Ship losses by month

April 1942

This is the full listing of all ships hit during . You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 Apr 1942U-160Georg Lassen Rio Blanco4,086br
1 Apr 1942U-202Hans-Heinz Linder Loch Don5,249br
1 Apr 1942U-71Walter Flachsenberg Eastmoor5,812br
1 Apr 1942U-754Hans Oestermann Tiger5,992am
2 Apr 1942U-123Reinhard Hardegen Liebre (d.)7,057am
3 Apr 1942U-505Axel-Olaf Loewe West Irmo5,775am
3 Apr 1942U-552Erich Topp David H. Atwater2,438am
3 Apr 1942U-754Hans Oestermann Otho4,839am
4 Apr 1942U-154Walther Kölle Comol Rico5,034am
4 Apr 1942U-505Axel-Olaf Loewe Alphacca5,759nl
4 Apr 1942U-572Heinz Hirsacker Ensis (d.)6,207br
5 Apr 1942U-154Walther Kölle Catahoula5,030am
5 Apr 1942U-552Erich Topp Byron D. Benson7,953am
6 Apr 1942U-160Georg Lassen Bidwell (d.)6,837am
6 Apr 1942U-571Helmut Möhlmann Koll10,044nw
6 Apr 1942U-754Hans Oestermann Kollskegg9,858nw
7 Apr 1942U-453Egon Reiner Freiherr von Schlippenbach HMHS Somersetshire (d.)9,716br
7 Apr 1942U-552Erich Topp British Splendour7,138br
7 Apr 1942U-552Erich Topp Lancing7,866nw
8 Apr 1942U-123Reinhard Hardegen Esso Baton Rouge (d.)7,989am
8 Apr 1942U-123Reinhard Hardegen Oklahoma (d.)9,264am
8 Apr 1942U-84Horst Uphoff Nemanja5,226yu
9 Apr 1942U-123Reinhard Hardegen Esparta3,365am
9 Apr 1942U-160Georg Lassen Malchace3,516am
9 Apr 1942U-252Kai Lerchen Fanefjeld1,355nw
9 Apr 1942U-552Erich Topp Atlas7,137am
10 Apr 1942U-203Rolf Mützelburg San Delfino8,072br
10 Apr 1942U-552Erich Topp Tamaulipas6,943am
10 Apr 1942U-654Ludwig Forster Empire Prairie7,010br
10 Apr 1942U-85Eberhard Greger Chr. Knudsen4,904nw
11 Apr 1942U-123Reinhard Hardegen Gulfamerica8,081am
11 Apr 1942U-130Ernst Kals Grenanger5,393nw
11 Apr 1942U-160Georg Lassen Ulysses14,647br
11 Apr 1942U-203Rolf Mützelburg Harry F. Sinclair, Jr. (d.)6,151am
12 Apr 1942U-130Ernst Kals Esso Boston7,699am
12 Apr 1942U-154Walther Kölle Delvalle5,032am
12 Apr 1942U-203Rolf Mützelburg Stanvac Melbourne (d.)10,013pa
13 Apr 1942U-123Reinhard Hardegen Korsholm2,647sw
13 Apr 1942U-123Reinhard Hardegen Leslie2,609am
13 Apr 1942U-154Walther Kölle Empire Amethyst8,032br
13 Apr 1942U-402Siegfried Freiherr von Forstner Empire Progress5,249brON-80
13 Apr 1942U-435Siegfried Strelow El Occidente6,008paQP-10
13 Apr 1942U-435Siegfried Strelow Harpalion5,486brQP-10
13 Apr 1942U-436Günther Seibicke Kiev5,823sjQP-10
14 Apr 1942U-203Rolf Mützelburg Empire Thrush6,160br
14 Apr 1942U-571Helmut Möhlmann Margaret3,352am
14 Apr 1942U-66Richard Zapp Korthion2,116gr
16 Apr 1942U-403Heinz-Ehlert Clausen Empire Howard6,985brPQ-14
16 Apr 1942U-572Heinz Hirsacker Desert Light2,368pa
16 Apr 1942U-575Günther Heydemann Robin Hood6,887am
16 Apr 1942U-66Richard Zapp Amsterdam7,329nl
16 Apr 1942U-81Friedrich Guggenberger Bab el Farag105ag
16 Apr 1942U-81Friedrich Guggenberger Caspia6,018br
16 Apr 1942U-81Friedrich Guggenberger Fatouh el Kher97ag
16 Apr 1942U-81Friedrich Guggenberger FFL Vikings (P 41)1,150fr
17 Apr 1942U-123Reinhard Hardegen Alcoa Guide4,834am
17 Apr 1942U-66Richard Zapp Heinrich von Riedemann11,020pa
18 Apr 1942U-201Adalbert Schnee Victoria (d.)7,417ar
19 Apr 1942U-136Heinrich Zimmermann Axtell J. Byles (d.)8,955am
19 Apr 1942U-81Friedrich Guggenberger Hefz el Rahman90ag
20 Apr 1942U-109Heinrich Bleichrodt Harpagon5,719br
20 Apr 1942U-154Walther Kölle Vineland5,587ca
20 Apr 1942U-572Heinz Hirsacker Empire Dryden7,164br
20 Apr 1942U-654Ludwig Forster Agra4,569sw
20 Apr 1942U-654Ludwig Forster Steel Maker6,176am
21 Apr 1942U-201Adalbert Schnee Bris2,027nw
21 Apr 1942U-576Hans-Dieter Heinicke Pipestone County5,102am
21 Apr 1942U-752Karl-Ernst Schroeter West Imboden5,751am
21 Apr 1942U-84Horst Uphoff Chenango3,014pa
22 Apr 1942U-201Adalbert Schnee Derryheen7,217br
22 Apr 1942U-201Adalbert Schnee San Jacinto6,069am
22 Apr 1942U-81Friedrich Guggenberger Aziza100ag
22 Apr 1942U-81Friedrich Guggenberger El Saadiah122ag
23 Apr 1942U-125Ulrich Folkers Lammot Du Pont5,102am
23 Apr 1942U-565Wilhelm Franken Kirkland1,361brTA-36
23 Apr 1942U-752Karl-Ernst Schroeter Reinholt (d.)4,799nw
24 Apr 1942U-136Heinrich Zimmermann Empire Drum7,244br
25 Apr 1942U-108Klaus Scholtz Modesta3,849br
26 Apr 1942U-66Richard Zapp Alcoa Partner5,513am
28 Apr 1942U-136Heinrich Zimmermann Arundo5,163nl
29 Apr 1942U-108Klaus Scholtz Mobiloil9,925am
29 Apr 1942U-562Horst Hamm Alliance [Mine]81br
29 Apr 1942U-562Horst Hamm Terpsithea [Mine]157br
29 Apr 1942U-66Richard Zapp Harry G. Seidel10,354pa
30 Apr 1942U-162Jürgen Wattenberg Athelempress8,941brOS-25
30 Apr 1942U-402Siegfried Freiherr von Forstner Ashkhabad5,284sj
30 Apr 1942U-456Max-Martin Teichert HMS Edinburgh (16) (d.)11,500brQP-11
30 Apr 1942U-507Harro Schacht Federal2,881am
30 Apr 1942U-576Hans-Dieter Heinicke Taborfjell1,339nw

77 ships sunk (401,429 tons) and 12 ships damaged (95,905 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.
[Mine] indicates the vessel was hit by a mine laid by said U-boat.

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