Ships hit by U-boats during WWII

Crew lists from ships hit during WWII

Allied Merchant personnel. Country: Greek.

PersonBorn / deadServed on
GreekAdamis, Andreas G., Merchant Navy-1944Olga E. Embiricos +
GreekAggelis, Emmanuel K., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekAivaliotis, Georgios, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekAlexandrou, Alexandros, Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekAllimonos, Sotirios, Merchant Navy1914Mary Livanos
GreekAmentas, Georgios, Merchant Navy1901-1942Pantelis +
GreekAndreadis, Spyridon, Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekAngeletopoulos, Memos, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekAngelis, Nikitas, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekAntippas, Ioannis, Merchant Marine1881Watsonville
GreekAntonio, Theodore, Merchant Marine-1942Examelia +
GreekAntypas, Panagiotis I., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekAntzoulatos, Aristides D., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekApaserchilis, Georgios P., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekApostolou, Mihail, Merchant Navy1916-1940Pindos +
GreekArgitis, Evangelos I., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekArgyreas, Dimitrios Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekArgyros, Dimitrios, Merchant NavyPeleus
GreekAristides, Samoilis, Merchant NavyMonagas
GreekArmodoros, Gerasinios, Merchant Navy1908Pindos
GreekArnaoutis, Dimitrios M., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekArtavanis, Marios, Merchant Marine1913-1942Ramapo +
GreekArvanitis, Nikolaos, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekArvazoglou, Emmanouil, Merchant Navy1909-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekAspiotis, Kostas, Merchant Navy1875-1943Mary Livanos +
GreekAthanaseadis, Evaggelos, Merchant Navy1910Mary Livanos
GreekAthanasiadis, Athanasisos, Merchant Navy1904Pantelis
GreekAxiotis, Vassili, Merchant Navy1917-1942Marilyse Moller +

GreekBalafoukos, Antonios Perraki, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekBalas, Ioannis Nikolaou, Merchant Navy1911-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekBalis, Michael, Merchant Navy1901Kassandra Louloudis
GreekBalkas, Stamatios Vasileiou, Merchant Navy-1942Korthion +
GreekBalsis, Evangelos, Merchant Navy1883Korthion
GreekBambacoussis, Emmanuel, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekBeis, Iakovos, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekBeis, Stamatis, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekBelios, Constantin, Merchant NavyPleasantville
GreekBenas, Nikolaos, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekBenetis, Nick, Merchant Marine1913-1942Nimba +
GreekBenetis, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy1913Kassandra Louloudis
GreekBerlakis, Sokratis Georgiou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekBibesis, Constantine, Merchant Navy-1942Koumoundouros +
GreekBilinis, Alexandros, Merchant Navy1894-1942Halcyon +
GreekBillis, Vasilios, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekBirtoulis, Vasilios F., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekBofilatos, Spiros, Merchant Navy1898Pindos
GreekBois, Argyrios, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekBotelis, Ioannis Emmanouil, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekBoublinis, Georgios, Merchant Marine1902-1942Olympic +
GreekBoudouzis, George, Merchant Marine1889-1942Olympic +
GreekBoukouvalas, Dimitrios Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1940Leonidas M. Valmas +
GreekBourthis, Antonis, Merchant NavyAmarylis
GreekBouselas, Nikolaos, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +

GreekCalcounis, Elefterios, Merchant Marine1913-1942Olympic +
GreekCambistis, Photios, Merchant Marine1906-1942Olympic +
GreekChadjigeorgiou, Efstathios, Merchant Navy1904-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekChalaris, Antonios Zorzi, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekChalas, Antonios Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1940Violando N. Goulandris +
GreekCharvalias, Anastasios L., Merchant Navy-1942Mount Kitheron +
GreekChatzicharalambous, Charalambos, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekChatzigiannakis, Ioannis P., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekChatzouras, Th., Merchant Navy-1942Icarion +
GreekChaviaras, Nikolaos I., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekChrisofos, Ioanis, Merchant Navy1902Pindos
GreekChristides, D., Merchant NavyElpis
GreekChristodoulou, Andreas I., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekChristopoules, D., Merchant Navy-1940Tringa +
GreekChrousakis, Konstantinos D., Merchant Navy-1942Mount Kitheron +
GreekCosmidis, Kosmas, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekCostas, Alexiou, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekCoustantaras, Triantafyllos, Merchant Navy-1942Koumoundouros +

