This Wolfpack operated from 2 Mar 1942 to 12 Mar 1942.


U-boats involved with this Wolfpack were:

U-87Joachim Berger2 Mar 194212 Mar 1942 A
U-135Friedrich-Hermann Praetorius2 Mar 194212 Mar 1942 B
U-213Amelung von Varendorff2 Mar 194212 Mar 1942 C
U-553Karl Thurmann2 Mar 194212 Mar 1942 D
U-569Hans-Peter Hinsch2 Mar 194212 Mar 1942 E
U-701Horst Degen2 Mar 194212 Mar 1942 F
U-752Karl-Ernst Schroeter2 Mar 194212 Mar 1942 G
U-753Alfred Manhardt von Mannstein2 Mar 194212 Mar 1942 H
8 boats.

Daily positions of Wolfpack Westwall

Daily positions of U-boats of Wolfpack Westwall. The letters are each assigned to one specific boat.

U-boat position. U-boat lost from the Wolfpack.

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Ships hit by this Wolfpack

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
6 Mar 1942U-701Horst Degen Rononia213br
7 Mar 1942U-701Horst Degen Nyggjaberg349fa
8 Mar 1942U-569Hans-Peter Hinsch Hengist984br
9 Mar 1942U-701Horst Degen HMS Notts County (FY 250)541br
11 Mar 1942U-701Horst Degen HMS Stella Capella (FY 107)507br

5 ships sunk (2,594 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.

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