1942HMS Thanet (H 29)DestroyerAdmiralty S 
29 Jan 1942HMS SotraMS Whaler 
30 Jan 1942HMS Loch AlshMS Trawler 
31 Jan 1942HMS Belmont (H 46)DestroyerTown 
31 Jan 1942HMS Culver (Y 87)SloopBanff 
Feb 1942HMS Dowgate (Z 17)Barrage / Gate vesselMoorgate 
Feb 1942HMS Ludgate (Z 45)Barrage / Gate vesselMoorgate 
2 Feb 1942HMS Cape SpartelMS Trawler 
2 Feb 1942HMS Cloughton Wyke (4.446)MS Trawler 
5 Feb 1942HMS Arbutus (i) (K 86)CorvetteFlower 
12 Feb 1942HMS Maori (F 24)DestroyerTribal 
13 Feb 1942HMS MMS 180 (J 680)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
13 Feb 1942HMS Tempest (N 86)SubmarineT 
14 Feb 1942HMS Dragonfly (T 11)River gunboatDragonfly 
14 Feb 1942HMS Grasshopper (T 85)River gunboatDragonfly 
14 Feb 1942HMS Kung WoMinelayerAuxiliary minelayers 
14 Feb 1942HMS ML 311 (ML 311)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
14 Feb 1942HMS PengawalTug 
14 Feb 1942HMS Scorpion (i) (T 67)River gunboatScorpion 
14 Feb 1942HMS St. Breock (W 56)Rescue TugSaint 
14 Feb 1942HMS St. Just (W 90)Rescue TugSaint 
15 Feb 1942HMS ML 169 (ML 169)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
15 Feb 1942HMS ML 310 (ML 310)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
15 Feb 1942HMS ML 433 (ML 433)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
15 Feb 1942HMS Yin PingTug 
16 Feb 1942HMS HDML 1062 (ML 1062)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
18 Feb 1942HMS Botanic (FY 707)MS Trawler 
23 Feb 1942HMS P 38 (P 38)SubmarineU 
27 Feb 1942HMS Electra (H 27)DestroyerE 
27 Feb 1942HMS Jupiter (F 85)DestroyerJ 
Mar 1942HMS LCT 155 (LCT 155)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
1 Mar 1942HMS Encounter (H 10)DestroyerE 
1 Mar 1942HMS Exeter (68)Heavy cruiserYork 
1 Mar 1942HMS HDML 1063 (ML 1063)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
2 Mar 1942HMS Stronghold (H 50)DestroyerAdmiralty S 
4 Mar 1942HMS MMS 51 (J 551)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
8 Mar 1942HMS Northern Princess (4.06)ASW Trawler 
9 Mar 1942HMS Notts County (FY 250)ASW Trawler 
9 Mar 1942HMS Shera (FY 1724)MS Whaler 
11 Mar 1942HMS Naiad (93)Light cruiserDido 
11 Mar 1942HMS Stella Capella (FY 107)ASW Trawler 
15 Mar 1942HMS Vortigern (D 37)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
17 Mar 1942HMS Adept (W 107)Rescue TugAssurance 
20 Mar 1942HMS Heythrop (L 85)Escort destroyerHunt (Type II) 
22 Mar 1942HMS ML 129 (ML 129)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
22 Mar 1942HMS ML 132 (ML 132)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
24 Mar 1942HMS Southwold (L 10)Escort destroyerHunt (Type II) 
25 Mar 1942HMS Sulla (FY 1874)MS Whaler 
26 Mar 1942HMS Jaguar (F 34)DestroyerJ 
26 Mar 1942HMS Legion (G 74)DestroyerL 
26 Mar 1942HMS P 39 (P 39)SubmarineU 
28 Mar 1942HMS Campbeltown (I 42)DestroyerTown 
28 Mar 1942HMS MGB 314 (MGB 314)Motor Gun BoatFairmile C 
28 Mar 1942HMS ML 156 (ML 156)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
28 Mar 1942HMS ML 177 (ML 177)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
28 Mar 1942HMS ML 270 (ML 270)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
28 Mar 1942HMS ML 298 (ML 298)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
28 Mar 1942HMS ML 306 (ML 306)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
28 Mar 1942HMS ML 446 (ML 446)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
28 Mar 1942HMS ML 447 (ML 447)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
28 Mar 1942HMS ML 457 (ML 457)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
28 Mar 1942HMS MTB 74 (MTB 74)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
1 Apr 1942HMS P 36 (P 36)SubmarineU 
1 Apr 1942HMS Pandora (N 42)SubmarineP 
1 Apr 1942HMS SolomonMS Trawler 
5 Apr 1942HMS Abingdon (J 23)MinesweeperHunt 
5 Apr 1942HMS Cornwall (56)Heavy cruiserKent 
5 Apr 1942HMS Dorsetshire (40)Heavy cruiserDorsetshire 
5 Apr 1942HMS Hector (F 45)Armed Merchant Cruiser 
5 Apr 1942HMS Tenedos (H 04)DestroyerAdmiralty S 
6 Apr 1942HMS Havock (H 43)DestroyerH 
6 Apr 1942HMS West CockerTugWest 
7 Apr 1942HMS EmilyTug 
7 Apr 1942HMS Hellespont (W 86)TugRobust 
8 Apr 1942HMS MoorMooring vesselMoor 
8 Apr 1942HMS Svana (FY 1707)MS Whaler 
8 Apr 1942HMS ThorgrimASW Whaler 
9 Apr 1942HMS Hermes (D 95)Aircraft CarrierHermes 
9 Apr 1942HMS Hollyhock (K 64)CorvetteFlower 
9 Apr 1942HMS Lance (G 87)DestroyerL 
11 Apr 1942HMS Kingston (F 64)DestroyerK 
11 Apr 1942HMS St. Cathan (FY 234)ASW Trawler 
13 Apr 1942HMS Coral (T 07)ASW Trawler 
13 Apr 1942HMS Lord Snowden (FY 115)ASW Trawler 
14 Apr 1942HMS Upholder (N 99)SubmarineU 
18 Apr 1942HMS AndromedaTug 
21 Apr 1942HMS Jade (T 56)ASW Trawler 
28 Apr 1942HMS West DeanTugWest 
1 May 1942HMS Punjabi (F 21)DestroyerTribal 
2 May 1942HMS Edinburgh (16)Light cruiserBelfast 
6 May 1942HMS Auricula (K 12)CorvetteFlower 
6 May 1942HMS ML 160 (ML 160)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
6 May 1942HMS Senateur Duhamel (FY 327)ASW Trawler 
6 May 1942HMS Urge (N 17)SubmarineU 
7 May 1942HMS ML 130 (ML 130)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
8 May 1942HMS Olympus (N 35)SubmarineO 
11 May 1942HMS Kipling (F 91)DestroyerK 