GreekDaglas, Grigorios Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekDaisios, Konstantinos Antoniou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekDanabasis, Demetrios, Merchant Navy1915-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekDascaleas, Ioannis, Merchant Marine1906-1942Olympic +
GreekDecavalla, John, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekDeftereos, Andreas, Merchant Navy1917-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekDeimezis, Evangelos, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekDelagrammatikas, Panagiotis, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekDenaxas, Ioannis Louka, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekDervisoglou, Kleanthis, Merchant Marine1911Watsonville
GreekDevteraios, Spyridon, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekDiabatides, Charalambos, Merchant NavyLaconikos
GreekDialogis, Evangelos, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekDiamond, Anthony, Merchant Marine1896Chepo
GreekDiamond, James, Merchant Marine1898Aneroid
GreekDimopoulos, Dimitrios, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekDimos, Georgios Charalambous, Merchant Navy1902-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekDizis, Panagiotis Perikli, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekDonados, Nick, Merchant Navy-1940Havbør +
GreekDoukeris, Vasilios, Merchant Navy1895Mary Livanos
GreekDoulgeris, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy1918Mary Livanos
GreekDourvanas, Achilleas Stefanou, Merchant Navy1897-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekDracatos, Panagis, Merchant NavyIcarion
GreekDrakopoulos, Evangelos M., Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekDrapiniotis, Athanosios, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekDrivas, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy1897Mary Livanos

GreekEconomou, Anargyros, Merchant Navy1909Korthion
GreekEfstathiadis, Michail, Merchant Navy1910George J. Goulandris
GreekEkmalian, Chaik, Merchant NavyKoumoundouros
GreekEleftheriades, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1904Kassandra Louloudis
GreekElias, Papaionnou, Merchant NavyMonagas
GreekEvagelinelis, Georgios, Merchant Navy1917Pindos
GreekEvangelou, Timotheos, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekEvgenides, Athanassios P., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekExadaktylos, Apostolos, Merchant Navy1892-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekExadaktylos, Georgios, Merchant Navy1913Korthion

GreekFakis, Michail Georgiou, Merchant Navy1911-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekFalagas, Dimosthenis Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1942Korthion +
GreekFalagas, Nikolaos, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekFalagas, Vasilios Ioannou, Merchant Navy-1942Korthion +
GreekFalangas, G., Merchant NavyOlga E. Embiricos
GreekFameliaris, Christos, Merchant Navy-1940Leonidas M. Valmas +
GreekFarmakides, Athanasios, Merchant NavyMount Pindus
GreekFerentinos, Evangelos G., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekFianoylis, Pantelis, Merchant Navy1918-1942Pantelis +
GreekFifis, Georgios, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekFikaris, Emmanuel, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekFilipatos, Panagiotis I., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekFilippis, Georgios Nikolaou, Merchant Navy1894-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekFokas, Zaharias, Merchant Marine1905-1942Nimba +
GreekFoleros, Euthymios, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekFostinis, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy1913Kassandra Louloudis
GreekFotiadis, Konstantinos I., Merchant Navy-1944Olga E. Embiricos +
GreekFotinos, Michail, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekFragkakis, Evangelos, Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekFrangias, Demetrios, Merchant Navy1921Kassandra Louloudis
GreekFrangiskatos, Leonidas S., Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekFyntoysis, Nicolas, Merchant Navy1911-1942Pantelis +

GreekGadelis, Haralampos, Merchant Navy1900-1942Pantelis +
GreekGalanis, Dimitrios Epaminonda, Merchant Navy1905-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekGalantis, Stelios, Merchant Navy1895-1942Pantelis +
GreekGalatos, Vasilios Alexandrou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekGalinos, Nicolaos, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekGavalas, Antonios, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekGavalas, Constantinos, Merchant Navy1917Kassandra Louloudis
GreekGavallas, Athanassios, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekGavrilidis, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy-1944Olga E. Embiricos +
GreekGennadios, Georgios Alexandrou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekGeorgiadis, Anastasios, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekGeorgilles, Michael, Merchant Navy1903Papalemos
GreekGeorgiou, Nikolaos, Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekGeorgopoulos, Sotiris, Merchant Navy1914Pindos
GreekGeorgoulis, Ioannis Th., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekGermenis, Christos, Merchant Navy1912Pindos
GreekGerogiannis, Stavros, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekGialarakis, Anastasios, Merchant Navy1912-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekGianakis, Andreas, Merchant Navy1898-1943Mary Livanos +
GreekGianakis, Stefanos, Merchant Navy1916-1942Pantelis +
GreekGianisis, Elias, Merchant Navy1922Korthion
GreekGiannakis, Georgios N., Merchant Navy-1944Olga E. Embiricos +
GreekGiannakoulias, Georgios, Merchant Navy1900-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekGiannisis, Ioannis Stamatiou, Merchant Navy-1942Korthion +
GreekGiannousopoulos, Nikolaos S., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekGiavasis, Georgios, Merchant Navy1919George J. Goulandris
GreekGIeppas, Michail Georgiou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekGiokas, Kyriakos Stavrou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekGiokas, Nikolaos Georgiou, Merchant Navy1894-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekGiovannis, Stefanos, Merchant Navy1902George J. Goulandris
GreekGiovasis, Georgios, Merchant Navy-1942Rinos +
GreekGlantzis, Gregorios, Merchant Navy1904-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekGlinos, Petros Nikolaou, Merchant Navy1910-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekGlitsos, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy1876Halcyon
GreekGlykas, Ioannis Konstantinou, Merchant Navy1900-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekGlyptis, Theodore, Merchant Navy1908Mary Livanos
GreekGouinis, Evangelos, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekGoulandris, Konstantinos Georgiou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekGoumanis, Nicolaos, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekGoumas, Paulos, Merchant Navy1908Pindos
GreekGournaropulos, Michal, Merchant Navy-1940Havbør +
GreekGrafas, Antonios Antoniou, Merchant Navy-1942Korthion +
GreekGratsos, Dimitri, Merchant NavyEleni Stathatou
GreekGregos, Ioannis, Merchant Marine1904-1942Olympic +
GreekGregos, Panagiotis, Merchant Navy-1942Icarion +
GreekGrigoriou, Georgios G., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekGritzopoulos, Panagiotis I., Merchant Navy-1944Olga E. Embiricos +
GreekGrivas, Georgios, Merchant Navy1916George J. Goulandris
GreekGrocas, , Merchant NavyHalcyon

