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The submarine HMS Oberon of the O class.

All Submarine classes (in service with the Royal Navy).

 H (9)1918 - 1920
 L (3)1924 - 1926
 O (9)1927 - 1930
 P (5)1930 - 1931
 R (4)1930 - 1932
 River (3)1932 - 1935
 S (73)1932 - 1945
 Porpoise (9)1933 - 1939
 T (62)1938 - 1946
 U (44)1938 - 1943
 Ferraris (1)1940 - 1940
 P 611 (4)1941 - 1942
 R-1 (3)1941 - 1942
 Type VIIC (1)1941 - 1941
 Perla (1)1942 - 1942
 S-1 (5)1942 - 1942
 Platino (1)1943 - 1943
 V (30)1943 - 1945
 A (46)1945 - 1948

Please note that we list the classes by navies that initiated/owned the class. Often vessels of certain classes were then built for other nations (or lent), those ships are not visible here but only through the navies pages or by looking into each class.

War losses: Submarines



10 Sep 1939HMS Oxley (55 P)O 


7 Jan 1940HMS Seahorse (98 S)S 
7 Jan 1940HMS Undine (i) (N 48)U 
9 Jan 1940HMS Starfish (19 S)S 
10 Apr 1940HMS Tarpon (N 17)T 
10 Apr 1940HMS Thistle (N 24)T 
15 Apr 1940HNoMS A-3A 
15 Apr 1940HNoMS A-4A 
18 Apr 1940HMS Sterlet (N 22)S 
29 Apr 1940HMS Unity (N 66)U 
5 May 1940HMS Seal (37 M)Porpoise 
9 May 1940FR DorisCircé 
14 May 1940HNMS O 11O 9 
14 May 1940HNMS O 12O 12 
14 May 1940HNMS O 8O 8 
Jun 1940HMS Odin (N 84)O 
Jun 1940HMS Orpheus (i) (N 46)O 
8 Jun 1940ORP Orzel (85 A)Orzel 
9 Jun 1940HNoMS B-3B 
16 Jun 1940FR MorseRequin 
16 Jun 1940HMS Grampus (N 56)Porpoise 
18 Jun 1940FR AchilleRedoutable 
18 Jun 1940FR AgostaAgosta 
18 Jun 1940FR OuessantAgosta 
18 Jun 1940FR PasteurRedoutable 
25 Jun 1940HNMS O 13 (N 13)O 12 
6 Jul 1940HMS Shark (i) (N 54)S 
16 Jul 1940HMS Phoenix (N 96)P 
16 Jul 1940HMS Salmon (N 65)S 
23 Jul 1940HMS Narwhal (N 45)Porpoise 
1 Aug 1940HMS Oswald (N 58)O 
1 Aug 1940HMS Spearfish (N 69)S 
3 Aug 1940HMS Thames (N 71)River 
23 Sep 1940FR PerséeRedoutable 
24 Sep 1940FR AjaxRedoutable 
4 Oct 1940HMS Rainbow (N 16)R 
15 Oct 1940HMS Triad (N 53)T 
18 Oct 1940HMS H 49 (N 49)H 
7 Nov 1940FR PonceletRedoutable 
7 Nov 1940HMS Swordfish (N 61)S 
19 Nov 1940HNMS O 22 (P 22)O 21 
6 Dec 1940HMS Regulus (i) (N 88)R 
15 Dec 1940FFL Narval (i)Requin 
18 Dec 1940HMS Triton (N 15)T 
19 Dec 1940FR SfaxAgosta 
29 Dec 1940RHS Proteus (Y 3)Proteus 


