Ship losses by month

May 1942

This is the full listing of all ships hit during May 1942. You can click on any of the links for further information on either ship, U-boat, commander or convoy.

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
1 May 1942U-109Heinrich Bleichrodt La Paz (d.)6,548br
1 May 1942U-162Jürgen Wattenberg Parnahyba6,692bz
1 May 1942U-589Hans-Joachim Horrer Tsiolkovskij (d.)2,847sjQP-11
1 May 1942U-69Ulrich Gräf James E. Newsom671ca
1 May 1942U-752Karl-Ernst Schroeter Bidevind4,956nw
2 May 1942U-402Siegfried Freiherr von Forstner USS Cythera (PY 26)602am
2 May 1942U-66Richard Zapp Sandar7,624nw
3 May 1942U-109Heinrich Bleichrodt Laertes5,825nl
3 May 1942U-125Ulrich Folkers San Rafael1,973do
3 May 1942U-251Heinrich Timm Jutland6,153brPQ-15
3 May 1942U-455Hans-Heinrich Giessler British Workman6,994brON-89
3 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann Sama567ni
3 May 1942U-564Reinhard Suhren Ocean Venus7,174br
3 May 1942U-66Richard Zapp Geo. W. McKnight (d.)12,502brON-87
4 May 1942U-125Ulrich Folkers Tuscaloosa City5,687am
4 May 1942U-162Jürgen Wattenberg Eastern Sword3,785am
4 May 1942U-162Jürgen Wattenberg Florence M. Douglas119br
4 May 1942U-507Harro Schacht Norlindo2,686am
4 May 1942U-564Reinhard Suhren Eclipse (d.)9,767brON-87
5 May 1942U-103Werner Winter Stanbank5,966br
5 May 1942U-106Hermann Rasch Lady Drake7,985ca
5 May 1942U-108Klaus Scholtz Afoundria5,010am
5 May 1942U-507Harro Schacht Joseph M. Cudahy6,950am
5 May 1942U-507Harro Schacht Munger T. Ball5,104am
5 May 1942U-564Reinhard Suhren Delisle (d.)3,478am
6 May 1942U-108Klaus Scholtz Abgara4,422le
6 May 1942U-125Ulrich Folkers Empire Buffalo6,404br
6 May 1942U-125Ulrich Folkers Green Island1,946am
6 May 1942U-333Peter-Erich Cremer Amazone1,294nl
6 May 1942U-333Peter-Erich Cremer Halsey7,088am
6 May 1942U-333Peter-Erich Cremer Java Arrow (d.)8,327am
6 May 1942U-507Harro Schacht Alcoa Puritan6,759am
7 May 1942U-162Jürgen Wattenberg Frank Seamans4,271nw
7 May 1942U-507Harro Schacht Ontario3,099ho
8 May 1942U-136Heinrich Zimmermann Mildred Pauline300ca
8 May 1942U-507Harro Schacht Torny2,424nw
8 May 1942U-564Reinhard Suhren Ohioan6,078am
9 May 1942U-125Ulrich Folkers Calgarolite11,941ca
9 May 1942U-162Jürgen Wattenberg Mont Louis1,905ca
9 May 1942U-564Reinhard Suhren Lubrafol7,138pa
9 May 1942U-588Victor Vogel Greylock (d.)7,460am
10 May 1942U-333Peter-Erich Cremer Clan Skene5,214br
10 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann Aurora (d.)7,050am
10 May 1942U-588Victor Vogel Kitty´s Brook4,031br
11 May 1942U-502Jürgen von Rosenstiel Cape of Good Hope4,963br
12 May 1942U-124Johann Mohr Cristales5,389brONS-92
12 May 1942U-124Johann Mohr Empire Dell7,065brONS-92
12 May 1942U-124Johann Mohr Llanover4,959brONS-92
12 May 1942U-124Johann Mohr Mount Parnes4,371grONS-92
12 May 1942U-507Harro Schacht Virginia10,731am
12 May 1942U-553Karl Thurmann Leto4,712nl
12 May 1942U-553Karl Thurmann Nicoya5,364br
12 May 1942U-558Günther Krech HMS Bedfordshire (FY 141)913br
12 May 1942U-69Ulrich Gräf Lise6,826nw
12 May 1942U-94Otto Ites Cocle5,630paONS-92
13 May 1942U-128Ulrich Heyse Denpark3,491brSL-109
13 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein City of Melbourne6,630br
13 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein Koenjit4,551nl
13 May 1942U-162Jürgen Wattenberg Esso Houston7,699am
13 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann Gulfpenn8,862am
13 May 1942U-507Harro Schacht Gulfprince (d.)6,561am
13 May 1942U-69Ulrich Gräf Norlantic2,606am
13 May 1942U-94Otto Ites Batna4,399brONS-92
13 May 1942U-94Otto Ites Tolken4,471swONS-92
14 May 1942U-125Ulrich Folkers Comayagua2,493ho
14 May 1942U-155Adolf Cornelius Piening Brabant2,483be
14 May 1942U-162Jürgen Wattenberg British Colony6,917br
14 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann David McKelvy (t.)6,821am
14 May 1942U-561Robert Bartels Fred (d.) [Mine]4,043gr
14 May 1942U-561Robert Bartels Hav (t.) [Mine]5,062nw
14 May 1942U-561Robert Bartels Mount Olympus [Mine]6,692gr
14 May 1942U-564Reinhard Suhren Potrero del Llano4,000me
14 May 1942U-593Gerd Kelbling Stavros (d.)4,853gr
15 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein Kupa4,382yu
15 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein Siljestad4,301nw