GreekHadjidakis, Michael S., Merchant Navy-1942Mount Kitheron +
GreekHadzipetrou, Evagoras, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekHagtinicolaou, Dionisios, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekHalkias, Elias, Merchant Navy-1966Leonidas M.
GreekHaniotis, Emmanoyel, Merchant Navy1913-1942Pantelis +
GreekHaviaras, Stamatios, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekHazapis, Antonios, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekHortas, Dimitrios A., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +

GreekIkonomou, Petros, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekIoannidis, Nicolas, Merchant Navy1905-1942Pantelis +
GreekIsaris, Georgios Michail, Merchant Navy1904-1941Anna Bulgaris +

GreekKailas, Emmanuel, Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekKaindas, Athanasios, Merchant Navy-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekKaitis, Kostas, Merchant Navy1912-1942Pantelis +
GreekKakomanolis, Nikolaos Ioannou, Merchant Navy1915-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekKalafatis, Georgios, Merchant Navy1919Mary Livanos
GreekKalafatis, Ioannis A., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekKalagias, Antonios Georgiou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekKalagias, Stamatios Ioanni, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekKalamaris, Dimitrios St., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekKalavrezos, Emmanuel, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekKalfaitis, Nikolaos, Merchant Navy-1942Spreewald +
GreekKalfas, Sotirious, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekKaliaropoulos, Vasilios A., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekKaligeros, Georgios A., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekKalivrousis, Epanminondas, Merchant Navy1913-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekKallinikos, Gerasimos, Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekKallinikos, Gerasimos, Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekKalogirou, Stefanos, Merchant Marine1912Watsonville
GreekKalogridis, Antonios, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekKalogridis, Frantzeskos Georgiou, Merchant Navy-1940Violando N. Goulandris +
GreekKanakis, Antonios Anastasiou, Merchant Navy1921-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekKanas, Angeletos, Merchant Navy1904Pindos
GreekKanellos, Kostas, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekKanellos, Michael, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekKangadis, Gerasimos Andreou, Merchant Marine1900-1960William Eustis
GreekKantaras, Antonis, Merchant Navy1906-1942Pantelis +
GreekKantaras, Athanasios A., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekKapiris, Dimitrios, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekKapiris, Stylianos, Merchant Marine1903-1942Olympic +
GreekKapsikas, Nikolas, Merchant NavyEveralda
GreekKarachalios, Konstantinos Athanasiou, Merchant Navy-1942Corinthiakos +
GreekKaragiannis, Georgios, Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekKaragiannos, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1887-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekKaragiozis, Nicolaos, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekKarakatsanis, Konstantinos E., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekKarakitsakis, Christos, Merchant Navy1902Pindos
GreekKaramalegos, Alexandros, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekKaramouzis, Andreas G., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekKaramouzis, Ioannis Nikolaou, Merchant Navy1917-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekKarantzas, Kyriakos Panagioti, Merchant Navy-1942Corinthiakos +
GreekKarapiperis, Ioannis S., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekKaratzas, Dimitrios, Merchant Marine1902-1942Olympic +
GreekKaravolas, Petros Dimitriou, Merchant Navy1911-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekKarellis, John, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekKargeorgopulos, Evangelos, Merchant Navy1901-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekKarras, Michael I., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekKarras, Spyridon, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekKarvelis, Nicolaos, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekKaryatoglou, Dimitrios Michail, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekKassidonis, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy1917Halcyon
GreekKassimatis, Georgios, Merchant Navy1913Mary Livanos
GreekKatagas, Georgios, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekKatagas, John, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekKaterinis, Markos, Merchant Navy1897Mary Livanos
GreekKatevatis, Spyridon Panagi, Merchant Navy-1940Keramiai +
GreekKatsarelos, Anastasios M., Merchant Navy-1944Olga E. Embiricos +
GreekKatsikis, Vasilios Ioannis, Merchant Navy1896-1940Panachrandos +
GreekKatsimbrakis, Vasilios, Merchant Navy1899George J. Goulandris
GreekKatsiotis, Konstantinos Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1940Frangoula B. Goulandris +
GreekKatsiprakis, Vishilios, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekKatsoulis, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy1914-1942Halcyon +
GreekKavamalis, Theodore, Merchant Marine1911-1942Nimba +
GreekKefalas, Agis, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekKefalas, Dionisios, Merchant Navy1904-1942Pantelis +
GreekKeisidis, Apostolos, Merchant Navy1895Mary Livanos
GreekKekos, Georgios, Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekKekos, Michail Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1942Korthion +
GreekKilikas, Alexander, Merchant Navy-1940Angele Mabro +
GreekKirtikakis, Kostos, Merchant Navy1915Mary Livanos
GreekKizalas, Stavros Christoforou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekKnakotos, Konstantinos Antoniou, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekKochilas, Damianos E., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekKodros, Georgios Ioannou, Merchant Navy1914-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekKofinas, Lambros Filippou, Merchant Navy1910-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekKolasitis, Gerassimos, Merchant NavyNeion
GreekKoliris, Stathis, Merchant Navy1891-1942Pantelis +
GreekKollias, Christoforos, Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekKolokotronis, Georgios, Merchant NavyGeorge J. Goulandris
GreekKonstantakis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1919-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekKonstantakis, Sotirios Vlasi, Merchant Navy1917-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekKonstantourakis, Georgios Ioannou, Merchant Navy-1942Corinthiakos +
GreekKonstas, Petros, Merchant Navy-1942Halcyon +
GreekKontitsis, Georgios V., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekKontopoulos, Petros, Merchant Navy1893Pandias
GreekKontorousis, Nikolaos Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekKontostavlos, Aristofanis Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1942Corinthiakos +
GreekKopanas, Antonios, Merchant NavySaronikos
GreekKossiavelos, Theodoros, Merchant Navy1913-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekKostantinidis, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekKostantinos, Triantafylos, Merchant Navy-1940Aenos +
GreekKostantinou, Georgios, Merchant Navy1904-1942Pantelis +
GreekKostopoulos, Nicholas, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekKoukouras, Dimos, Merchant NavySaronikos
GreekKoulakidis, Charalambos, Merchant Navy1904Kassandra Louloudis
GreekKoumbis, Dimitrios Ioannou, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekKoumlikis, George, Merchant Navy1903Korthion
GreekKounoupas, Ioannis Georgiou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekKourtelis, Nikolaos G., Merchant Navy-1942Mount Kitheron +
GreekKoutouras, Nicholas, Merchant Navy1898-1944Ioannis Fafalios +
GreekKoutsouras, Georgios, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekKovaios, Michail Nikolaou, Merchant Navy1912-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekKoygianis, Fotis, Merchant Navy1902-1942Pantelis +
GreekKrypas, Konstantinos Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1942Corinthiakos +
GreekKypreos, Pantelis, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekKyriakoulis, Alexandros K., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekKyrtatas, Antonios, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekKyrtatas, Giakoumis Petrou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekKyrtatas, I., Merchant NavyKoumoundouros
GreekKyrtatas, Petros, Merchant Navy1910Halcyon

