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The destroyer HMCS Kootenay of the D class.

The destroyer was the most capable and most feared escort vessel the allies possessed early in the war. It was larger and more heavily armed than the destroyer escort and considerably faster. They were also of shallow draught, making it difficult to torpedo them.

The most interesting variant of those were the flush-deckers (or "four-pipers") of WWI vintage that got pulled out of mothballs and 50 of them were sold very expensively to the Royal Navy in 1940. They were ill suited to hunt U-boats due to their age and lack of modern equipment, yet they served all over the North Atlantic.

All Destroyer classes (in service with the Royal Canadian Navy).

 A (2)1931 - 1931
 C (5)1937 - 1939
 D (2)1940 - 1943
 Town (7)1940 - 1941
 Tribal (8)1942 - 1948
 E (1)1943 - 1943
 F (2)1943 - 1944
 G (1)1943 - 1943
 H (1)1943 - 1943
 V (2)1944 - 1944
 Cr (2)1945 - 1945

Please note that we list the classes by navies that initiated/owned the class. Often vessels of certain classes were then built for other nations (or lent), those ships are not visible here but only through the navies pages or by looking into each class.

War losses: Destroyers



3 Sep 1939ORP WicherWicher 
13 Nov 1939HMS Blanche (H 47)B 
21 Nov 1939HMS Gipsy (H 63)G 
12 Dec 1939HMS Duchess (H 64)D 


19 Jan 1940HMS Grenville (i) (H 03)G 
21 Jan 1940HMS Exmouth (H 02)E 
18 Feb 1940HMS Daring (H 16)D 
24 Mar 1940FR La RailleuseL'Adroit 
8 Apr 1940HMS Glowworm (H 92)G 
9 Apr 1940HMS Gurkha (i) (F 20)Tribal 
9 Apr 1940HNoMS AegerSleipner 
10 Apr 1940HMS Hardy (i) (H 87)H 
10 Apr 1940HMS Hunter (i) (H 35)H 
2 May 1940HMS Afridi (F 07)Tribal 
4 May 1940ORP Grom (H 71)Grom 
10 May 1940HNMS Van Galen (i) (VG)Admiralen 
15 May 1940HMS Valentine (i) (L 69)Admiralty V & W 
19 May 1940HMS Whitley (L 23)Admiralty V & W 
21 May 1940FR L'AdroitL'Adroit 
23 May 1940FR OrageBourrasque 
24 May 1940HMS Wessex (i) (D 43)Admiralty V & W 
29 May 1940HMS Grafton (H 89)G 
29 May 1940HMS Grenade (H 86)G 
29 May 1940HMS Wakeful (i) (H 88)Admiralty V & W 
30 May 1940FR BourrasqueBourrasque 
31 May 1940FR SiroccoBourrasque 
1 Jun 1940FR FoudroyantL'Adroit 
1 Jun 1940HMS Basilisk (H 11)B 
1 Jun 1940HMS Havant (H 32)Havant 
1 Jun 1940HMS Keith (D 06)B 
8 Jun 1940HMS Acasta (H 09)A 
8 Jun 1940HMS Ardent (H 41)A 
18 Jun 1940FR CycloneBourrasque 
23 Jun 1940HMS Khartoum (F 45)K 
25 Jun 1940HMCS Fraser (H 48)C 
5 Jul 1940HMS Whirlwind (i) (D 30)Admiralty V & W 
11 Jul 1940HMS Escort (H 66)E 
16 Jul 1940HMS Imogen (D 44)I 
20 Jul 1940HMS Brazen (H 80)B 
27 Jul 1940HMS Codrington (D 65)A 
27 Jul 1940HMS Wren (i) (D 88)Admiralty Modified W 
30 Jul 1940HMS Delight (H 38)D 
23 Aug 1940HMS Hostile (H 55)H 
31 Aug 1940HMS Esk (H 15)E 
1 Sep 1940HMS Ivanhoe (D 16)I 
19 Oct 1940HMS Venetia (D 53)Admiralty V & W 
22 Oct 1940HMCS Margaree (H 49)D 
30 Oct 1940HMS Sturdy (i) (H 28)Admiralty S 
17 Dec 1940HMS Acheron (i) (H 45)A 
22 Dec 1940HMS Hyperion (H 97)H 