11 May 1942HMS Lively (G 40)DestroyerL 
12 May 1942HMS Bedfordshire (FY 141)ASW Trawler 
12 May 1942HMS Jackal (F 22)DestroyerJ 
13 May 1942HMS MTB 220 (MTB 220)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 70 feet-type 
15 May 1942HMS Trinidad (46)Light cruiserFiji 
16 May 1942HMS MTB 338 (MTB 338)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 60 feet-type 
27 May 1942HMS Arctic Pioneer (FY 164)ASW Trawler 
27 May 1942HMS Fitzroy (i) (J 03)MinesweeperHunt 
3 Jun 1942HMS Kos XIXASW Whaler 
12 Jun 1942HMS Grove (L 77)Escort destroyerHunt (Type II) 
14 Jun 1942HMS MTB 259 (MTB 259)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 70' 
15 Jun 1942HMS Airedale (L 07)Escort destroyerHunt (Type III) 
15 Jun 1942HMS Bedouin (F 67)DestroyerTribal 
15 Jun 1942HMS Hasty (H 24)DestroyerH 
15 Jun 1942HMS Kingston Ceylonite (FY 214)ASW Trawler 
15 Jun 1942HMS MTB 201 (MTB 201)Motor Torpedo BoatWhite 73 feet-type 
16 Jun 1942HMS Hermione (74)Light cruiserDido 
16 Jun 1942HMS Tranquil (FY 920)MS Trawler 
17 Jun 1942HMS VixenTug 
17 Jun 1942HMS Wild Swan (D 62)DestroyerAdmiralty Modified W 
18 Jun 1942HMS VisionTug 
19 Jun 1942HMS SGB 7 (S 307)Steam GunboatSGB 
20 Jun 1942HMS HDML 1039 (ML 1039)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
20 Jun 1942HMS HDML 1069 (ML 1069)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
20 Jun 1942HMS LCT 119 (LCT 119)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
20 Jun 1942HMS LCT 150 (LCT 150)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
21 Jun 1942HMS P 514 (P 514)SubmarineR-1 
24 Jun 1942HMS Gossamer (J 63)MinesweeperHalcyon 
30 Jun 1942HMS Medway (F 25)Submarine Depot Ship 
5 Jul 1942HMS Niger (i) (J 73)MinesweeperHalcyon 
5 Jul 1942HMS Sword Dance (T 132)ASW TrawlerDance 
9 Jul 1942HMS Manor (FY 333)ASW Trawler 
21 Jul 1942HMS MGB 328 (MGB 328)Motor Gun BoatFairmile C 
24 Jul 1942HMS MGB 601 (MGB 601)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
25 Jul 1942HMS Laertes (i) (T 137)MS TrawlerShakespearian 
27 Jul 1942HMS MGB 501 (MGB 501)Motor Gun BoatCamper&Nicholson-type 
6 Aug 1942HMS Thorn (N 11)SubmarineT 
7 Aug 1942HMS MTB 237 (MTB 237)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
7 Aug 1942HMS MTB 44 (MTB 44)Motor Torpedo BoatWhite 73 feet-type 
9 Aug 1942HMS ML 301 (ML 301)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
11 Aug 1942HMS Eagle (94)Aircraft CarrierEagle 
12 Aug 1942HMS Cairo (D 87)Light cruiserCarlisle 
13 Aug 1942HMS Foresight (H 68)DestroyerF 
13 Aug 1942HMS Manchester (15)Light cruiserGloucester 
18 Aug 1942HMS MTB 218 (MTB 218)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 70 feet-type 
18 Aug 1942HMS MTB 43 (MTB 43)Motor Torpedo BoatWhite 73 feet-type 
19 Aug 1942HMS Berkeley (L 17)Escort destroyerHunt (Type I) 
19 Aug 1942HMS LCT 121 (LCT 121)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
19 Aug 1942HMS LCT 122 (LCT 122)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
19 Aug 1942HMS LCT 124 (LCT 124)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
19 Aug 1942HMS LCT 126 (LCT 126)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
19 Aug 1942HMS LCT 145 (LCT 145)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
19 Aug 1942HMS LCT 159 (LCT 159)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
24 Aug 1942HMS ML 103 (ML 103)Motor LaunchFairmile A 
10 Sep 1942HMS MGB 335 (MGB 335)Motor Gun BoatFairmile C 
14 Sep 1942HMS Coventry (D 43)Light cruiserCeres 
14 Sep 1942HMS ML 352 (ML 352)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
14 Sep 1942HMS ML 353 (ML 353)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
14 Sep 1942HMS MTB 308 (MTB 308)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 77' 
14 Sep 1942HMS MTB 310 (MTB 310)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 77' 
14 Sep 1942HMS MTB 312 (MTB 312)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 77' 
14 Sep 1942HMS MTB 314 (MTB 314)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 77' 
14 Sep 1942HMS Sikh (F 82)DestroyerTribal 
14 Sep 1942HMS Zulu (F 18)DestroyerTribal 
17 Sep 1942HMS Talisman (N 78)SubmarineT 
17 Sep 1942HMS Waterfly (FY 681)MS Trawler 
19 Sep 1942HMS Alouette (FY 101)ASW Trawler 
19 Sep 1942HMS Pentland Firth (FY 108)ASW Trawler 
20 Sep 1942HMS Leda (J 93)MinesweeperHalcyon 
20 Sep 1942HMS Somali (F 33)DestroyerTribal 
21 Sep 1942HMS St. Olaves (W 40)Rescue TugSaint 
26 Sep 1942HMS Veteran (D 72)DestroyerAdmiralty Modified W 
30 Sep 1942HMS MGB 18 (MGB 18)Motor Gun BoatBPB 70 feet-type 
2 Oct 1942HMS Curacoa (D 41)Light cruiserCeres 
2 Oct 1942HMS Lord Stonehaven (FY 187)ASW Trawler 
3 Oct 1942HMS MGB 78 (MGB 78)Motor Gun BoatBPB 72 feet-type 
6 Oct 1942HMS MGB 76 (MGB 76)Motor Gun BoatBPB 72 feet-type 
6 Oct 1942HMS MTB 29 (MTB 29)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 70 feet-type 
7 Oct 1942HMS Caroline Moller (W 09)Rescue TugSaint 
7 Oct 1942HMS ML 339 (ML 339)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
14 Oct 1942HMS LCT 2006 (LCT 2006)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
24 Oct 1942HMS Unique (N 95)SubmarineU 
27 Oct 1942HMS LCT 2281 (LCT 2281)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
