Allied Warships

Allied War Losses

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It shows ships destroyed (lost) to all causes during the war.

During the war the Allies (Americans, United Kingdom and Commonwealth, France, Russia, Netherlands, ...) lost more than 1,900 warships to all causes. This listing shows them all.

The ShCh (Scuka) class submarine ShCh-308 of the Soviet Navy. She was lost on 26 Oct 1942.


French Navy13 Sep 1939FR PlutonLight cruiserPluton 


French Navy24 Mar 1940FR La RailleuseDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy30 Apr 1940FR Maille BrezeLarge destroyerVauquelin 
French Navy3 May 1940FR BisonLarge destroyerGuepard 
French Navy9 May 1940FR DorisSubmarineCircé 
French Navy21 May 1940FR L'AdroitDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy23 May 1940FR JaguarLarge destroyerChacal 
French Navy23 May 1940FR OrageDestroyerBourrasque 
French Navy24 May 1940FR ChacalLarge destroyerChacal 
French Navy30 May 1940FR BourrasqueDestroyerBourrasque 
French Navy31 May 1940FR SiroccoDestroyerBourrasque 
French Navy1 Jun 1940FR FoudroyantDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy16 Jun 1940FR MorseSubmarineRequin 
French Navy18 Jun 1940FR AchilleSubmarineRedoutable 
French Navy18 Jun 1940FR AgostaSubmarineAgosta 
French Navy18 Jun 1940FR CycloneDestroyerBourrasque 
French Navy18 Jun 1940FR Enseigne HenryGunboatDubourdieu 
French Navy18 Jun 1940FR EtourdiGunboatArdent 
French Navy18 Jun 1940FR OuessantSubmarineAgosta 
French Navy18 Jun 1940FR PasteurSubmarineRedoutable 
French Navy18 Jun 1940FR VauquoisGunboatArras 
French Navy22 Jun 1940FR La BastiaiseCorvetteFlower 
French Navy3 Jul 1940FR BretagneBattleshipBretagne 
French Navy4 Jul 1940FR Rigault de GenouillyColonial sloopBougainville 
French Navy23 Sep 1940FR PerséeSubmarineRedoutable 
French Navy24 Sep 1940FR AjaxSubmarineRedoutable 
French Navy7 Nov 1940FR PonceletSubmarineRedoutable 
French Navy9 Nov 1940FR BougainvilleColonial sloopBougainville 
French Navy14 Dec 1940FR BranlebasTorpedo boatLa Melpoméne 
French Navy19 Dec 1940FR SfaxSubmarineAgosta 


French Navy14 Apr 1941FR ConquéranteGunboatValliante 
French Navy23 May 1941FR MeuliereGunboatAlbatre 
French Navy16 Jun 1941FR Chevalier PaulLarge destroyerVauquelin 
French Navy25 Jun 1941FR SouffleurSubmarineRequin 


French Navy18 Feb 1942FR SurcoufSubmarineSurcouf 
French Navy5 May 1942FR BévéziersSubmarineAgosta 
French Navy5 May 1942FR D'EntrecasteauxColonial sloopBougainville 
French Navy7 May 1942FR Le HérosSubmarineL'Espoire 
French Navy8 May 1942FR MongeSubmarineRedoutable 
French NavyNov 1942FR La SibylleSubmarineDiane 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR ActéonSubmarineRedoutable 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR AmphitriteSubmarineDiane 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR ArgonauteSubmarineArgonaute 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR BoulonnaisDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR BrestoisDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR FougueuxDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR FrondeurDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR La SurpriseMinesweeperChamois 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR MilanLarge destroyerAigle 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR PrimauguetLight cruiserDuguay-Trouin 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR TornadeDestroyerBourrasque 
French Navy8 Nov 1942FR TramontaneDestroyerBourrasque 
French Navy9 Nov 1942FR ArianeSubmarineAriane 
French Navy9 Nov 1942FR DanaéSubmarineAriane 
French Navy9 Nov 1942FR DianeSubmarineDiane 
French Navy9 Nov 1942FR EpervierLarge destroyerAigle 
French Navy9 Nov 1942FR TyphonDestroyerBourrasque 
French Navy10 Nov 1942FR MéduseSubmarineDiane 
French Navy11 Nov 1942FR Sidi FerruchSubmarineAgosta 
French Navy13 Nov 1942FR Le ConquérantSubmarineL'Espoire 
French Navy15 Nov 1942FR Le TonnantSubmarineL'Espoire 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR BordelaisDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR CasqueDestroyerLe Hardi 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR CassardLarge destroyerVauquelin 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR ColbertHeavy cruiserSuffren 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR D'IbervilleColonial sloopBougainville 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR DunkerqueBattlecruiserDunkerque 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR FochHeavy cruiserSuffren 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR Jean de VienneLight cruiserLa Galissonniere 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR KersaintLarge destroyerVauquelin 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR L'EspoireSubmarineL'Espoire 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR L'IndomptableLarge destroyerLe Fantasque 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR La GalissonniereLight cruiserLa Galissonniere 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR La PalmeDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR Le CorsaireDestroyerLe Hardi 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR Le FlibustierDestroyerLe Hardi 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR Le HardiDestroyerLe Hardi 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR Le MarsDestroyerL'Adroit 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR Les EspargesGunboatArras 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR MamelukDestroyerLe Hardi 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR MarseillaiseLight cruiserLa Galissonniere 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR NaiadeSubmarineSirene 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR PascalSubmarineRedoutable 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR TartuLarge destroyerVauquelin 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR VaubanLarge destroyerGuepard 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR VauquelinLarge destroyerVauquelin 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR VengeurSubmarineRedoutable 
French Navy27 Nov 1942FR VénusSubmarineMinerve 


French Navy7 May 1943FR L'AudacieuxLarge destroyerLe Fantasque 
French Navy29 Dec 1943FR ProtéeSubmarineRedoutable 


French Navy30 Apr 1944FR TahureGunboatArras 
French Navy8 Jul 1944FR PerléSubmarineSaphir 


French Navy10 Mar 1945FR Amiral CharnerColonial sloopBougainville 
French Navy10 Mar 1945FR MarneGunboatSomme 

94 Allied warship losses located.

Losses by navy

Royal Navy Royal Navy (1111)
US Navy US Navy (490)
Soviet Navy Soviet Navy (138)
French Navy French Navy (95)
Royal Dutch Navy Royal Dutch Navy (59)
Royal Canadian Navy Royal Canadian Navy (31)
Royal Hellenic Navy Royal Hellenic Navy (26)
Royal Norwegian Navy Royal Norwegian Navy (23)
Royal Australian Navy Royal Australian Navy (16)
Royal Indian Navy Royal Indian Navy (12)
Polish Navy Polish Navy (12)
Free French Navy Free French Navy (9)
Italian Navy Italian Navy (7)
United States Coast Guard United States Coast Guard (5)
Royal New Zealand Navy Royal New Zealand Navy (2)
Brazilian Navy Brazilian Navy (2)

This page shows all the Allied warships lost during World War Two. The page optionally is divided by navy for more compact listing.

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