12 Feb 1941HMS Snapper (N 39)S 
3 May 1941HMS Usk (i) (N 65)U 
11 May 1941HMS Undaunted (i) (N 55)U 
23 Jun 1941USSR M-78M (Malyutka) 
23 Jun 1941USSR RonisRonis 
23 Jun 1941USSR S-1S (Stalinec) 
23 Jun 1941USSR SpidolaRonis 
24 Jun 1941USSR M-71M (Malyutka) 
24 Jun 1941USSR M-80M (Malyutka) 
24 Jun 1941USSR S-3S (Stalinec) 
25 Jun 1941FR SouffleurRequin 
27 Jun 1941USSR M-83M (Malyutka) 
27 Jun 1941USSR M-99M (Malyutka) 
1 Jul 1941USSR M-81M (Malyutka) 
9 Jul 1941USSR ShCh-206ShCh (Scuka) 
19 Jul 1941HMS Umpire (N 82)U 
20 Jul 1941HMS Union (N 56)U 
21 Jul 1941USSR M-94M (Malyutka) 
30 Jul 1941HMS Cachalot (N 83)Porpoise 
Aug 1941HMS P 33 (P 33)U 
Aug 1941USSR M-103M (Malyutka) 
Aug 1941USSR M-57M (Malyutka) 
Aug 1941USSR M-63M (Malyutka) 
Aug 1941USSR S-6S (Stalinec) 
2 Aug 1941USSR S-11S (Stalinec) 
18 Aug 1941HMS P 32 (P 32)U 
28 Aug 1941USSR S-5S (Stalinec) 
28 Aug 1941USSR ShCh-301ShCh (Scuka) 
Sep 1941USSR P-1P (Pravda) 
Sep 1941USSR ShCh-319ShCh (Scuka) 
23 Sep 1941USSR M-74M (Malyutka) 
Oct 1941USSR M-58M (Malyutka) 
Oct 1941USSR S-8S (Stalinec) 
Oct 1941USSR ShCh-322ShCh (Scuka) 
Nov 1941USSR KalevKalev 
Nov 1941USSR M-59M (Malyutka) 
Nov 1941USSR S-34S (Stalinec) 
Nov 1941USSR ShCh-211ShCh (Scuka) 
Nov 1941USSR ShCh-324ShCh (Scuka) 
2 Nov 1941HMS Tetrarch (N 77)T 
3 Nov 1941USSR M-34M (Malyutka) 
14 Nov 1941USSR L-2L (Leninec) 
14 Nov 1941USSR M-98M (Malyutka) 
6 Dec 1941HMS Perseus (i) (N 36)P 
6 Dec 1941USSR ShCh-204ShCh (Scuka) 
15 Dec 1941HNMS O 16O 16 
19 Dec 1941HNMS O 20O 19 
21 Dec 1941HNMS K XVIIK XIV 
25 Dec 1941HNMS K XVIK XIV 
25 Dec 1941USS Sealion (i) (195)Sargo 
26 Dec 1941HMS H 31 (N 31)H 