GreekLalaounis, Konstantinos I., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekLaskaratos, Dionisisos, Merchant NavyAenos
GreekLaskos, Vasilis, Merchant Navy-1943Ioanna
GreekLazaris, Konstantinos G., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekLefakis, Antonios, Merchant Marine1897Pillory
GreekLefkakis, George, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekLekakis, Panagiotis Nikolaou, Merchant Navy1911-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekLekkas, Christos L., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekLekkas, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy1906George J. Goulandris, Rinos
GreekLekkas, Ioannis Konstantinou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekLemos, Efstathios S., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekLemos, Elias G., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekLemos, Stavros, Merchant Navy1883-1942Pantelis +
GreekLemos, Zannis, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekLempesis, Panagiotis Ioannou, Merchant Navy1896-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekLenis, Michael P., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekLeondaras, Nicolas, Merchant NavyRousdi
GreekLeondaras, Panagiotis, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekLeontaras, Vassilios, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekLiadis, Konstantinos P., Merchant Navy-1943Michalios +
GreekLianos, Epaminondas, Merchant Navy1916Papalemos
GreekLianos, Epaminondas Eustathiou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekLigdopoulos, Michail Andrea, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekLignos, Nikolaos P., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekLiopirus, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy1915Kassandra Louloudis
GreekLiossis, Antonios, Merchant NavyPeleus
GreekLivadas, Costas, Merchant Navy1904Pindos
GreekLivadas, Georgios, Merchant NavyHydraios
GreekLogathetis, N., Merchant NavyKoumoundouros
GreekLoizos, Michail, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekLorentzatos, Anastasios Fotiou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekLos, Elios, Merchant NavyBoris
GreekLouloudias, Eleftherios I., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekLouloudis, Giannoulis Georgiou, Merchant Navy-1940Frangoula B. Goulandris +
GreekLykiardopoulos, Stavros, Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekLyras, Elias, Merchant Navy-1943Adelfotis