24 Feb 1941HMS Dainty (H 53)D 
16 Apr 1941HMS Mohawk (F 31)Tribal 
20 Apr 1941RHS Psara (D 96)Kondouriotis 
22 Apr 1941RHS Ydra (D 97)Kondouriotis 
27 Apr 1941HMS Diamond (H 22)D 
27 Apr 1941HMS Wryneck (i) (D 21)Admiralty V & W 
2 May 1941HMS Jersey (F 72)J 
15 May 1941RHS Leon (D 50)Aetos 
21 May 1941HMS Juno (F 46)J 
22 May 1941HMS Greyhound (H 05)G 
23 May 1941HMS Kashmir (F 12)K 
23 May 1941HMS Kelly (F 01)K 
28 May 1941HMS Mashona (F 59)Tribal 
29 May 1941HMS Hereward (H 93)H 
29 May 1941HMS Imperial (D 09)I 
23 Jun 1941USSR BystryProject 7 
23 Jun 1941USSR GnevniyProject 7 
24 Jun 1941USSR LeninNovik 
30 Jun 1941HMAS Waterhen (D 22)Admiralty V & W 
11 Jul 1941HMS Defender (H 07)D 
19 Jul 1941USSR SerdityProject 7u 
20 Jul 1941USSR StremitelnyProject 7 
23 Jul 1941HMS Fearless (H 67)F 
27 Jul 1941USSR SmelyProject 7u 
9 Aug 1941USSR Karl MarxNovik 
18 Aug 1941USSR StatnyProject 7u 
19 Aug 1941HNoMS Bath (I 17)Town 
24 Aug 1941USSR EngelsNovik 
28 Aug 1941USSR ArtyomNovik 
28 Aug 1941USSR KalininNovik 
28 Aug 1941USSR SkoryProject 7u 
28 Aug 1941USSR VolodarskyNovik 
28 Aug 1941USSR Yakov SverdlovNovik 
21 Sep 1941USSR FrunzeNovik 
18 Oct 1941HMS Broadwater (H 81)Town 
24 Oct 1941HMS Cossack (F 03)Tribal 
31 Oct 1941USS Reuben James (i) (DD 245)Clemson 
4 Nov 1941USSR SmetlivyProject 7 
13 Nov 1941USSR SurovyProject 7u 
14 Nov 1941USSR GordiyProject 7 
Dec 1941HMS Thracian (D 86)Admiralty S 
19 Dec 1941HMS Stanley (I 73)Town 
20 Dec 1941HMS Kandahar (F 28)K 