29 Oct 1942HMS LCT 2190 (LCT 2190)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
29 Oct 1942HMS LCT 2192 (LCT 2192)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
29 Oct 1942HMS LCT 2284 (LCT 2284)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
31 Oct 1942HMS MTB 87 (MTB 87)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
Nov 1942HMS LCT 2187 (LCT 2187)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
Nov 1942HMS Utmost (N 19)SubmarineU 
3 Nov 1942HMS BaiaTug 
6 Nov 1942HMS MGB 19 (MGB 19)Motor Gun BoatBPB 70 feet-type 
8 Nov 1942HMS Broke (D 83)DestroyerShakespeare 
8 Nov 1942HMS Hartland (Y 00)SloopBanff 
8 Nov 1942HMS Walney (Y 04)SloopBanff 
9 Nov 1942HMS Cromer (J 128)MinesweeperBangor 
9 Nov 1942HMS Gardenia (K 99)CorvetteFlower 
10 Nov 1942HMS Ibis (U 99)SloopBlack Swan 
10 Nov 1942HMS Martin (G 44)DestroyerM 
11 Nov 1942HMS Unbeaten (N 93)SubmarineU 
12 Nov 1942HMS Hecla (i) (F 20)Destroyer Depot ShipHecla 
12 Nov 1942HMS Karanja (F 128)Landing Ship Infantry 
12 Nov 1942HMS TynwaldAnti-Aircraft ship 
15 Nov 1942HMS Algerine (J 213)MinesweeperAlgerine 
15 Nov 1942HMS Avenger (D 14)Escort carrierAvenger / Charger 
19 Nov 1942HMS Ullswater (FY 252)ASW WhalerLake 
20 Nov 1942HMS LCT 120 (LCT 120)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
25 Nov 1942HMS Leyland (FY 103)ASW Trawler 
28 Nov 1942HMS Ithuriel (H 05)DestroyerI 
29 Nov 1942HMS ML 242 (ML 242)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
Dec 1942HMS LCT 2053 (LCT 2053)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
Dec 1942HMS LCT 2054 (LCT 2054)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
Dec 1942HMS LCT 2312 (LCT 2312)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
1 Dec 1942HMS Jasper (i) (T 14)ASW Trawler 
2 Dec 1942HMS Quentin (G 78)DestroyerQ 
3 Dec 1942HMS Penylan (L 89)Escort destroyerHunt (Type III) 
5 Dec 1942HMS Bengali (FY 165)ASW Trawler 
5 Dec 1942HMS Canna (T 161)MS TrawlerIsles 
5 Dec 1942HMS Spaniard (FY 144)ASW Trawler 
9 Dec 1942HMS Marigold (K 87)CorvetteFlower 
11 Dec 1942HMS Blean (L 47)Escort destroyerHunt (Type III) 
12 Dec 1942HMS P 222 (P 222)SubmarineS 
12 Dec 1942HMS Traveller (N 48)SubmarineT 
17 Dec 1942HMS Firedrake (H 79)DestroyerF 
18 Dec 1942HMS MTB 30 (MTB 30)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 70 feet-type 
18 Dec 1942HMS Partridge (G 30)DestroyerP 
19 Dec 1942HMS Snapdragon (K 10)CorvetteFlower 
25 Dec 1942HMS P 48 (P 48)SubmarineU 
28 Dec 1942HMS St. Issey (W 25)Rescue TugSaint 
31 Dec 1942HMS Achates (i) (H 12)DestroyerA 
31 Dec 1942HMS Bramble (i) (J 11)MinesweeperHalcyon 


1943HMS LCT 391 (LCT 391)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
1 Jan 1943HMS MTB 105 (MTB 105)Motor Torpedo BoatThornycroft experimental-type (MTB 104/105) 
2 Jan 1943HMS Alarm (J 140)MinesweeperAlgerine 
6 Jan 1943HMS LCT 106 (LCT 106)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
6 Jan 1943HMS LCT 107 (LCT 107)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
7 Jan 1943HMS Horatio (T 153)MS TrawlerShakespearian 
7 Jan 1943HMS Jura (T 169)MS TrawlerIsles 
8 Jan 1943HMS P 311 (P 311)SubmarineT 
12 Jan 1943HMS Kingston Jacinth (4.45)ASW Trawler 
17 Jan 1943HMS LCT 2239 (LCT 2239)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
17 Jan 1943HMS LCT 2267 (LCT 2267)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
17 Jan 1943HMS LCT 2344 (LCT 2344)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
25 Jan 1943HMS Corncrake (M 82)MinelayerFish 
30 Jan 1943HMS Samphire (K 128)CorvetteFlower 
1 Feb 1943HMS Welshman (M 84)MinelayerAbdiel 
2 Feb 1943HMS LCT 326 (LCT 326)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
5 Feb 1943HMS Stronsay (T 178)MS TrawlerIsles 
7 Feb 1943HMS LCI(L)-162 (LCI(L)-162)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
7 Feb 1943HMS MGB 109 (MGB 109)Motor Gun BoatBPB 72 feet-type 
7 Feb 1943HMS Tervani (4.110)MS Trawler 
8 Feb 1943HMS Bredon (T 223)ASW TrawlerHill 
8 Feb 1943HMS LCT 2335 (LCT 2335)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
9 Feb 1943HMS Erica (K 50)CorvetteFlower 
13 Feb 1943HMS PozaricaAnti-Aircraft ship 
24 Feb 1943HMS LCT 403 (LCT 403)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
24 Feb 1943HMS MTB 262 (MTB 262)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 70' 
24 Feb 1943HMS Vandal (P 64)SubmarineU 
27 Feb 1943HMS LCT 381 (LCT 381)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
27 Feb 1943HMS Lord Hailsham (FY 109)ASW Trawler 
28 Feb 1943HMS MGB 79 (MGB 79)Motor Gun BoatBPB 72 feet-type 
Mar 1943HMS Thunderbolt (N 25)SubmarineT 
6 Mar 1943HMS ML 251 (ML 251)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
6 Mar 1943HMS Turbulent (N 98)SubmarineT 
8 Mar 1943HMS LCT 2480 (LCT 2480)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
9 Mar 1943HMS LCT 2341 (LCT 2341)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
10 Mar 1943HMS MGB 622 (MGB 622)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
10 Mar 1943HMS Tigris (N 63)SubmarineT 
11 Mar 1943HMS Harvester (H 19)DestroyerHavant 
11 Mar 1943HMS LCT 2398 (LCT 2398)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
12 Mar 1943HMS Lightning (G 55)DestroyerL 