10 Jan 1942USSR M-175M (Malyutka) 
14 Jan 1942HMS Triumph (i) (N 18)T 
20 Jan 1942USS S-36 (141)S-1 
24 Jan 1942USS S-26 (131)S-1 
11 Feb 1942USS Shark (i) (174)Shark 
13 Feb 1942HMS Tempest (N 86)T 
18 Feb 1942FR SurcoufSurcouf 
18 Feb 1942HNMS K VIIK V 
23 Feb 1942HMS P 38 (P 38)U 
Mar 1942USSR ShCh-210ShCh (Scuka) 
2 Mar 1942HNMS K XK VIII 
2 Mar 1942HNMS K XIIIK XI 
3 Mar 1942USS Perch (i) (176)Perch 
26 Mar 1942HMS P 39 (P 39)U 
Apr 1942USSR ShCh-401ShCh (Scuka) 
1 Apr 1942HMS P 36 (P 36)U 
1 Apr 1942HMS Pandora (N 42)P 
4 Apr 1942RHS Glavkos (Y 6)Proteus 
9 Apr 1942USSR ShCh-421ShCh (Scuka) 
14 Apr 1942HMS Upholder (N 99)U 
2 May 1942ORP Jastrzab (P 551)S-1 
5 May 1942FR BévéziersAgosta 
6 May 1942HMS Urge (N 17)U 
7 May 1942FR Le HérosL'Espoire 
8 May 1942FR MongeRedoutable 
8 May 1942HMS Olympus (N 35)O 
12 May 1942USSR K-23K (Katjusa) 
Jun 1942USSR M-95M (Malyutka) 
10 Jun 1942USSR D-3 / KrasnovgardeyetsD (Dekabrist) 
13 Jun 1942USSR ShCh-405ShCh (Scuka) 
19 Jun 1942USS S-27 (132)S-1 
19 Jun 1942USSR ShCh-214ShCh (Scuka) 
21 Jun 1942HMS P 514 (P 514)R-1 
26 Jun 1942USSR A-1A (AG) 
26 Jun 1942USSR S-32S (Stalinec) 
Jul 1942USSR M-176M (Malyutka) 
Jul 1942USSR ShCh-317ShCh (Scuka) 
18 Jul 1942USSR ShCh-138ShCh (Scuka) 
31 Jul 1942USS Grunion (216)Gato 
Aug 1942USSR M-173M (Malyutka) 
Aug 1942USSR ShCh-208ShCh (Scuka) 
6 Aug 1942HMS Thorn (N 11)T 
15 Aug 1942USSR M-97M (Malyutka) 
16 Aug 1942USS S-39 (144)S-1 
22 Aug 1942USSR M-33M (Malyutka) 
Sep 1942USSR K-2K (Katjusa) 
Sep 1942USSR M-60M (Malyutka) 
17 Sep 1942HMS Talisman (N 78)T 
Oct 1942USSR ShCh-302ShCh (Scuka) 
Oct 1942USSR ShCh-320ShCh (Scuka) 
1 Oct 1942USSR M-118M (Malyutka) 
11 Oct 1942USSR L-16L (Leninec) 
12 Oct 1942USSR ShCh-311ShCh (Scuka) 
14 Oct 1942USSR ShCh-213ShCh (Scuka) 
21 Oct 1942USSR S-7S (Stalinec) 
24 Oct 1942HMS Unique (N 95)U 
26 Oct 1942USSR ShCh-308ShCh (Scuka) 
Nov 1942FR La SibylleDiane 
Nov 1942HMS Utmost (N 19)U 
Nov 1942USSR M-121M (Malyutka) 
Nov 1942USSR ShCh-304ShCh (Scuka) 
Nov 1942USSR ShCh-306ShCh (Scuka) 
5 Nov 1942USSR ShCh-305ShCh (Scuka) 
8 Nov 1942FR ActéonRedoutable 
8 Nov 1942FR AmphitriteDiane 
8 Nov 1942FR ArgonauteArgonaute 
9 Nov 1942FR ArianeAriane 
9 Nov 1942FR DanaéAriane 
9 Nov 1942FR DianeDiane 
10 Nov 1942FR MéduseDiane 
11 Nov 1942FR Sidi FerruchAgosta 
11 Nov 1942HMS Unbeaten (N 93)U 
13 Nov 1942FR Le ConquérantL'Espoire 
15 Nov 1942FR Le TonnantL'Espoire 
16 Nov 1942RHS Triton (Y 5)Proteus 
27 Nov 1942FR L'EspoireL'Espoire 
27 Nov 1942FR NaiadeSirene 
27 Nov 1942FR PascalRedoutable 
27 Nov 1942FR VengeurRedoutable 
27 Nov 1942FR VénusMinerve 
Dec 1942USSR L-24L (Leninec) 
Dec 1942USSR ShCh-212ShCh (Scuka) 
12 Dec 1942HMS P 222 (P 222)S 
12 Dec 1942HMS Traveller (N 48)T 
17 Dec 1942USSR M-31M (Malyutka) 
25 Dec 1942HMS P 48 (P 48)U 