9 Jan 1942HMS Vimiera (L 29)Admiralty V & W 
17 Jan 1942HMS Gurkha (ii) (G 63)L 
17 Jan 1942HMS Matabele (F 26)Tribal 
27 Jan 1942HMS Thanet (H 29)Admiralty S 
31 Jan 1942HMS Belmont (H 46)Town 
12 Feb 1942HMS Maori (F 24)Tribal 
15 Feb 1942HNMS Van Ghent (GT)Admiralen 
17 Feb 1942HNMS Van Nes (VN)Admiralen 
18 Feb 1942USS Truxtun (DD 229)Clemson 
19 Feb 1942HNMS Piet Hein (PH)Admiralen 
19 Feb 1942USS Peary (DD 226)Clemson 
27 Feb 1942HMS Electra (H 27)E 
27 Feb 1942HMS Jupiter (F 85)J 
27 Feb 1942HNMS Kortenaer (KN)Admiralen 
28 Feb 1942USS Jacob Jones (i) (DD 130)Wickes 
1 Mar 1942HMS Encounter (H 10)E 
1 Mar 1942HNMS Evertsen (EV)Admiralen 
1 Mar 1942USS Edsall (i) (DD 219)Clemson 
1 Mar 1942USS Pillsbury (i) (DD 227)Clemson 
1 Mar 1942USS Pope (i) (DD 225)Clemson 
2 Mar 1942HMS Stronghold (H 50)Admiralty S 
2 Mar 1942HNMS Banckert (BK)Admiralen 
2 Mar 1942HNMS Witte de With (WW)Admiralen 
2 Mar 1942USS Stewart (i) (DD 224)Clemson 
15 Mar 1942HMS Vortigern (D 37)Admiralty V & W 
26 Mar 1942HMS Jaguar (F 34)J 
26 Mar 1942HMS Legion (G 74)L 
28 Mar 1942HMS Campbeltown (I 42)Town 
3 Apr 1942USSR ShaumianNovik 
4 Apr 1942USSR SovershennyProject 7u 
5 Apr 1942HMS Tenedos (H 04)Admiralty S 
6 Apr 1942HMS Havock (H 43)H 
9 Apr 1942HMAS Vampire (D 68)Admiralty V & W 
9 Apr 1942HMS Lance (G 87)L 
11 Apr 1942HMS Kingston (F 64)K 
26 Apr 1942USS Sturtevant (i) (DD 240)Clemson 
1 May 1942HMS Punjabi (F 21)Tribal 
7 May 1942USS Sims (i) (DD 409)Sims 
11 May 1942HMS Kipling (F 91)K 
11 May 1942HMS Lively (G 40)L 
12 May 1942HMS Jackal (F 22)J 
14 May 1942USSR DzerjinskyNovik 
6 Jun 1942USS Hammann (i) (DD 412)Sims 
10 Jun 1942USSR SvobodnyProject 7u 
15 Jun 1942HMS Bedouin (F 67)Tribal 
15 Jun 1942HMS Hasty (H 24)H 
16 Jun 1942HMAS Nestor (G 02)N 
17 Jun 1942HMS Wild Swan (D 62)Admiralty Modified W 
23 Jun 1942USSR SmishlionnyProject 7u 
26 Jun 1942USSR BezuprechnyProject 7 
2 Jul 1942USSR BditelnyiProject 7 
4 Aug 1942USS Tucker (DD 374)Mahan 
9 Aug 1942USS Jarvis (i) (DD 393)Bagley 
13 Aug 1942HMS Foresight (H 68)F 
22 Aug 1942USS Ingraham (i) (DD 444)Benson / Gleaves 
23 Aug 1942USS Blue (i) (DD 387)Bagley 
30 Aug 1942USS Colhoun (i) (APD 2)Wickes 
5 Sep 1942USS Gregory (i) (APD 3)Wickes 
5 Sep 1942USS Little (i) (APD 4)Wickes 
14 Sep 1942HMCS Ottawa (i) (H 60)C 
14 Sep 1942HMS Sikh (F 82)Tribal 
14 Sep 1942HMS Zulu (F 18)Tribal 
20 Sep 1942HMS Somali (F 33)Tribal 
25 Sep 1942HMAS Voyager (D 31)Admiralty V & W 
26 Sep 1942HMS Veteran (D 72)Admiralty Modified W 
12 Oct 1942USS Duncan (i) (DD 485)Bristol 
15 Oct 1942USS Meredith (i) (DD 434)Benson / Gleaves 
19 Oct 1942USS O'Brien (i) (DD 415)Sims 
26 Oct 1942USS Porter (i) (DD 356)Porter 
8 Nov 1942FR BoulonnaisL'Adroit 
8 Nov 1942FR BrestoisL'Adroit 
8 Nov 1942FR FougueuxL'Adroit 
8 Nov 1942FR FrondeurL'Adroit 
8 Nov 1942FR TornadeBourrasque 
8 Nov 1942FR TramontaneBourrasque 
8 Nov 1942HMS Broke (D 83)Shakespeare 
9 Nov 1942FR TyphonBourrasque 
10 Nov 1942HMS Martin (G 44)M 
13 Nov 1942HNMS Isaac Sweers (G 83)Gerard Callenburgh 
13 Nov 1942USS Barton (i) (DD 599)Bristol 
13 Nov 1942USS Cushing (DD 376)Mahan 
13 Nov 1942USS Laffey (i) (DD 459)Bristol 
13 Nov 1942USS Monssen (i) (DD 436)Benson / Gleaves 
15 Nov 1942USS Benham (i) (DD 397)Benham 
15 Nov 1942USS Preston (i) (DD 379)Mahan 
15 Nov 1942USS Walke (i) (DD 416)Sims 
22 Nov 1942USSR SokrushitelnyProject 7 
27 Nov 1942FR BordelaisL'Adroit 
27 Nov 1942FR CasqueLe Hardi 
27 Nov 1942FR La PalmeL'Adroit 
27 Nov 1942FR Le CorsaireLe Hardi 
27 Nov 1942FR Le FlibustierLe Hardi 
27 Nov 1942FR Le HardiLe Hardi 
27 Nov 1942FR Le MarsL'Adroit 
27 Nov 1942FR MamelukLe Hardi 
28 Nov 1942HMS Ithuriel (H 05)I 
2 Dec 1942HMS Quentin (G 78)Q 
17 Dec 1942HMS Firedrake (H 79)F 
18 Dec 1942HMS Partridge (G 30)P 
29 Dec 1942USS Wasmuth (DMS 15)Clemson 
31 Dec 1942HMS Achates (i) (H 12)A 