GreekMadarariotakis, Antonios L., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekMagliveras, Georgios, Merchant Navy1918-1940Pindos +
GreekMainas, Georgios M., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekMakris, Pantelis, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekMakropoulos, Aristides, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekMaliaroudakis, Nick, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekMaltezos, Georgios, Merchant Marine1901-1942Olympic +
GreekManakis, Michael, Merchant Navy-1943Kalliopi +
GreekMandarakas, Dimitrios, Merchant NavyVassilios A. Polemis
GreekMandrarakis, Alexandros Evangelou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekMandrarakos, Nikolaos Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1940Frangoula B. Goulandris +
GreekManesis, Ioannis Avgerinou, Merchant Navy-1940Frangoula B. Goulandris +
GreekManesis, Michael L., Merchant Navy-1944Olga E. Embiricos +
GreekManklakis, Konstantinos, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekManolias, Vasilios, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekMansolas, Leonidas Matthaiou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekMarasoglou, Christos, Merchant Navy1919Mary Livanos
GreekMarianos, Stefanos, Merchant Marine1902-1942Olympic +
GreekMarkakis, Georgios, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekMarketos, Michael, Merchant Navy1890Korthion
GreekMarmaras, Constantinos A., Merchant NavyEpaminondas C. Embiricos
GreekMaskas, Themistokles G., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekMastoris, George, Merchant NavyMount Parnes
GreekMastrantonakis, Emmanouil, Merchant Marine1900-1942Olympic +
GreekMastrantonis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekMastrogiannis, Nikolaos E., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekMastrostamatis, Nicolas, Merchant Navy1898Pindos
GreekMathioudakis, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy1897-1943Empire Lytton +
GreekMatrozos, Michael, Merchant Navy1900-1942Pantelis +
GreekMatrozos, Theodoros, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekMavris, Michael A., Merchant Navy-1942Mount Kitheron +
GreekMavris, Minas, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekMavrogiorgis, Nikolaos Georgiou, Merchant Navy1916-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekMavros, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1903Korthion
GreekMavroudis, Miguel, Merchant Navy1912-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekMaxouzis, Ioannis, Merchant Marine1918-1942Olympic +
GreekMelidonis, Evagelos, Merchant Navy1912-1940Pindos +
GreekMexis, Emmanuel, Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekMichael, Antonios, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekMichail, Georgios, Merchant NavyGeorge J. Goulandris
GreekMichas, Georgios, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekMichas, Vasilios Nikolaou, Merchant Navy1913-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekMilaios, Alexandros, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekMilaios, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1922George J. Goulandris
GreekMilaios, Ioannis Petrou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekMilas, Nikolaos, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekMillas, Themistokles, Merchant Navy1902Kassandra Louloudis
GreekMitropias , Emmanuel, Merchant Navy1894-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekMitropoulos, James Andreas, Merchant Marine1888-1942Bayou +
GreekMitsialis, Dionisios, Merchant Navy1878Pindos
GreekMitsis, Adamantios I., Merchant Navy-1942Lily +
GreekMitsos, Evangelos, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekModonas, Nikolaos Apostolos, Merchant Navy-1942Spreewald +
GreekMonahos, George, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekMonselas, Constantinos, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekMoraitis, Nikolaos Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1942Corinthiakos +
GreekMoros, John, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekMouratis, Dimitrios Georgiou, Merchant Navy-1940Leonidas M. Valmas +
GreekMousakas, Ioannis K., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekMousouris, Dionisios, Merchant Navy1907Pindos
GreekMoutsatsos, Charalambos Emmanouil, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekMponis, Georgios, Merchant Navy1916-1942Pantelis +
GreekMylonitis, Prodromos, Merchant Navy-1941Samos +

GreekNakos, Ioannis Athanasiou, Merchant Navy-1940Leonidas M. Valmas +
GreekNengas, Ioannis, Merchant NavyVassilios A. Polemis
GreekNiamonitakis, Diaminitis, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekNicolaou, Elefterios, Merchant Marine1907-1943Malantic +
GreekNiklaou, Christos, Merchant Navy-1942Mount Kitheron +
GreekNikolakenas, John, Merchant Navy-1942Lily +
GreekNikolaou, Nikolaos, Merchant Navy1916-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekNitsolas, Georgios, Merchant Navy1892Kassandra Louloudis
GreekNomikos, Georgios Ioannou, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +

GreekOnloghas, Constantine, Merchant Navy-1942Koumoundouros +
GreekOrfanidis, Pantelis, Merchant Navy1914Pantelis