14 Mar 1943HMS Moravia (FY 1819)MS Trawler 
16 Mar 1943HMS Campobello (T 278)MS TrawlerIsles 
16 Mar 1943HMS Horsa (W 97)Rescue TugAssurance 
22 Mar 1943HMS HDML 1157 (ML 1157)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
22 Mar 1943HMS HDML 1212 (ML 1212)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
27 Mar 1943HMS Dasher (D 37)Escort CarrierAvenger / Charger 
31 Mar 1943HMS Caulonia (4.163)MS Trawler 
Apr 1943HMS LCI(L)-7 (LCI(L)-7)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
2 Apr 1943HMS MTB 267 (MTB 267)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 70' 
2 Apr 1943HMS MTB 63 (MTB 63)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 70 feet-type 
2 Apr 1943HMS MTB 64 (MTB 64)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 70 feet-type 
11 Apr 1943HMS Beverley (H 64)DestroyerTown 
16 Apr 1943HMS Pakenham (G 06)DestroyerP 
18 Apr 1943HMS P 615 (P 615)SubmarineP 611 
18 Apr 1943HMS Regent (N 41)SubmarineR 
21 Apr 1943HMS Splendid (P 228)SubmarineS 
22 Apr 1943HMS Herring (T 307)ASW TrawlerFish 
24 Apr 1943HMS Sahib (P 212)SubmarineS 
28 Apr 1943HMS MGB 639 (MGB 639)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
2 May 1943HMS MTB 311 (MTB 311)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 77' 
8 May 1943HMS Daneman (FY 123)ASW Trawler 
9 May 1943HMS MTB 61 (MTB 61)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 70 feet-type 
10 May 1943HMS MTB 264 (MTB 264)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 70' 
11 May 1943HMS ML 133 (ML 133)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
12 May 1943HMS MMS 89 (J 589)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
14 May 1943HMS HDML 1154 (ML 1154)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
29 May 1943HMS MGB 110 (MGB 110)Motor Gun BoatBPB 72 feet-type 
6 Jun 1943HMS Sargasso (FY 053)Armed Yacht 
14 Jun 1943HMS MGB 648 (MGB 648)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
18 Jun 1943HMS LCT 358 (LCT 358)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
18 Jun 1943HMS LCT 395 (LCT 395)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
26 Jun 1943HMS MGB 644 (MGB 644)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
3 Jul 1943HMS LST 429 (LST 429)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
8 Jul 1943HMS LCT 547 (LCT 547)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
10 Jul 1943HMS LCT 154 (LCT 154)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
10 Jul 1943HMS LCT 311 (LCT 311)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
14 Jul 1943HMS MGB 641 (MGB 641)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
17 Jul 1943HMS MTB 316 (MTB 316)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 77' 
22 Jul 1943HMS MTB 288 (MTB 288)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
27 Jul 1943HMS LCT 353 (LCT 353)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
5 Aug 1943HMS Red Gauntlet (FY 900)MS Trawler 
8 Aug 1943HMS MGB 64 (MGB 64)Motor Gun BoatBPB 70 feet-type (ex: French) 
11 Aug 1943HMS Parthian (N 75)SubmarineP 
14 Aug 1943HMS Saracen (P 247)SubmarineS 
15 Aug 1943HMS LST 414 (LST 414)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
15 Aug 1943HMS MTB 665 (MTB 665)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
18 Aug 1943HMS LCT 301 (LCT 301)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
18 Aug 1943HMS LCT 416 (LCT 416)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
27 Aug 1943HMS Egret (L 75 / U 75)SloopEgret 
Sep 1943HMS LCI(L)-107 (LCI(L)-107)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
5 Sep 1943HMS ML 108 (ML 108)Motor LaunchFairmile A 
6 Sep 1943HMS Puckeridge (L 108)Escort destroyerHunt (Type II) 
8 Sep 1943HMS LCT 624 (LCT 624)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
8 Sep 1943HMS MTB 77 (MTB 77)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
9 Sep 1943HMS LCT 572 (LCT 572)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
9 Sep 1943HMS LCT 626 (LCT 626)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
10 Sep 1943HMS Abdiel (M 39)MinelayerAbdiel 
19 Sep 1943HMS BYMS 2019 (J 819)MinesweeperYMS 
21 Sep 1943HMS Polyanthus (K 47)CorvetteFlower 
23 Sep 1943HMS Itchen (K 227)FrigateRiver 
24 Sep 1943HMS MMS 70 (J 570)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
25 Sep 1943HMS Donna Nook (FY 1559)MS Trawler 
25 Sep 1943HMS Franc Tireur (FY 1560)MS Trawler 
26 Sep 1943HMS Intrepid (D 10)DestroyerI 
30 Sep 1943HMS LCT 2231 (LCT 2231)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
30 Sep 1943HMS LST 79 (LST 79)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
Oct 1943HMS HDML 1015 (ML 1015)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
Oct 1943HMS LCI(L)-309 (LCI(L)-309)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
1 Oct 1943HMS LCT 553 (LCT 553)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
2 Oct 1943HMS LCT 618 (LCT 618)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
3 Oct 1943HMS Meror (FY 1836)MS Trawler 
3 Oct 1943HMS Usurper (P 56)SubmarineU 
7 Oct 1943HMS LCT 621 (LCT 621)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
9 Oct 1943HMS Panther (G 41)DestroyerP 