12 Jan 1943USS Worden (DD 352)Farragut 
1 Feb 1943USS De Haven (i) (DD 469)Fletcher 
11 Mar 1943HMS Harvester (H 19)Havant 
12 Mar 1943HMS Lightning (G 55)L 
7 Apr 1943USS Aaron Ward (ii) (DD 483)Bristol 
11 Apr 1943HMS Beverley (H 64)Town 
16 Apr 1943HMS Pakenham (G 06)P 
5 Jul 1943USS Strong (i) (DD 467)Fletcher 
10 Jul 1943USS Maddox (ii) (DD 622)Bristol 
13 Jul 1943USS Gwin (i) (DD 433)Benson / Gleaves 
11 Sep 1943USS Rowan (DD 405)Benham 
20 Sep 1943HMCS St. Croix (I 81)Town 
26 Sep 1943HMS Intrepid (D 10)I 
26 Sep 1943RHS Vasilissa Olga (D 15)Vasilefs Georgios 
1 Oct 1943IT EuroTurbine 
3 Oct 1943USS Henley (i) (DD 391)Bagley 
6 Oct 1943USSR BesposhchadnyProject 7 
6 Oct 1943USSR SposobnyProject 7u 
7 Oct 1943USS Chevalier (i) (DD 451)Fletcher 
8 Oct 1943ORP Orkan (G 90)M 
9 Oct 1943HMS Panther (G 41)P 
9 Oct 1943USS Buck (DD 420)Sims 
13 Oct 1943USS Bristol (i) (DD 453)Bristol 
24 Oct 1943HMS Eclipse (H 08)E 
2 Nov 1943USS Borie (i) (DD 215)Clemson 
6 Nov 1943USS Beatty (DD 640)Bristol 
17 Nov 1943USS McKean (i) (APD 5)Wickes 
29 Nov 1943USS Perkins (DD 377)Mahan 
24 Dec 1943HMS Hurricane (H 06)Havant 
24 Dec 1943USS Leary (i) (DD 158)Wickes 
27 Dec 1943USS Brownson (i) (DD 518)Fletcher 


3 Jan 1944USS Turner (ii) (DD 648)Bristol 
23 Jan 1944HMS Janus (F 53)J 
30 Jan 1944HMS Hardy (ii) (R 08)V 
20 Feb 1944HMS Warwick (D 25)Admiralty V & W 
25 Feb 1944HMS Inglefield (D 02)I 
25 Feb 1944HMS Mahratta (G 23)M 
30 Mar 1944HMS Laforey (G 99)L 
20 Apr 1944USS Lansdale (DD 426)Benson / Gleaves 
29 Apr 1944HMCS Athabaskan (i) (G 07)Tribal 
6 Jun 1944HNoMS Svenner (G 03)S 
6 Jun 1944USS Corry (i) (DD 463)Bristol 
8 Jun 1944USS Glennon (i) (DD 620)Bristol 
9 Jun 1944USS Meredith (ii) (DD 726)Allen M. Sumner 
13 Jun 1944HMS Boadicea (H 65)B 
18 Jun 1944HMS Quail (G 45)Q 
24 Jun 1944HMS Swift (G 46)S 
20 Jul 1944HMS Isis (D 87)I 
12 Sep 1944USS Noa (i) (DD 343)Clemson 
13 Sep 1944USS Perry (i) (DMS 17)Clemson 
13 Sep 1944USS Warrington (i) (DD 383)Somers 
27 Sep 1944HMS Rockingham (G 58)Town 
25 Oct 1944HMCS Skeena (D 59)A 
25 Oct 1944USS Hoel (DD 533)Fletcher 
25 Oct 1944USS Johnston (i) (DD 557)Fletcher 
1 Nov 1944USS Abner Read (DD 526)Fletcher 
3 Dec 1944USS Cooper (DD 695)Allen M. Sumner 
7 Dec 1944USS Mahan (DD 364)Mahan 
7 Dec 1944USS Ward (DD 139)Wickes 
11 Dec 1944USS Reid (DD 369)Mahan 
18 Dec 1944USS Hull (DD 350)Farragut 
18 Dec 1944USS Monaghan (DD 354)Farragut 
18 Dec 1944USS Spence (DD 512)Fletcher 


6 Jan 1945HMS Walpole (D 41)Admiralty V & W 
6 Jan 1945USS Hovey (DMS 11)Clemson 
6 Jan 1945USS Long (DMS 12)Clemson 
7 Jan 1945USS Palmer (DMS 5)Wickes 
16 Jan 1945USSR DejatelnyjTown 
26 Mar 1945USS Halligan (DD 584)Fletcher 
4 Apr 1945USS Dickerson (DD 157)Wickes 
6 Apr 1945USS Bush (DD 529)Fletcher 
6 Apr 1945USS Colhoun (ii) (DD 801)Fletcher 
6 Apr 1945USS Emmons (DD 457)Bristol 
12 Apr 1945USS Mannert L. Abele (DD 733)Allen M. Sumner 
16 Apr 1945USS Pringle (DD 477)Fletcher 
3 May 1945USS Little (ii) (DD 803)Fletcher 
4 May 1945USS Luce (DD 522)Fletcher 
4 May 1945USS Morrison (DD 560)Fletcher 
18 May 1945USS Longshaw (DD 559)Fletcher 
28 May 1945USS Drexler (DD 741)Allen M. Sumner 
10 Jun 1945USS William D. Porter (DD 579)Fletcher 
16 Jun 1945USS Twiggs (ii) (DD 591)Fletcher 
28 Jul 1945USS Callaghan (DD 792)Fletcher 

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