GreekPagiavlas, Nikolaos, Merchant Navy1911George J. Goulandris
GreekPagonis, Demetrios, Merchant Navy1912-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekPalaiokrassas, Evangelos Andrea, Merchant Navy1899-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekPaleocrassas, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1906Kassandra Louloudis
GreekPaleokraosas, Leonidas Alexandrou, Merchant Navy-1942Corinthiakos +
GreekPaleokrassas, Eustratios Stamati, Merchant Navy-1940Leonidas M. Valmas +
GreekPaleokrassas, Evangelos Ioannou, Merchant Navy-1942Korthion +
GreekPaleokrassas, Michail Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1942Spreewald +
GreekPaleokrassas, Nikolaos Antoniou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekPalios, Pantelis, Merchant NavyIoannis Fafalios
GreekPanaghiotis , Samonas, Merchant Navy1906Pantelis
GreekPanagiotaridis, G., Merchant NavyKoumoundouros
GreekPanagiotidis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekPanagiotopoulos, Anastasios N., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekPanas, Dionisios, Merchant Navy1888Pindos
GreekPaniolou, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy1895Pindos
GreekPantazopoulos, Charalambos Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1942Amarylis +
GreekPantelakis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1883-1942Pantelis +
GreekPantelidis, Costas, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekPantelis, Georgios Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1940Leonidas M. Valmas +
GreekPapadatos, Andreas, Merchant Navy1885Pindos
GreekPapadeas, Elias P., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekPapadimitriou, Constantinos, Merchant Marine1895Watsonville
GreekPapadopoulos, Constantinos, Merchant Navy1919Kassandra Louloudis
GreekPapadopoulos, George, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekPapadopoulos, Ioannis Michail, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekPapadopoulos, Michael P., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekPapadopoulos, Nikolaos, Merchant Navy1910George J. Goulandris
GreekPapadopoulos, Nikolaos Stefanou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekPapadopoulos, Therapon, Merchant Navy1916George J. Goulandris
GreekPapaioannou, Georgios, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekPapaisidoron, Ioanis, Merchant Navy1912Pindos
GreekPapalios, N., Merchant NavyMichael Livanos
GreekPapamikes, Nicholas, Merchant Marine-1942Polybius +
GreekPapanicolaou, John, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekPapapantelis, Antonios Kyriakou, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekPapathanasiou, Hristos, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekPapatheofanis, Alexandros Athanasiou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekPapavasileiou, Evangelos Ioanni, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekPapazis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1905-1942Pantelis +
GreekPapazoglou, Constantinos, Merchant Marine1905-1942Olympic +
GreekPapoutsas, Markos N., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekParadisis, Panaghiotis, Merchant Navy1906Pantelis
GreekParaschakis, Stavros G., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekParliaros, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekPaschalidis, Andreas, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekPaschalis, Eustratios Konstantinou, Merchant Navy1916-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekPaschalis, Nikolaos, Merchant NavyHalcyon
GreekPatakakis, Andreas, Merchant Navy1910-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekPateras, Dimitrios, Merchant NavyLily
GreekPateras, George, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekPateras, Nicolas, Merchant Navy1894-1942Pantelis +
GreekPateras, Panagos, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekPatsaros, Pericles, Merchant Navy1905Kassandra Louloudis
GreekPatsoglou, Demetrios, Merchant Navy1896-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekPeppas, Konstantinos, Merchant Navy1900George J. Goulandris
GreekPerivolaris, Ioannis G., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekPetoulias, Michael D., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekPetragas, Vasilios H., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekPetrakis, Antonios, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekPetrakis, Vasilios, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekPetropoulos, Ilias Panagioti, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekPiagos, Georgios, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekPikoulis, Dimosthenis Perikli, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekPinotsis, Georgios I., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekPiperis, Elias, Merchant NavyMount Kassion
GreekPithis, Constantino, Merchant NavyEpaminondas C. Embiricos
GreekPlagianos, Konstantinos, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekPlytas, Ioannis Vasileiou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekPolemis, Stamatios Irakli, Merchant Navy1892-1942Amarylis +
GreekPolychronopoulos, Dionysios P., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekPolytidis, Adamantios Panteli, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekPonticos, Georgios, Merchant Navy1898-1942Pantelis +
GreekPonticos, Michail, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekPonticos, Nicolas, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekPontikos, Alexandro, Merchant Navy1882-1942Pantelis +
GreekPontikos, Diamantis, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekPontikos, Georgios, Merchant Navy1890-1942Pantelis +
GreekPontikos, Georgios, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekPontikos, Petros, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekPontikos, Petros, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekPontikos, Spiros, Merchant Navy1911-1942Pantelis +
GreekPoupalos, Mikes, Merchant Navy1896-1940Kayeson +
GreekProtopsaltis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekPsarelis, Nicolaos, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekPsaridis, Vasilios, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekPsarras, Christos, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekPsarras, Georgios Panagioti, Merchant Navy1908-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekPsarras, Konstantinos, Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekPsillos, Nicolas, Merchant Navy1914Robert E. Lee
GreekPsomas, Matheos, Merchant Navy1918-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekPsyllas, Zacharias Fragiskou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +

GreekRaisis, Andreas, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekRaisis, Panagiotis Georgiou, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekRambatzis, Alexandros Ioannou, Merchant Navy-1942Corinthiakos +
GreekRamfos, Elias, Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekRamfos, Nikolaos S., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekRamiros, Angeletos, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekRamoundos, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1907Kassandra Louloudis
GreekRampias, Georgios, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekRapankichs, Makes, Merchant NavySandar
GreekRapitis, Antonios Aristeidi, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekRemoundos, Giannoulis Vasileiou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekRoditis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekRomspoglou, Michail, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekRoubanis, Georgios S., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekRoumbakiotis, Dionysios, Merchant Navy-1942Vassilios A. Polemis +
GreekRoussis, Antonios, Merchant Navy1891Mary Livanos
GreekRoussos, Antonios, Merchant Navy-1942Amarylis +
GreekRoussos, Dimitrios Ioannou, Merchant Navy-1940Violando N. Goulandris +
GreekRoussos, Filippos, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekRoussos, Georgios, Merchant NavyGeorge J. Goulandris
GreekRucanas, George, Merchant Marine-1942Silver Sword +

GreekSalvas, Georgios Fotinou, Merchant Navy-1940Leonidas M. Valmas +
GreekSambanis, Nikolaos, Merchant Navy-1942Korthion +
GreekSaraglis, Stylianos, Merchant Marine1898Watsonville
GreekSarantinos, Panagiotis, Merchant Marine1915Bayou
GreekSarokos, Theologos, Merchant Navy1884George J. Goulandris
GreekSelioniotakis, Ioannis A., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekSevastis, Kostos, Merchant Navy1919Mary Livanos
GreekSfakianoudis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1901-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekSfyrakis, Michael E., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekSiderakis, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy1916-1942Pantelis +
GreekSifnakis, Panagiotis, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekSimigalalas, John, Merchant NavyMount Taygetus
GreekSkamagkas, Antonios I., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekSkevofilakas, Elias, Merchant Navy1892-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekSkopelitis, Nikolaos, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekSkyrianos, Charalambos N., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekSogias, Stavros, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekSophos, Michael, Merchant Navy1910-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekSoultanakis, Emmanuel, Merchant Navy1908-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekSpaniolos, Pandelis, Merchant NavyMichalios
GreekSpathis, Gerasimos, Merchant Marine1906Watsonville
GreekSpeis, Theodoros, Merchant Navy1897-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekSperkos, Nikolaos, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekSpinarolis, Emmanouil, Merchant Navy1903Mary Livanos
GreekSpyridonos, Ioannis Petrou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekSpyrou, Antonios, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekStamboulis, Ioannis, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekStasinos, Ioanis, Merchant Navy1892Pindos
GreekStefanou, Ioannis, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekStivaktas, Georgios Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1940Violando N. Goulandris +
GreekStouraitis, Georgios A., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekStratis, Dimitrios, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekSturaitis, George, Merchant NavyHalcyon
GreekStyliamidis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1883-1943Mary Livanos +
GreekStylianidis, M., Merchant NavyEpaminondas C. Embiricos
GreekSympouras, Stamatios, Merchant NavyHalcyon
GreekSyrichis, Panagiotis, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekSyrigos, Georgios, Merchant NavyLaconikos
GreekSyrimis, Theodoros N., Merchant Navy-1944Olga E. Embiricos +

GreekTakis, Gust, Merchant Marine-1942Tillie Lykes +
GreekTanginis, Dimitrios Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1942Dimitrios G. Thermiotis +
GreekTasoulas, Socrates, Merchant Navy1911Kassandra Louloudis
GreekTavlariou, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1900Kassandra Louloudis
GreekTheoharis, Stelios, Merchant NavyCleanthis
GreekThomas, Panagys, Merchant Navy1905Pindos
GreekThymaras, Georgios, Merchant Navy1910George J. Goulandris
GreekTiniakos, Andreas Iakovou, Merchant Navy-1940Frangoula B. Goulandris +
GreekTiniakos, Dimitrios Giannakou, Merchant Navy1897-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekTomaras, Christos, Merchant Navy1907Korthion
GreekTomatidis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1888-1943Mary Livanos +
GreekTourlos, Pavlos, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekTravlos, Vasilios, Merchant Marine1895Watsonville
GreekTriantafillou, Evangelos, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekTridafolis, Mavrojelis, Merchant Marine1904-1942Nimba +
GreekTripolitis, Demetrios, Merchant Navy1916Kassandra Louloudis
GreekTsagkas, Panagitis, Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekTsakalos, Efstathios S., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekTsakiridis, Tassos, Merchant Navy1903Mary Livanos
GreekTsakos, Dimitrios, Merchant Marine1921-1942Olympic +
GreekTsakos, Evagelos, Merchant NavyKalliopi
GreekTsakos, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy1878-1943Mary Livanos +
GreekTsapepas, Demetrios G., Merchant Navy1911-1941Texelstroom +
GreekTsarnas, Themistoklis, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekTsarouchas, Stefanos Ch., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +
GreekTsavaris, Emmanuel M., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekTsichlas, Leontios, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekTsigaris, Damianos, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekTsingos, Loucas, Merchant Navy-1944Peleus +
GreekTsironis, Emmanouel, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekTsiropinas, Pantelis D., Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekTziotis, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +

GreekVacalopoulos, Nicolaos, Merchant Marine1910-1942Olympic +
GreekVafidis, Apostolos, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekVagiannos, Dimitrios N., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +
GreekVagios, Georgios, Merchant Navy1913-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekValakis, Theodoros Artemiou, Merchant Navy1916-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekValantassis, Adamanios, Merchant Navy1914-1942Pantelis +
GreekValantassis, Fotis, Merchant Navy1916Pantelis
GreekValantassis, Stavors, Merchant Navy1884-1942Pantelis +
GreekValantsis, Constantinos, Merchant Marine1909Watsonville
GreekValasis, Constantinos, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekValassis, Vlassis, Merchant Navy1912-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekValetsis, Nichols, Merchant Marine1901-1943Andrea F. Luckenbach +
GreekValidakis, Tasos, Merchant Navy1900Mary Livanos
GreekVallianatos, Spiros, Merchant Navy1898Pindos
GreekVallianos, Nicolas, Merchant Marine1884-1944John A. Poor +
GreekValmas, C., Merchant NavyEvanthia
GreekValsamakis, Konstantinos, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +
GreekVardavas, Julius, Merchant Navy1918-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekVasileiou, Dimitrios Andrea, Merchant Navy-1940Violando N. Goulandris +
GreekVasiliadis, Emmanuel, Merchant Navy1892Pindos
GreekVasiliadis, Vassilios, Merchant Navy-1943Zeus +
GreekVasilicos, Nicolas, Merchant Navy1916Pindos
GreekVasiliou, Dimitris, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekVastardis, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy1890Kassandra Louloudis
GreekVastardis, Georgios Nikolaou, Merchant Navy-1940Frangoula B. Goulandris +
GreekVastardis, Nicolaos, Merchant NavyCorinthiakos
GreekVatsitsis, Dimitrios, Merchant Marine1908Watsonville
GreekVavlas, Michael, Merchant Navy1909-1942Pantelis +
GreekVeinoglou, Nikolaos, Merchant Navy-1940Panachrandos +
GreekVelentzas, James, Merchant Navy-1942Koumoundouros +
GreekVenardos, Emmanouil, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekVestarchis, Konstantinos Leonida, Merchant Navy-1940Violando N. Goulandris +
GreekVlachopoulos, Joanis, Merchant Navy1909-1941Pandias +
GreekVlachos, Paraskevas, Merchant Navy1908-1941Anna Bulgaris +
GreekVlachoutsikos, Athanasios, Merchant Navy1913-1942Mount Lycabettus +
GreekVlahos, Thrasivoulos, Merchant Navy1903Pindos
GreekVlioidis, Lambros Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekVogiatzoglou, Nikolaos A., Merchant Navy-1944Olga E. Embiricos +
GreekVolonakis, Stamatios S., Merchant Navy-1942Mount Kitheron +
GreekVoras, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy1913Kassandra Louloudis
GreekVoukoulos, M., Merchant NavyKoumoundouros
GreekVoulgarakis, Nikolaos I., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekVoulgaris, Konstantinos N., Merchant Navy-1942Rinos +
GreekVourias, Apostolos, Merchant Navy-1942Maro +

GreekWikitas, Marcus, Merchant Marine1914-1944Pillory +

GreekXagoraris, Nikolaos E., Merchant Navy-1942Mount Kitheron +
GreekXanthos, Michail, Merchant NavyVassilios A. Polemis

GreekYfas, Georgios Dimitriou, Merchant Navy-1940Leonidas M. Valmas +
GreekYiannopoulos, Ioannis, Merchant Marine1914-1942Olympic +
GreekYpsilantis, Antonios V., Merchant Navy-1941Marionga +

GreekZafirakis, Dimitrios Theodorou, Merchant Navy-1942Corinthiakos +
GreekZagorianos, Ioannis, Merchant NavyDiamantis
GreekZairis, Dimoshenis, Merchant Navy1918-1943Mary Livanos +
GreekZambetakis, Georgios, Merchant Navy1917George J. Goulandris
GreekZannis, Leonidas, Merchant NavyViolando N. Goulandris
GreekZervas, Theodoros E., Merchant Navy-1942Meropi +
GreekZisakis, Anastasios Zisi, Merchant Navy-1942Saronikos +
GreekZogos, Georgios A., Merchant Navy-1942Mount Kitheron +
GreekZografos, Ioannis, Merchant Navy1904George J. Goulandris
GreekZographos, Fredrick, Merchant Navy1922-1941Pass of Balmaha +
GreekZoumberis, Vasilios, Merchant Navy1913Trepca
GreekZygouris, Elias S., Merchant Navy-1941Samos +

654 Greek people located. 418 of them died in the war.

A (4065), B (7726), C (6233), D (4280), E (1904), F (3015), G (4043), H (6667), I (573), J (3006), K (3311), L (4309), M (8676), N (2039), O (1591), P (4432), Q (172), R (4186), S (8184), T (3338), U (278), V (1248), W (4938), X (11), Y (469), Z (305), Å (33), Ä (1), Ö (6), Š (3), Ž (1), Ø (70), Þ (7)

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