Allied Warships

Allied War Losses

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It shows ships destroyed (lost) to all causes during the war.

During the war the Allies (Americans, United Kingdom and Commonwealth, France, Russia, Netherlands, ...) lost more than 1,900 warships to all causes. This listing shows them all.

The Royal Dutch Navy De Ruyter class light cruiser HNMS De Ruyter. She was lost on 28 Feb 1942.


23 Jun 1941USSR BystryDestroyerProject 7 
23 Jun 1941USSR GnevniyDestroyerProject 7 
23 Jun 1941USSR M-78SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
23 Jun 1941USSR RonisSubmarineRonis 
23 Jun 1941USSR S-1SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
23 Jun 1941USSR SpidolaSubmarineRonis 
24 Jun 1941USSR LeninDestroyerNovik 
24 Jun 1941USSR M-71SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
24 Jun 1941USSR M-80SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
24 Jun 1941USSR S-3SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
26 Jun 1941USSR MoskvaFlotilla leaderLeningrad (Project 1) 
27 Jun 1941USSR M-83SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
27 Jun 1941USSR M-99SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
1 Jul 1941USSR M-81SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
9 Jul 1941USSR ShCh-206SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
19 Jul 1941USSR SerdityDestroyerProject 7u 
20 Jul 1941USSR StremitelnyDestroyerProject 7 
21 Jul 1941USSR M-94SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
27 Jul 1941USSR SmelyDestroyerProject 7u 
Aug 1941USSR M-103SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Aug 1941USSR M-57SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Aug 1941USSR M-63SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Aug 1941USSR S-6SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
2 Aug 1941USSR S-11SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
9 Aug 1941USSR Karl MarxDestroyerNovik 
18 Aug 1941USSR StatnyDestroyerProject 7u 
24 Aug 1941USSR EngelsDestroyerNovik 
28 Aug 1941USSR ArtyomDestroyerNovik 
28 Aug 1941USSR KalininDestroyerNovik 
28 Aug 1941USSR S-5SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
28 Aug 1941USSR ShCh-301SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
28 Aug 1941USSR SkoryDestroyerProject 7u 
28 Aug 1941USSR VolodarskyDestroyerNovik 
28 Aug 1941USSR Yakov SverdlovDestroyerNovik 
Sep 1941USSR P-1SubmarineP (Pravda) 
Sep 1941USSR ShCh-319SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
21 Sep 1941USSR FrunzeDestroyerNovik 
23 Sep 1941USSR M-74SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Oct 1941USSR M-58SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Oct 1941USSR S-8SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
Oct 1941USSR ShCh-322SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Nov 1941USSR KalevSubmarineKalev 
Nov 1941USSR M-59SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Nov 1941USSR S-34SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
Nov 1941USSR ShCh-211SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Nov 1941USSR ShCh-324SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
3 Nov 1941USSR M-34SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
4 Nov 1941USSR SmetlivyDestroyerProject 7 
12 Nov 1941USSR Chervona UkrainaLight cruiserChervona Ukraina 
13 Nov 1941USSR SurovyDestroyerProject 7u 
14 Nov 1941USSR GordiyDestroyerProject 7 
14 Nov 1941USSR L-2SubmarineL (Leninec) 
14 Nov 1941USSR M-98SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
6 Dec 1941USSR ShCh-204SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 