11 Oct 1943HMS HDML 1054 (ML 1054)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
11 Oct 1943HMS Hythe (J 194)MinesweeperBangor 
11 Oct 1943HMS LCT 3 (LCT 3)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 1) 
12 Oct 1943HMS ML 835 (ML 835)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
15 Oct 1943HMS MGB 636 (MGB 636)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
16 Oct 1943HMS MTB 356 (MTB 356)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
17 Oct 1943HMS Trooper (N 91)SubmarineT 
22 Oct 1943HMS Hurworth (L 28)Escort destroyerHunt (Type II) 
22 Oct 1943HMS Orfasy (T 204)MS TrawlerIsles 
23 Oct 1943HMS Charybdis (88)Light cruiserDido 
23 Oct 1943HMS Cromarty (J 09)MinesweeperBangor 
23 Oct 1943HMS Limbourne (L 57)Escort destroyerHunt (Type III) 
24 Oct 1943HMS Eclipse (H 08)DestroyerE 
25 Oct 1943HMS William Stephen (FY 806)MS Trawler 
26 Oct 1943HMS ML 579 (ML 579)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
26 Oct 1943HMS MTB 669 (MTB 669)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
26 Oct 1943HMS Tien HsingTug 
28 Oct 1943HMS LCT 115 (LCT 115)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
Nov 1943HMS Simoom (P 225)SubmarineS 
4 Nov 1943HMS LCT 583 (LCT 583)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
4 Nov 1943HMS MGB 606 (MGB 606)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
9 Nov 1943HMS MTB 230 (MTB 230)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
10 Nov 1943HMS MTB 222 (MTB 222)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
11 Nov 1943HMS HDML 1244 (ML 1244)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
11 Nov 1943HMS HDML 1289 (ML 1289)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
12 Nov 1943HMS ML 358 (ML 358)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
13 Nov 1943HMS Dulverton (L 63)Escort destroyerHunt (Type II) 
14 Nov 1943HMS LCT 333 (LCT 333)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
14 Nov 1943HMS LCT 343 (LCT 343)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
14 Nov 1943HMS LCT 385 (LCT 385)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
16 Nov 1943HMS LCT 332 (LCT 332)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
16 Nov 1943HMS LCT 418 (LCT 418)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
22 Nov 1943HMS Barflake (Z 184)Boom defence vesselBar 
22 Nov 1943HMS Hebe (J 24)MinesweeperHalcyon 
22 Nov 1943HMS MTB 686 (MTB 686)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
23 Nov 1943HMS LCT 329 (LCT 329)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
23 Nov 1943HMS Santa (FY 1986)MS Whaler 
24 Nov 1943HMS MTB 73 (MTB 73)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
27 Nov 1943HMS ML 126 (ML 126)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
1 Dec 1943HMS Aventurine (FY 1886)MS Trawler 
8 Dec 1943HMS Rysa (T 164)MS TrawlerIsles 
12 Dec 1943HMS Holcombe (L 56)Escort destroyerHunt (Type III) 
12 Dec 1943HMS Tynedale (L 96)Escort destroyerHunt (Type I) 
18 Dec 1943HMS Felixstowe (J 126)MinesweeperBangor 
22 Dec 1943HMS BV 42Barrage / Gate vesselParkgate 
24 Dec 1943HMS HDML 1388 (ML 1388)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
24 Dec 1943HMS Hurricane (H 06)DestroyerHavant 
24 Dec 1943HMS MTB 357 (MTB 357)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
25 Dec 1943HMS Kingston Beryl (4.03)ASW Trawler 
31 Dec 1943HMS Clacton (J 151)MinesweeperBangor 
31 Dec 1943HMS HDML 1121 (ML 1121)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 


1944HMS LCT 757 (LCT 757)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
1944HMS MFV 120 (MFV 120)Motor Fishing VesselMFV 1 
Jan 1944HMS LCI(L)-124 (LCI(L)-124)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
6 Jan 1944HMS Wallasea (T 345)MS TrawlerIsles 
7 Jan 1944HMS Tweed (K 250)FrigateRiver 
14 Jan 1944HMS Adherent (W 108)Rescue TugAssurance 
16 Jan 1944HMS LCT 1029 (LCT 1029)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
23 Jan 1944HMS Janus (F 53)DestroyerJ 
26 Jan 1944HMS LST 411 (LST 411)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
26 Jan 1944HMS LST 422 (LST 422)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
29 Jan 1944HMS Oracle (FY 020)Armed Yacht 
29 Jan 1944HMS Spartan (95)Light cruiserBellona 
30 Jan 1944HMS Hardy (ii) (R 08)DestroyerV 
31 Jan 1944HMS Pine (T 101)MS TrawlerTree 
Feb 1944HMS LCT 375 (LCT 375)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
13 Feb 1944HMS Cap d' Antifer (FY 350)MS Trawler 
14 Feb 1944HMS SalvikingSalvage vesselKing Salvor 
16 Feb 1944HMS LST 418 (LST 418)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
18 Feb 1944HMS Breda (4.84)Armed Yacht 
18 Feb 1944HMS Penelope (97)Light cruiserArethusa 
20 Feb 1944HMS HDML 1083 (ML 1083)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
20 Feb 1944HMS LST 305 (LST 305)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
20 Feb 1944HMS Warwick (D 25)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
25 Feb 1944HMS Inglefield (D 02)DestroyerI 
25 Feb 1944HMS Mahratta (G 23)DestroyerM 
27 Feb 1944HMS MFV 70 (MFV 70)Motor Fishing VesselMFV 1 
27 Feb 1944HMS Woodpecker (U 08)SloopModified Black Swan 
Mar 1944HMS Syrtis (P 241)SubmarineS 
