Scuttled U-boats, May 1945

Scuttled U-boats - Type XXI

XXI boats
2 Type XXI scuttled in Kiel harbour. U-3040 is in the foreground.

U-25013 May 1945
U-25034 May 1945Kptlt. Karl-Jürg Wächter
U-25043 May 1945
U-25053 May 1945Oblt. (R) Joachim Düppe
U-25075 May 1945Kptlt. Paul Siegmann
U-25083 May 1945Oblt. Uwe Christiansen
U-25102 May 1945Oblt. Werner Herrmann
U-25123 May 1945Kptlt. Hubert Nordheimer
U-25175 May 1945Oblt. (R) Hermann Hansen
U-25203 May 1945KrvKpt. Rudolf Schendel
U-25225 May 1945Kptlt. Horst-Thilo Queck
U-25243 May 1945Kptlt. Ernst von Witzendorff
U-25255 May 1945Kptlt. Paul-Friedrich Otto
U-25262 May 1945Oblt. (R) Otto Hohmann
U-25272 May 1945Oblt. (R) Hans Götze
U-25282 May 1945
U-25312 May 1945Kptlt. Hellmut Niss
U-25343 May 1945Kptlt. Ulrich Drews
U-25353 May 1945Kptlt. Otto Bitter
U-25363 May 1945Oblt. Ulrich Vöge
U-25388 May 1945Oblt. Heinrich Klapdor
U-25393 May 1945Oblt. (R) Johann Johann
U-25404 May 1945Oblt. Rudolf Schultze
U-25415 May 1945Kptlt. Rolf-Birger Wahlen
U-25433 May 1945Oblt. (R) Gottfried Stolzenburg
U-25445 May 1945Oblt. Rudolf Meinlschmidt
U-25453 May 1945Oblt. Hans-Bruno Freiherr von Müffling
U-25463 May 1945Oblt. (R) Max Dobbert
U-25483 May 1945Oblt. Karl-Erich Utischill
U-25523 May 1945Kptlt. Johannes Rudolph
U-30013 May 1945Kptlt. Wilhelm Peters
U-30022 May 1945FrgKpt. Hermann Kaiser
U-30053 May 1945Kptlt. Johannes Hinrichs
U-30103 May 1945
U-30113 May 1945Oblt. Otto Fränzel
U-30123 May 1945Oblt. (R) Alfred Meier
U-30133 May 1945Kptlt. Volker Simmermacher
U-30143 May 1945Kptlt. Karl-Heinz Marbach
U-30155 May 1945Kptlt. Peter-Ottmar Grau
U-30162 May 1945Oblt. (R) Bernhard Meentzen
U-30182 May 1945Oblt. Siegfried Breinlinger
U-30192 May 1945Oblt. Ernst-August Racky
U-30202 May 1945Oblt. (R) Heinrich Mäueler
U-30212 May 1945Oblt. (R) Kurt van Meeteren
U-30225 May 1945Kptlt. Paul Weber
U-30233 May 1945Oblt. (R) Erich Harms
U-30243 May 1945Oblt. (R) Ferdinand Blaich
U-30253 May 1945Kptlt. Hans Vogel
U-30263 May 1945Oblt. Günther Drescher
U-30273 May 1945Kptlt. Karl Mehne
U-30283 May 1945Kptlt. Erwin Christophersen
U-30293 May 1945Kptlt. Hermann Lamby
U-30308 May 1945Oblt. Bernhard Luttmann
U-30313 May 1945Oblt. (R) Heinrich Sach
U-30334 May 1945Oblt. (R) Peter Callsen
U-30344 May 1945Oblt. Horst Willner
U-30373 May 1945Kptlt. Gustav-Adolf Janssen
U-30383 May 1945Oblt. Matthias Brünig
U-30393 May 1945Kptlt. Günter Ruperti
U-30445 May 1945Kptlt. Detlef von Lehsten
U-35015 May 1945Kptlt. Hans-Joachim Schmidt-Weichert
U-35038 May 1945Oblt. Hugo Deiring
U-35042 May 1945Kptlt. Karl-Hartwig Siebold
U-35062 May 1945Kptlt. Gerhard Thäter
U-35073 May 1945Oblt. Hans-Jürgen Schley
U-35093 May 1945Oblt. Wilhelm Neitzsch
U-35105 May 1945Oblt. Ernst-Werner Schwirley
U-35113 May 1945Kptlt. Hermann Schrenk
U-35133 May 1945Oblt. (R) Otto Heinrich Nachtigall
U-35162 May 1945Oblt. Heinrich Grote
U-35172 May 1945Kptlt. Helmut Münster
U-35183 May 1945Kptlt. Herbert Brünning
U-35212 May 1945Oblt. Günther Keller
U-35222 May 1945Oblt. (R) Dieter Lenzmann
U-35245 May 1945KrvKpt. Hans-Ludwig Witt
U-35253 May 1945Kptlt. Franz Kranich
U-35265 May 1945Oblt. Kurt Hilbig
U-35275 May 1945Kptlt. Willy Kronenbitter
U-35285 May 1945Kptlt. Heinz Zwarg
U-35295 May 1945Oblt. (R) Karl-Heinz Schmidt
U-35303 May 1945Oblt. Walter-Ernst Koch

U-3539 - U-3542 (4 U-boats) were scuttled at Schichau, these boats were about 80% complete at the time.

U-2505, U-3004 and U-3506 were not really scuttled along with the other boats but rather trapped inside the Elbe II fitting-out bunker in Hamburg. There they stayed undiscovered until 1985. For further information please check out the U-3004 page.

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