10 Jan 1942USSR M-175SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Mar 1942USSR ShCh-210SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Apr 1942USSR ShCh-401SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
3 Apr 1942USSR ShaumianDestroyerNovik 
4 Apr 1942USSR SovershennyDestroyerProject 7u 
9 Apr 1942USSR ShCh-421SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
12 May 1942USSR K-23SubmarineK (Katjusa) 
14 May 1942USSR DzerjinskyDestroyerNovik 
Jun 1942USSR M-95SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
10 Jun 1942USSR D-3 / KrasnovgardeyetsSubmarineD (Dekabrist) 
10 Jun 1942USSR SvobodnyDestroyerProject 7u 
13 Jun 1942USSR ShCh-405SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
19 Jun 1942USSR ShCh-214SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
23 Jun 1942USSR SmishlionnyDestroyerProject 7u 
26 Jun 1942USSR A-1SubmarineA (AG) 
26 Jun 1942USSR BezuprechnyDestroyerProject 7 
26 Jun 1942USSR S-32SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
Jul 1942USSR M-176SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Jul 1942USSR ShCh-317SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
2 Jul 1942USSR BditelnyiDestroyerProject 7 
2 Jul 1942USSR TashkentFlotilla leaderTashkent (Project 20) 
18 Jul 1942USSR ShCh-138SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Aug 1942USSR M-173SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Aug 1942USSR ShCh-208SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
15 Aug 1942USSR M-97SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
22 Aug 1942USSR M-33SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Sep 1942USSR K-2SubmarineK (Katjusa) 
Sep 1942USSR M-60SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Oct 1942USSR ShCh-302SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Oct 1942USSR ShCh-320SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
1 Oct 1942USSR M-118SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
11 Oct 1942USSR L-16SubmarineL (Leninec) 
12 Oct 1942USSR ShCh-311SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
14 Oct 1942USSR ShCh-213SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
21 Oct 1942USSR S-7SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
26 Oct 1942USSR ShCh-308SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Nov 1942USSR M-121SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Nov 1942USSR ShCh-304SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Nov 1942USSR ShCh-306SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
5 Nov 1942USSR ShCh-305SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
22 Nov 1942USSR SokrushitelnyDestroyerProject 7 
Dec 1942USSR L-24SubmarineL (Leninec) 
Dec 1942USSR ShCh-212SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
17 Dec 1942USSR M-31SubmarineM (Malyutka) 


7 Feb 1943USSR K-22SubmarineK (Katjusa) 
21 Mar 1943USSR K-3SubmarineK (Katjusa) 
1 May 1943USSR ShCh-323SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
14 May 1943USSR M-122SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
26 May 1943USSR ShCh-408SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Jun 1943USSR ShCh-406SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Jul 1943USSR ShCh-422SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
5 Jul 1943USSR M-106SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Aug 1943USSR S-12SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
Aug 1943USSR S-9SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
26 Aug 1943USSR ShCh-203SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Sep 1943USSR K-1SubmarineK (Katjusa) 
Oct 1943USSR M-172SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Oct 1943USSR M-174SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Oct 1943USSR ShCh-403SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
6 Oct 1943USSR BesposhchadnyDestroyerProject 7 
6 Oct 1943USSR KharkovFlotilla leaderLeningrad (Project 1) 
6 Oct 1943USSR SposobnyDestroyerProject 7u 
28 Oct 1943USSR A-3SubmarineA (AG) 
Dec 1943USSR D-4 / RevolutsyonerSubmarineD (Dekabrist) 
Dec 1943USSR S-55SubmarineS (Stalinec) 


4 Jan 1944USSR M-36SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
17 Jan 1944USSR L-23SubmarineL (Leninec) 
17 Feb 1944USSR ShCh-216SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
28 Feb 1944USSR M-108SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
Mar 1944USSR S-54SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
18 Apr 1944USSR L-6SubmarineL (Leninec) 
27 Jul 1944USSR B-1SubmarineS 
8 Sep 1944USSR M-96SubmarineM (Malyutka) 
21 Sep 1944USSR ShCh-402SubmarineShCh (Scuka) 
Oct 1944USSR TKA 222Motor Torpedo BoatVosper 72 feet-type 


7 Jan 1945USSR S-4SubmarineS (Stalinec) 
16 Jan 1945USSR DejatelnyjDestroyerTown 
24 Aug 1945USSR L-19SubmarineL (Leninec) 

136 Allied warship losses located.

Losses by navy

Royal Navy (1108)
US Navy (487)
Soviet Navy (138)
French Navy (95)
Royal Dutch Navy (59)
Royal Canadian Navy (31)
Royal Hellenic Navy (26)
Royal Norwegian Navy (23)
Royal Australian Navy (16)
Royal Indian Navy (12)
Polish Navy (12)
Free French Navy (9)
Italian Navy (7)
United States Coast Guard (5)
Brazilian Navy (2)
Royal New Zealand Navy (2)

This page shows all the Allied warships lost during World War Two. The page optionally is divided by navy for more compact listing.

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