1 Mar 1944HMS Gould (K 476)FrigateCaptain 
2 Mar 1944HMS LST 362 (LST 362)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
5 Mar 1944HMS ML 387 (ML 387)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
10 Mar 1944HMS Asphodel (K 56)CorvetteFlower 
16 Mar 1944HMS MTB 417 (MTB 417)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 72 feet-type 
22 Mar 1944HMS Stonehenge (P 232)SubmarineS 
26 Mar 1944HMS MTB 352 (MTB 352)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
27 Mar 1944HMS Globe VI (J 136)MS Whaler 
27 Mar 1944HMS LCI(L)-273 (LCI(L)-273)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
30 Mar 1944HMS Laforey (G 99)DestroyerL 
31 Mar 1944HMS MTB 241 (MTB 241)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
17 Apr 1944HMS MTB 266 (MTB 266)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 70' 
24 Apr 1944HMS LST 407 (LST 407)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
24 Apr 1944HMS MTB 671 (MTB 671)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
24 Apr 1944HMS Roode Zee (W 162)Rescue Tug 
1 May 1944HMS HDML 1380 (ML 1380)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
5 May 1944HMS MTB 708 (MTB 708)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
20 May 1944HMS Wyoming (FY 1862)MS Trawler 
28 May 1944HMS MTB 732 (MTB 732)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
30 May 1944HMS Kos IX (FY 1725)MS Whaler 
Jun 1944HMS LCI(L)-105 (LCI(L)-105)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
Jun 1944HMS LCI(L)-132 (LCI(L)-132)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
Jun 1944HMS LCT 524 (LCT 524)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
Jun 1944HMS LCT 715 (LCT 715)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
Jun 1944HMS LCT 750 (LCT 750)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
Jun 1944HMS LCT 809 (LCT 809)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
Jun 1944HMS LCT 886 (LCT 886)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
Jun 1944HMS LCT 947 (LCT 947)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
Jun 1944HMS Sickle (P 224)SubmarineS 
6 Jun 1944HMS LCI(L)-185 (LCI(L)-185)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
6 Jun 1944HMS LCT 2191 (LCT 2191)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
6 Jun 1944HMS LCT 2283 (LCT 2283)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
6 Jun 1944HMS MTB 248 (MTB 248)Motor Torpedo BoatWhite 73 feet-type 
7 Jun 1944HMS LCT 2039 (LCT 2039)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
7 Jun 1944HMS LCT 427 (LCT 427)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
8 Jun 1944HMS Lawford (K 514)FrigateCaptain 
8 Jun 1944HMS LCT 875 (LCT 875)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
9 Jun 1944HMS Durban (D 99)Light cruiserD 
10 Jun 1944HMS MTB 681 (MTB 681)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
11 Jun 1944HMS MA/SB 17 (MA/SB 17)Motor Anti-Submarine BoatBPB 70 feet-type 
11 Jun 1944HMS Sesame (W 144)Rescue TugAssurance 
13 Jun 1944HMS Boadicea (H 65)DestroyerB 
13 Jun 1944HMS LCT 967 (LCT 967)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
13 Jun 1944HMS MMS 229 (J 729)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
14 Jun 1944HMS Birdlip (T 218)ASW TrawlerHill 
15 Jun 1944HMS Blackwood (K 313)FrigateCaptain 
15 Jun 1944HMS Mourne (K 261)FrigateRiver 
16 Jun 1944HMS LCT 589 (LCT 589)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
16 Jun 1944HMS Southern Pride (K 249)ASW Whaler 
18 Jun 1944HMS Quail (G 45)DestroyerQ 
24 Jun 1944HMS Lord Austin (FY 220)ASW Trawler 
24 Jun 1944HMS MMS 8 (J 508)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
24 Jun 1944HMS Swift (G 46)DestroyerS 
26 Jun 1944HMS MTB 734 (MTB 734)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
27 Jun 1944HMS MGB 640 (MGB 640)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
28 Jun 1944HMS MGB 326 (MGB 326)Motor Gun BoatFairmile C 
Jul 1944HMS LCT 2331 (LCT 2331)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
1 Jul 1944HMS ML 265 (ML 265)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
1 Jul 1944HMS ML 287 (ML 287)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
2 Jul 1944HMS MMS 1019 (FY 1019)Motor minesweeperMMS II 
5 Jul 1944HMS Ganilly (T 367)MS TrawlerIsles 
5 Jul 1944HMS MTB 666 (MTB 666)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
6 Jul 1944HMS Cato (J 16)MinesweeperAuk 
6 Jul 1944HMS Magic (J 400)MinesweeperAuk 
7 Jul 1944HMS LST 216 (LST 216)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
8 Jul 1944HMS Pylades (J 401)MinesweeperAuk 
9 Jul 1944HMS LCT 300 (LCT 300)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
9 Jul 1944HMS LCT 511 (LCT 511)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
10 Jul 1944HMS MMS 55 (J 555)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
12 Jul 1944HMS ML 443 (ML 443)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
15 Jul 1944HMS LCT 2263 (LCT 2263)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
16 Jul 1944HMS LCT 7057 (LCT 7057)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
17 Jul 1944HMS LCT 387 (LCT 387)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
20 Jul 1944HMS Isis (D 87)DestroyerI 
