U-boat fates

U-boat losses in May 1943

May of 1943 was the turning point in the Battle of the Atlantic, during which the Third Reich lost 40 U-boats which constituted 25% of its operational strength at the time.

Germany never recovered from this disaster and Dönitz withdrew all but token number of U-boats from battle. This month has been called "Stalingrad of the U-boat arm" by some.

DateU-boat CommanderCrewDeadSurv.Notes
2 MayU-465+Kptlt. Heinz Wolf48480 
4 MayU-109+Oblt. Joachim Schramm52520 
4 MayU-439 Oblt. Helmut von Tippelskirch49409 
4 MayU-659 KrvKpt. Hans Stock47443 
5 MayU-638+Kptlt. Oskar Staudinger44440 
6 MayU-125+Kptlt. Ulrich Folkers54540 
6 MayU-192+Oblt. Werner Happe55550 
6 MayU-438+KrvKpt. Heinrich Heinsohn48480 
6 MayU-531+Kptlt. Herbert Neckel54540 
6 MayU-630+Oblt. Werner Winkler47470 
7 MayU-209+Kptlt. Heinrich Brodda46460 
7 MayU-447+Kptlt. Friedrich Bothe48480 
8 MayU-663+KrvKpt. Heinrich Schmid49490 
10 MayU-381+Kptlt. Wilhelm-Heinrich Graf von Pückler und Limpurg47470 
11 MayU-528 Oblt. Georg von Rabenau561145 
12 MayU-89+KrvKpt. Dietrich Lohmann48480 
12 MayU-186+KrvKpt. Siegfried Hesemann53530 
12 MayU-456+Kptlt. Max-Martin Teichert49490 
13 MayU-753+FrgKpt. Alfred Manhardt von Mannstein47470 
14 MayU-236 Oblt. Reimar Ziesmer - 0 -  
14 MayU-640+Oblt. Karl-Heinz Nagel49490 
15 MayU-176+KrvKpt. Reiner Dierksen53530 
15 MayU-266+Kptlt. Ralf von Jessen47470 
16 MayU-182+Kptlt. Asmus Nicolai Clausen61610 
16 MayU-463+KrvKpt. Leo Wolfbauer57570 
17 MayU-128 Oblt. Hermann Steinert54747 
17 MayU-646+Oblt. (R) Heinrich Wulff46460 
17 MayU-657+KrvKpt. Heinrich Göllnitz47470 
19 MayU-273+Oblt. Hermann Rossmann46460 
19 MayU-954+Kptlt. Odo Loewe47470 
20 MayU-258+Kptlt. Wilhelm von Mässenhausen49490 
21 MayU-303 Kptlt. Karl-Franz Heine482028 
22 MayU-569 Oblt. (R) Hans Johannsen462125Scuttled
23 MayU-752 KrvKpt. Karl-Ernst Schroeter462917 
25 MayU-414+Oblt. Walther Huth47470 
25 MayU-467+Kptlt. Heinz Kummer46460 
26 MayU-436+Kptlt. Günther Seibicke47470 
28 MayU-304+Oblt. Heinz Koch46460 
28 MayU-755 Kptlt. Walter Göing49409 
30 MayU-418+Oblt. Gerhard Lange48480 
31 MayU-440+Oblt. Werner Schwaff46460 
31 MayU-563+Oblt. Gustav Borchardt49490 

42 U-boats lost during May 1943 (1832 men died and 183 men survived those losses).
+ means that the boat was lost with all hands.

Map showing U-boat losses in May 1943

This map shows positions of U-boats bombed in harbours. The map is clickable and zoom-able (with the mouse-wheel).

U-boat fates