Convoy battles


Sydney CB to UK (North Atlantic)

5 Aug 1942 - 10 Aug 1942

The Convoy36 ships
First sightingOn 5 Aug 1942 by U-593
EscortsThe Canadian escort group C1 consisting of the destroyer Assiniboine and the corvettes Chilliwack and Orillia and the three British corvettes Nasturtium, Dianthus and Primrose (Lt Cdr Ayer).


The wolfpack Steinbrinck of 8 boats:
U-71 (Oblt von Roithberg), U-210 (Korvkpt Lemcke) ++, U-379 (Kptlt Kettner) * ++, U-454 (Kptlt Hackländer), U-593 (Kptlt Kelbling) *, U-597 (Kptlt Bopst) *, U-607 (Kptlt Mengersen) *, U-704 (Kptlt Kessler) *

Newly arrived outbound boats:
U-174 (Fregkpt Thilo) *, U-176 (Korvkpt Dierksen) *, U-254 (Kptlt Gilardone) *, U-256 (Kptlt Odo Loewe) *, U-438 (Kptlt Franzius) *, U-595 (Kptlt Quaet-Faslem) *, U-605 (Kptlt Schütze) *, U-660 (Kptlt Baur) *, U-705 (Kptlt Horn),

* U-boats that fired torpedo or used the deck gun

The battle

The convoy is sighted by U-593 when a group of 6 ships with 2 escorts has romped from the convoy due to the fog. U-593 attacks at once this small group and sinks one ship. U-593 is the driven off together with U-595.

The next day the boats cannot get close to the convoy : both U-454 and U-595 are severely damaged by the escorts and have return to port after the operation. U-210 is sunk by the Assiniboine.

From 7 Aug on, the outbound boats U-174, U-176, U-256, U-438, U-660 and U-705 reinforce the wolfpack. Until mid-day of the 8th all attacks from U-597, U-605, U-607, U-660 and U-704 fail or miss. Then U-176 and U-379 attack almost at the same time and sink three and two ships respectively. Confronted with the first serious attacks since nearly a year on the North Atlantic route, some complements on the merchant ships are panicking. Three ships are abandoned without reason and one of them is sunk by the U-176.

The escort is reinforced with the Polish destroyer Blyskawica and the British destroyer Broke and strikes back : the Dianthus sinks U-379. The destroyers are equipped with HF/DF and all night long the escorts make offensive sweeps towards contact and manage to keep the boats at bay. Only U-595 and U-607 fire at the escort and the convoy but both miss.

Towards morning all escorts except the Primrose are behind the convoy sitting on a U-boat contact but fortunately for the convoy it leaves now the black pit and air escort from Sqdn 120 is provided.

During day of the 9th U-174, U-254, U-256 and U-704 and in the morning of the 10th U-597 manage to fire at the convoy but no hits are secured. On mid-day the air escort temporarily drops out and since most of the escort are still chasing contacts on the rear, U-438 and U-660 can move in quickly and sink three and one ship respectively.

Article compiled by Tom Linclau

Ships hit from convoy SC-94

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat.Map
5 Aug 1942U-593Gerd Kelbling Spar3,616nlA
8 Aug 1942U-379Paul-Hugo Kettner Anneberg2,537brB
8 Aug 1942U-379Paul-Hugo Kettner Kaimoku6,367amC
8 Aug 1942U-176Reiner Dierksen Kelso3,956brD
8 Aug 1942U-176Reiner Dierksen Mount Kassion7,914grE
8 Aug 1942U-176Reiner Dierksen Trehata4,817brF
9 Aug 1942U-176Reiner Dierksen Radchurch3,701brG
10 Aug 1942U-660Götz Baur Condylis (d.)4,439grH
10 Aug 1942U-438Rudolf Franzius Condylis4,439grI
10 Aug 1942U-660Götz Baur Cape Race3,807brJ
10 Aug 1942U-660Götz Baur Empire Reindeer6,259brK
10 Aug 1942U-660Götz Baur Oregon (d.)6,008brL
10 Aug 1942U-438Rudolf Franzius Oregon6,008brM

11 ships sunk (53,421 tons) and 2 ships damaged (10,447 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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