20 Jul 1944HMS LCT 2337 (LCT 2337)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
20 Jul 1944HMS LCT 689 (LCT 689)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
24 Jul 1944HMS MTB 372 (MTB 372)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
27 Jul 1944HMS MTB 412 (MTB 412)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 72 feet-type 
27 Jul 1944HMS MTB 412 (MTB 412)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 72 feet-type 
29 Jul 1944HMS Lord Wakefield (FY 170)ASW Trawler 
29 Jul 1944HMS Prince Leopold (4.251)Landing Ship Infantry 
3 Aug 1944HMS Quorn (L 66)Escort destroyerHunt (Type I) 
4 Aug 1944HMS Gairsay (T 290)MS TrawlerIsles 
5 Aug 1944HMS LCT 1076 (LCT 1076)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
6 Aug 1944HMS HDML 1060 (ML 1060)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
10 Aug 1944HMS LCT 1092 (LCT 1092)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
14 Aug 1944HMS LCI(L)-99 (LCI(L)-99)Landing Craft InfantryLCI 1 
15 Aug 1944HMS LST 404 (LST 404)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
16 Aug 1944HMS BYMS 2022 (J 822)MinesweeperYMS 
16 Aug 1944HMS MFV 624 (MFV 624)Motor Fishing VesselMFV 601 
16 Aug 1944HMS MGB 313 (MGB 313)Motor Gun BoatFairmile C 
17 Aug 1944HMS LCT 123 (LCT 123)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 2) 
18 Aug 1944HMS MTB 707 (MTB 707)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
21 Aug 1944HMS HDML 1179 (ML 1179)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
21 Aug 1944HMS Kite (U 87)SloopModified Black Swan 
21 Aug 1944HMS Orchis (K 76)CorvetteFlower 
22 Aug 1944HMS Bickerton (K 466)FrigateCaptain 
22 Aug 1944HMS MTB 243 (MTB 243)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
22 Aug 1944HMS Rattler (J 217)MinesweeperAlgerine 
25 Aug 1944HMS LCT 1074 (LCT 1074)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
26 Aug 1944HMS HDML 1381 (ML 1381)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
27 Aug 1944HMS Britomart (J 22)MinesweeperHalcyon 
27 Aug 1944HMS Hussar (J 82)MinesweeperHalcyon 
1 Sep 1944HMS Hurst Castle (K 416)CorvetteCastle 
1 Sep 1944HMS MMS 117 (J 617)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
13 Sep 1944HMS MFV 1032 (MFV 1032)Motor Fishing VesselMFV 1001 
14 Sep 1944HMS MMS 278 (J 778)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
27 Sep 1944HMS Rockingham (G 58)DestroyerTown 
28 Sep 1944HMS ML 216 (ML 216)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
Oct 1944HMS LCT 377 (LCT 377)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
Oct 1944HMS LCT 943 (LCT 943)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
1 Oct 1944HMS MTB 347 (MTB 347)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
1 Oct 1944HMS MTB 360 (MTB 360)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
5 Oct 1944HMS BYMS 2255 (J 1055)MinesweeperYMS 
5 Oct 1944HMS HDML 1227 (ML 1227)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
8 Oct 1944HMS BYMS 2030 (J 830)MinesweeperYMS 
10 Oct 1944HMS MGB 663 (MGB 663)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
12 Oct 1944HMS MMS 170 (J 670)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
13 Oct 1944HMS HDML 1057 (ML 1057)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
14 Oct 1944HMS MFV 117 (MFV 117)Motor Fishing VesselMFV 1 
15 Oct 1944HMS ML 870 (ML 870)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
19 Oct 1944HMS LCT 480 (LCT 480)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
19 Oct 1944HMS LCT 488 (LCT 488)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
19 Oct 1944HMS LCT 491 (LCT 491)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
19 Oct 1944HMS LCT 494 (LCT 494)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
19 Oct 1944HMS LCT 7014 (LCT 7014)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
19 Oct 1944HMS LCT 7015 (LCT 7015)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
23 Oct 1944HMS LCT 1171 (LCT 1171)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
25 Oct 1944HMS BYMS 2077 (J 877)MinesweeperYMS 
25 Oct 1944HMS LCT 1045 (LCT 1045)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
30 Oct 1944HMS LCT 936 (LCT 936)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
Nov 1944HMS LCT 2461 (LCT 2461)Landing craft tankLCT (Mk 5) 
2 Nov 1944HMS Colsay (T 384)MS TrawlerIsles 
2 Nov 1944HMS LCT 7011 (LCT 7011)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
2 Nov 1944HMS LCT 789 (LCT 789)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
2 Nov 1944HMS LCT 839 (LCT 839)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
2 Nov 1944HMS Northcoates (FY 548)MS Trawler 
3 Nov 1944HMS ML 147 (ML 147)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
6 Nov 1944HMS LCT 609 (LCT 609)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
7 Nov 1944HMS LCT 976 (LCT 976)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
7 Nov 1944HMS LST 420 (LST 420)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
8 Nov 1944HMS ML 916 (ML 916)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
17 Nov 1944HMS LCT 1022 (LCT 1022)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 4) 