8 Jan 1943HMS P 311 (P 311)T 
10 Jan 1943USS Argonaut (i) (166)Argonaut 
7 Feb 1943USSR K-22K (Katjusa) 
16 Feb 1943USS Amberjack (i) (219)Gato 
24 Feb 1943HMS Vandal (P 64)U 
24 Feb 1943HNoMS Uredd (P 41)U 
Mar 1943HMS Thunderbolt (N 25)T 
5 Mar 1943USS Grampus (i) (207)Gar 
6 Mar 1943HMS Turbulent (N 98)T 
10 Mar 1943HMS Tigris (N 63)T 
21 Mar 1943USSR K-3K (Katjusa) 
10 Apr 1943USS Triton (201)Tambor 
18 Apr 1943HMS P 615 (P 615)P 611 
18 Apr 1943HMS Regent (N 41)R 
21 Apr 1943HMS Splendid (P 228)S 
22 Apr 1943USS Grenadier (i) (210)Gar 
24 Apr 1943HMS Sahib (P 212)S 
1 May 1943USSR ShCh-323ShCh (Scuka) 
12 May 1943USS Pickerel (i) (177)Perch 
14 May 1943USSR M-122M (Malyutka) 
26 May 1943USSR ShCh-408ShCh (Scuka) 
Jun 1943USSR ShCh-406ShCh (Scuka) 
12 Jun 1943USS R-12 (89)R-1 
Jul 1943USSR ShCh-422ShCh (Scuka) 
1 Jul 1943USS Runner (i) (275)Gato 
5 Jul 1943USSR M-106M (Malyutka) 
Aug 1943HMS Parthian (N 75)P 
Aug 1943USSR S-12S (Stalinec) 
Aug 1943USSR S-9S (Stalinec) 
14 Aug 1943HMS Saracen (P 247)S 
26 Aug 1943USSR ShCh-203ShCh (Scuka) 
Sep 1943USSR K-1K (Katjusa) 
9 Sep 1943USS Grayling (209)Gar 
14 Sep 1943RHS Katsonis (Y 1)Katsonis 
17 Sep 1943USS Pompano (181)Perch 
28 Sep 1943USS Cisco (290)Balao 
Oct 1943USSR M-172M (Malyutka) 
Oct 1943USSR M-174M (Malyutka) 
Oct 1943USSR ShCh-403ShCh (Scuka) 
3 Oct 1943HMS Usurper (P 56)U 
7 Oct 1943USS S-44 (155)S-42 
11 Oct 1943USS Wahoo (238)Gato 
12 Oct 1943USS Dorado (248)Gato 
17 Oct 1943HMS Trooper (N 91)T 
28 Oct 1943USSR A-3A (AG) 
Nov 1943HMS Simoom (P 225)S 
16 Nov 1943USS Corvina (226)Gato 
19 Nov 1943USS Sculpin (191)Sargo 
23 Nov 1943USS Capelin (289)Balao 
Dec 1943USSR D-4 / RevolutsyonerD (Dekabrist) 
Dec 1943USSR S-55S (Stalinec) 
28 Dec 1943IT AxumAdua 
29 Dec 1943FR ProtéeRedoutable 


4 Jan 1944USSR M-36M (Malyutka) 
17 Jan 1944USSR L-23L (Leninec) 
17 Feb 1944USSR ShCh-216ShCh (Scuka) 
27 Feb 1944USS Grayback (208)Gar 
28 Feb 1944USSR M-108M (Malyutka) 
29 Feb 1944USS Trout (202)Tambor 
Mar 1944HMS Syrtis (P 241)S 
Mar 1944USSR S-54S (Stalinec) 
6 Mar 1944USS Scorpion (278)Gato 
22 Mar 1944HMS Stonehenge (P 232)S 
26 Mar 1944USS Tullibee (284)Gato 
18 Apr 1944USS Gudgeon (211)Gar 
18 Apr 1944USSR L-6L (Leninec) 
Jun 1944HMS Sickle (P 224)S 
1 Jun 1944USS Herring (233)Gato 
14 Jun 1944USS Golet (361)Gato 
4 Jul 1944USS S-28 (133)S-1 
8 Jul 1944FR PerléSaphir 
26 Jul 1944USS Robalo (273)Gato 
27 Jul 1944USSR B-1S 
13 Aug 1944USS Flier (250)Gato 
24 Aug 1944USS Harder (257)Gato 
8 Sep 1944USSR M-96M (Malyutka) 
21 Sep 1944USSR ShCh-402ShCh (Scuka) 
Oct 1944USS Escolar (294)Balao 
3 Oct 1944USS Seawolf (197)Sargo 
24 Oct 1944USS Darter (227)Gato 
24 Oct 1944USS Shark (ii) (314)Balao 
24 Oct 1944USS Tang (306)Balao 
7 Nov 1944USS Albacore (218)Gato 
8 Nov 1944USS Growler (215)Gato 
11 Nov 1944USS Scamp (277)Gato 
15 Nov 1944IT Luigi SettembriniLuigi Settembrini 
22 Nov 1944HMS Stratagem (P 234)S 


7 Jan 1945USSR S-4S (Stalinec) 
11 Jan 1945HMS Porpoise (N 14)Porpoise 
12 Jan 1945USS Swordfish (193)Sargo 
4 Feb 1945USS Barbel (316)Balao 
20 Mar 1945USS Kete (369)Balao 
28 Mar 1945USS Trigger (237)Gato 
Apr 1945USS Snook (279)Gato 
3 May 1945USS Lagarto (371)Balao 
18 Jun 1945USS Bonefish (223)Gato 
10 Jul 1945HNMS O 19 (N 54)O 19 
6 Aug 1945USS Bullhead (332)Balao 
24 Aug 1945USSR L-19L (Leninec) 

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