16 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann Sun (d.)9,002am
16 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann William C. McTarnahan (d.)7,306am
16 May 1942U-507Harro Schacht Amapala4,148ho
16 May 1942U-751Gerhard Bigalk Nicarao1,445am
17 May 1942U-103Werner Winter Ruth Lykes2,612am
17 May 1942U-135Friedrich-Hermann Praetorius Fort Qu´Appelle7,127br
17 May 1942U-155Adolf Cornelius Piening Challenger7,667am
17 May 1942U-155Adolf Cornelius Piening San Victorio8,136br
17 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein Barrdale5,072br
17 May 1942U-432Heinz-Otto Schultze Foam324am
17 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann Gulfoil5,189am
17 May 1942U-588Victor Vogel Skottland2,117nw
17 May 1942U-653Gerhard Feiler Peisander6,225br
18 May 1942U-125Ulrich Folkers Mercury Sun8,893am
18 May 1942U-125Ulrich Folkers William J. Salman2,616am
18 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein Quaker City4,961am
18 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein San Eliseo (d.)8,042br
18 May 1942U-162Jürgen Wattenberg Beth6,852nw
18 May 1942U-558Günther Krech Fauna1,254nl
18 May 1942U-588Victor Vogel Fort Binger (d.)5,671brONS-92
19 May 1942U-103Werner Winter Ogontz5,037am
19 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann Heredia4,732am
19 May 1942U-751Gerhard Bigalk Isabela3,110am
20 May 1942U-108Klaus Scholtz Norland8,134nwON-93
20 May 1942U-155Adolf Cornelius Piening Sylvan Arrow7,797paOT-1
20 May 1942U-158Erwin Rostin Darina8,113brON-93
20 May 1942U-431Wilhelm Dommes Eocene4,216brAT-46
20 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann Halo6,986am
20 May 1942U-753Alfred Manhardt von Mannstein George Calvert7,191am
21 May 1942U-103Werner Winter Clare3,372am
21 May 1942U-103Werner Winter Elizabeth4,727am
21 May 1942U-106Hermann Rasch Faja de Oro6,067me
21 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein Presidente Trujillo1,668do
21 May 1942U-159Helmut Friedrich Witte Montenol2,646brOS-28
21 May 1942U-159Helmut Friedrich Witte New Brunswick6,529brOS-28
21 May 1942U-558Günther Krech Troisdoc1,925ca
21 May 1942U-69Ulrich Gräf Torondoc1,927ca
22 May 1942U-158Erwin Rostin Frank B. Baird1,748ca
22 May 1942U-588Victor Vogel Plow City3,282am
22 May 1942U-753Alfred Manhardt von Mannstein E.P. Theriault (d.)326br
23 May 1942U-103Werner Winter Samuel Q. Brown6,625am
23 May 1942U-155Adolf Cornelius Piening Watsonville2,220pa
23 May 1942U-432Heinz-Otto Schultze Zurichmoor4,455br
23 May 1942U-558Günther Krech William Boyce Thompson (d.)7,061am
23 May 1942U-588Victor Vogel Margot4,545br
24 May 1942U-103Werner Winter Hector1,828nl
24 May 1942U-502Jürgen von Rosenstiel Gonçalves Dias4,996bz
25 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein USS Blakeley (DD 150) (d.)1,190am
25 May 1942U-558Günther Krech Beatrice3,451am
25 May 1942U-593Gerd Kelbling Persephone (t.)8,426pa
25 May 1942U-753Alfred Manhardt von Mannstein Haakon Hauan (d.)6,582nw
26 May 1942U-103Werner Winter Alcoa Carrier5,588am
26 May 1942U-106Hermann Rasch Carrabulle5,030am
26 May 1942U-703Heinz Bielfeld Syros6,191amPQ-16
27 May 1942U-106Hermann Rasch Atenas (d.)4,639am
27 May 1942U-172Carl Emmermann Athelknight8,940brOS-28
27 May 1942U-558Günther Krech Jack2,622am
27 May 1942U-578Ernst-August Rehwinkel Polyphemus6,269nl
27 May 1942U-753Alfred Manhardt von Mannstein Hamlet6,578nw
28 May 1942U-103Werner Winter New Jersey6,414am
28 May 1942U-106Hermann Rasch Mentor7,383br
28 May 1942U-155Adolf Cornelius Piening Poseidon1,928nl
28 May 1942U-502Jürgen von Rosenstiel Alcoa Pilgrim6,759am
28 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann Yorkmoor4,457br
29 May 1942U-107Harald Gelhaus Western Head2,599br
29 May 1942U-156Werner Hartenstein Norman Prince1,913br
29 May 1942U-504Hans-Georg Friedrich Poske Allister1,597br
30 May 1942U-155Adolf Cornelius Piening Baghdad2,161nw
30 May 1942U-404Otto von Bülow Alcoa Shipper5,491am
31 May 1942U-432Heinz-Otto Schultze Liverpool Packet1,188ca
31 May 1942U-506Erich Würdemann Fred W. Green2,292br

126 ships sunk (599,411 tons) and 20 ships damaged (123,255 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(t.) means the ship was a total loss (included in ships & tonnage lost).
[Mine] indicates the vessel was hit by a mine laid by said U-boat.

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