22 Nov 1944HMS Stratagem (P 234)SubmarineS 
24 Nov 1944HMS MTB 287 (MTB 287)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
24 Nov 1944HMS MTB 371 (MTB 371)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
29 Nov 1944HMS MMS 101 (J 601)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
5 Dec 1944HMS LCT 328 (LCT 328)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
6 Dec 1944HMS Bullen (K 469)FrigateCaptain 
11 Dec 1944HMS MMS 257 (J 757)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
14 Dec 1944HMS Aldenham (L 22)Escort destroyerHunt (Type III) 
26 Dec 1944HMS Capel (K 470)FrigateCaptain 
29 Dec 1944HMS MTB 782 (MTB 782)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 


1945HMS MMS 77 (J 577)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
2 Jan 1945HMS Hayburn Wyke (FY 139)MS Trawler 
5 Jan 1945HMS HDML 1163 (ML 1163)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
6 Jan 1945HMS Walpole (D 41)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
12 Jan 1945HMS Regulus (ii) (J 327)MinesweeperAlgerine 
16 Jan 1945HMS LST 415 (LST 415)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
18 Jan 1945HMS MTB 690 (MTB 690)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
19 Jan 1945HMS Northern Isles (4.25)ASW Trawler 
19 Jan 1945HMS Porpoise (N 14)SubmarinePorpoise 
21 Jan 1945HMS Computator (FY 635)MS Trawler 
21 Jan 1945HMS ML 891 (ML 891)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
30 Jan 1945HMS MMS 248 (J 748)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
Feb 1945HMS Alligator (W 51)TugAlligator 
3 Feb 1945HMS Arley (FY 620)MS Trawler 
4 Feb 1945HMS MMS 68 (J 568)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
7 Feb 1945HMS MGB 605 (MGB 605)Motor Gun BoatFairmile D 
9 Feb 1945HMS Hesperia (W 106)Rescue TugBustler 
11 Feb 1945HMS ML 183 (ML 183)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
13 Feb 1945HMS Denbigh Castle (K 696)CorvetteCastle 
14 Feb 1945HMS MTB 255 (MTB 255)Motor Torpedo BoatWhite 73 feet-type 
14 Feb 1945HMS MTB 776 (MTB 776)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
14 Feb 1945HMS MTB 789 (MTB 789)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
14 Feb 1945HMS MTB 791 (MTB 791)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
14 Feb 1945HMS MTB 798 (MTB 798)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
15 Feb 1945HMS HDML 1417 (ML 1417)Harbour Defence Motor LaunchHDML 
17 Feb 1945HMS Bluebell (K 80)CorvetteFlower 
17 Feb 1945HMS Lark (U 11)SloopModified Black Swan 
20 Feb 1945HMS Vervain (K 190)CorvetteFlower 
22 Feb 1945HMS LST 364 (LST 364)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
24 Feb 1945HMS Ellesmere (FY 204)ASW WhalerLake 
3 Mar 1945HMS Southern Flower (FY 332)ASW Whaler 
20 Mar 1945HMS Lapwing (U 62)SloopModified Black Swan 
20 Mar 1945HMS LST 80 (LST 80)Tank landing shipLST (Mk 2) 
22 Mar 1945HMS MTB 655 (MTB 655)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
23 Mar 1945HMS MTB 705 (MTB 705)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
25 Mar 1945HMS ML 466 (ML 466)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
Apr 1945HMS MGB 99 (MGB 99)Motor Gun BoatVTB-11 (former French) 
7 Apr 1945HMS MTB 494 (MTB 494)Motor Torpedo BoatBPB 72 feet-type 
7 Apr 1945HMS MTB 5001 (MTB 5001)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D (Modified) 
10 Apr 1945HMS MTB 710 (MTB 710)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
17 Apr 1945HMS MTB 697 (MTB 697)Motor Torpedo BoatFairmile D 
28 Apr 1945HMS BYMS 2053 (J 853)MinesweeperYMS 
29 Apr 1945HMS Goodall (K 479)FrigateCaptain 
2 May 1945HMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601)MS Trawler 
5 May 1945HMS Coriolanus (T 140)MS TrawlerShakespearian 
5 May 1945HMS ML 558 (ML 558)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
9 May 1945HMS ML 591 (ML 591)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
9 May 1945HMS ML 905 (ML 905)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
29 May 1945HMS LCT 357 (LCT 357)Landing Craft TankLCT (Mk 3) 
21 Jun 1945HMS Hildasay (T 173)MS TrawlerIsles 
25 Jun 1945HMS MMS 168 (J 668)Motor minesweeperMMS I 
Jul 1945HMS MTB 242 (MTB 242)Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 
8 Jul 1945HMS La Nantaise (FY 360)ASW Trawler 
10 Jul 1945HMS Kurd (FY 639)MS Trawler 
17 Jul 1945HMS Athlete (W 150)Rescue TugFavourite 
24 Jul 1945HMS Squirrel (J 301)MinesweeperAlgerine 
26 Jul 1945HMS Vestal (J 215)MinesweeperAlgerine 
17 Aug 1945HMS ML 230 (ML 230)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
26 Aug 1945HMS MTB 261 (MTB 261)Motor Torpedo BoatELCO 70' 

1036 Allied warship losses located.

Losses by navy

Royal Navy (1080)
US Navy (487)
Soviet Navy (138)
French Navy (95)
Royal Dutch Navy (59)
Royal Canadian Navy (31)
Royal Hellenic Navy (26)
Royal Norwegian Navy (23)
Royal Australian Navy (16)
Polish Navy (12)
Royal Indian Navy (12)
Free French Navy (9)
Italian Navy (7)
United States Coast Guard (5)
Brazilian Navy (2)
Royal New Zealand Navy (2)

This page shows all the Allied warships lost during World War Two. The page optionally is divided by navy for more compact listing.

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