Ship losses by month

September 1941

This is the full listing of all ships hit during . You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
3 Sep 1941U-567Theodor Fahr Fort Richepanse3,485br
5 Sep 1941U-141Philipp Schüler Jarlinn190is
5 Sep 1941U-501Hugo Förster Einvik2,000nwSC-41
6 Sep 1941U-141Philipp Schüler King Erik228br
6 Sep 1941U-95Gerd Schreiber Trinidad434pa
9 Sep 1941U-81Friedrich Guggenberger Empire Springbuck5,591brSC-42
10 Sep 1941U-111Wilhelm Kleinschmidt Marken5,719nl
10 Sep 1941U-432Heinz-Otto Schultze Muneric5,229brSC-42
10 Sep 1941U-432Heinz-Otto Schultze Stargard1,113nwSC-42
10 Sep 1941U-432Heinz-Otto Schultze Winterswijk3,205nlSC-42
10 Sep 1941U-652Georg-Werner Fraatz Baron Pentland (d.)3,410brSC-42
10 Sep 1941U-652Georg-Werner Fraatz Tahchee (d.)6,508brSC-42
10 Sep 1941U-81Friedrich Guggenberger Sally Mærsk3,252brSC-42
10 Sep 1941U-82Siegfried Rollmann Empire Hudson7,465brSC-42
10 Sep 1941U-85Eberhard Greger Thistleglen4,748brSC-42
11 Sep 1941U-105Georg Schewe Montana1,549pa
11 Sep 1941U-202Hans-Heinz Linder Scania1,999swSC-42
11 Sep 1941U-207Fritz Meyer Berury4,924brSC-42
11 Sep 1941U-207Fritz Meyer Stonepool4,803brSC-42
11 Sep 1941U-432Heinz-Otto Schultze Garm1,231swSC-42
11 Sep 1941U-433Hans Ey Bestum (d.)2,215nwSC-42
11 Sep 1941U-82Siegfried Rollmann Bulysses7,519brSC-42
11 Sep 1941U-82Siegfried Rollmann Empire Crossbill5,463brSC-42
11 Sep 1941U-82Siegfried Rollmann Gypsum Queen3,915brSC-42
11 Sep 1941U-82Siegfried Rollmann Scania (d.)1,999swSC-42
15 Sep 1941U-94Otto Ites Empire Eland5,613brON-14
15 Sep 1941U-94Otto Ites Newbury5,102brON-14
15 Sep 1941U-94Otto Ites Pegasus5,762grON-14
16 Sep 1941U-98Robert Gysae Jedmoor4,392brSC-42
19 Sep 1941U-372Heinz-Joachim Neumann Baron Pentland3,410brSC-42
19 Sep 1941U-74Eitel-Friedrich Kentrat HMCS Levis (K 115)925caSC-44
20 Sep 1941U-111Wilhelm Kleinschmidt Cingalese Prince8,474br
20 Sep 1941U-124Johann Mohr Baltallinn1,303brOG-74
20 Sep 1941U-124Johann Mohr Empire Moat2,922brOG-74
20 Sep 1941U-552Erich Topp Barbro6,325nwSC-44
20 Sep 1941U-552Erich Topp Pink Star4,150paSC-44
20 Sep 1941U-552Erich Topp T.J. Williams8,212brSC-44
20 Sep 1941U-74Eitel-Friedrich Kentrat Empire Burton6,966brSC-44
21 Sep 1941U-201Adalbert Schnee Lissa1,511brOG-74
21 Sep 1941U-201Adalbert Schnee Rhineland1,381brOG-74
21 Sep 1941U-201Adalbert Schnee Runa1,575brOG-74
22 Sep 1941U-103Werner Winter Edward Blyden5,003brSL-87
22 Sep 1941U-103Werner Winter Niceto de Larrinaga5,591brSL-87
22 Sep 1941U-562Horst Hamm Erna III1,590brON-16
22 Sep 1941U-68Karl-Friedrich Merten Silverbelle5,302brSL-87
24 Sep 1941U-107Günter Hessler Dixcove3,790brSL-87
24 Sep 1941U-107Günter Hessler John Holt4,975brSL-87
24 Sep 1941U-107Günter Hessler Lafian4,876brSL-87
24 Sep 1941U-67Günther Müller-Stöckheim St. Clair II3,753brSL-87
25 Sep 1941U-124Johann Mohr Empire Stream2,922brHG-73
26 Sep 1941U-124Johann Mohr Cortes1,374brHG-73
26 Sep 1941U-124Johann Mohr Petrel1,354brHG-73
26 Sep 1941U-124Johann Mohr Siremalm2,468nwHG-73
26 Sep 1941U-203Rolf Mützelburg Avoceta3,442brHG-73
26 Sep 1941U-203Rolf Mützelburg Lapwing1,348brHG-73
26 Sep 1941U-203Rolf Mützelburg Varangberg2,842nwHG-73
26 Sep 1941U-66Richard Zapp I.C. White7,052pa
27 Sep 1941U-201Adalbert Schnee Cervantes1,810brHG-73
27 Sep 1941U-201Adalbert Schnee HMS Springbank5,155brHG-73
27 Sep 1941U-201Adalbert Schnee Margareta3,103brHG-73

56 ships sunk (209,835 tons) and 4 ships damaged (14,132 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.

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