Ships hit by U-boats during WWII

Crew lists from ships hit during WWII

Allied Merchant personnel. Country: Puerto Rican.

PersonBorn / deadServed on
Puerto RicanAbrung, Cenon, Merchant Marine1880-1942Otho +
Puerto RicanAcevedo, Ernesto, Merchant Marine-1943Louise Lykes +
Puerto RicanAdams, Miguel, Merchant Marine1907Cherokee
Puerto RicanAdorno, Isidore, Merchant Marine1891-1942Caribsea +
Puerto RicanAlicea, Juan Luis, Merchant Marine1922Barbara
Puerto RicanAlicea, Puro, Merchant Marine-1942Coloradan, Zaandam +
Puerto RicanAlmodovah, Ricardo, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanArroyo, Perfecto, Merchant Marine1920Cherokee
Puerto RicanArroyo y Macallo, José Celso, Merchant Marine1912-1942W.L. Steed +
Puerto RicanArture, Lucas, Merchant Marine1911William Eustis
Puerto RicanAyra, Adolfe Dominquez, Merchant Marine-1942Mariana +

Puerto RicanBarbosa, Atilano, Merchant Marine1910-1988Irénée Du Pont
Puerto RicanBarrios, Alejandro, Merchant Marine-1943Dorchester +
Puerto RicanBayron, Phillippe, Merchant Marine1909Cherokee
Puerto RicanBenitez, Pedro, Merchant Marine1910Alcoa Pathfinder
Puerto RicanBermudez, Jose Antonio, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanBrown, Bernard, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanBusanet, Miguel A., Merchant Marine-1942Margaret +

Puerto RicanCamacho, Luciano E., Merchant Marine1919Lubrafol
Puerto RicanCaraballo, Anastacio, Merchant Marine-1941Astral +
Puerto RicanCastillo, Pedro, Merchant Marine1905Cherokee
Puerto RicanCastillo, Teodoro, Merchant MarineCarlton
Puerto RicanCenteno Cuevas, Francisco, Merchant Marine1912-1943Minotaur +
Puerto RicanCollazo, Francis, Merchant Marine1922-1942Equipoise +
Puerto RicanColon, Emilio, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanColon, Ramona Mujica Rivera, Civilian-1942San Jacinto +
Puerto RicanCorrea Cervoni, Julio, Merchant Marine1915-1944Robin Goodfellow +
Puerto RicanCortez, Antonio, Merchant Marine1914-1942San Jacinto +
Puerto RicanCuevas, Juan, Merchant MarineCherokee

Puerto RicanDavila, Salvador, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanDeglans, Arthur A., Merchant Marine1909Alcoa Pathfinder
Puerto RicanDeJesus, Rufino, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanDel Campo, Enrique, Merchant Marine-1942Ruth +
Puerto RicanDelgado, Leonzia, Merchant Marine1915Examelia, Zaandam
Puerto RicanDerricks, Valentin, Merchant Marine-1942Margaret +

Puerto RicanErazo, Francisco, Merchant Marine1914-1942Barbara +

Puerto RicanFarrulla, Eustagnio, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanFernandez, Jose, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanFernandez, Jose Torres, Merchant Marine1908Examelia, Zaandam
Puerto RicanFigueroa, Jose, Merchant Marine1915-1942Mariana +
Puerto RicanFontanez, Ernesto, Merchant Marine1922Barbara
Puerto RicanFreire, Francisco, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanFuentes, Antonio, Merchant Marine-1942Barbara +

Puerto RicanGarcia, Hector Juan, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanGonzalez, Antonio, Merchant Marine1924Arlyn
Puerto RicanGonzalez, Ismael, Merchant Marine1905-1942Major Wheeler +
Puerto RicanGonzalez, Luis, Merchant Marine-1944Penelope Barker +
Puerto RicanGonzalvez, Agustine, Merchant Marine1912Cherokee
Puerto RicanGuemes, Serafin, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +

Puerto RicanHarrison, George, Merchant Marine-1942Mariana +
Puerto RicanHermandez, Gregorio, Merchant Marine-1942Ogontz +
Puerto RicanHernandez, Beraldo, Merchant Marine1921Barbara
Puerto RicanHernandez, Pedro, Merchant Marine1897Andrea F. Luckenbach
Puerto RicanHernandez, Ricardo, Merchant Marine1888-1942Major Wheeler +
Puerto RicanHugendubler Garcia, Roque Alfonso, Merchant Marine1910-1942Raphael Semmes +

Puerto RicanInfante, Antonio, Merchant Marine1899Colabee

Puerto RicanJorge, Mario Quintana, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +

Puerto RicanLampris, Joseph Alexander, Merchant Marine-1942Tillie Lykes +
Puerto RicanLaporte, Inocencio, Merchant Marine1897Lehigh
Puerto RicanLaureano, Pedro, Merchant Marine-1942Alcoa Guide +
Puerto RicanLeon, Juan Bautista, Merchant Marine1922Barbara
Puerto RicanLopez, Francisco, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanLopez, Juan, Merchant Marine-1942Mariana +
Puerto RicanLopez, Mario, Merchant Marine1906Robert E. Lee
Puerto RicanLopez Vega, Felix, Merchant Marine1903-1942Examelia, Zaandam +

Puerto RicanMackenzie, Gayetano, Merchant Marine-1942Margaret +
Puerto RicanMaissonett, John Casanova, Merchant Marine1906-1942Texan +
Puerto RicanMaldonado, Luis Reyes, Merchant Marine-1942Tillie Lykes +
Puerto RicanMarti, Salvador Guillermo, Merchant Marine1903Barbara
Puerto RicanMartinez, Antonio, Merchant Marine1906-1942Caribsea +
Puerto RicanMartinez, Emilio, Merchant Marine1908Barbara
Puerto RicanMartinez, Juan, Merchant Marine1919Cherokee
Puerto RicanMartinez, Lucy, Civilian1919San Jacinto
Puerto RicanMartinez, Sixto, Merchant Marine1902-1980Andrea F. Luckenbach
Puerto RicanMedina, Jacinto, Merchant Marine-1942Mariana +
Puerto RicanMedina, Marcos E., Merchant Marine1914Barbara
Puerto RicanMelendez, Genaro Medina, Merchant MarinePillory
Puerto RicanMelendez, José Agustín, Merchant Marine1920Ceiba
Puerto RicanMiranda, Enrique, Merchant Marine1920-1942Equipoise +
Puerto RicanMonell, Aurelio M., Merchant Navy1910-1942Telamon +
Puerto RicanMontabo, Fabucano, Merchant Marine1901-1943Andrea F. Luckenbach +
Puerto RicanMorfi, Ramon Gonzalez, Merchant Marine1887-1942Mariana +
Puerto RicanMujica, Pedro, Merchant Marine-1942Polybius +
Puerto RicanMuniz, Francisco, Merchant Navy1914Kassandra Louloudis
Puerto RicanMunoz, Erasimo, Merchant Marine-1942La Salle +
Puerto RicanMuriel, Frank, Merchant Marine1899-1971Andrea F. Luckenbach
Puerto RicanMurphy, Maximo, Merchant Marine1917Barbara

Puerto RicanNatal, Felipe, Merchant Marine1897Barbara
Puerto RicanNunez, Miguel, Merchant Marine1889-1942Commercial Trader +

Puerto RicanOjea, Juan, Merchant MarineHonomu
Puerto RicanOjeda, Ramon, Merchant Marine1920-1942Muskogee +
Puerto RicanOlivero, Rafael, Merchant Marine-1942Margaret +
Puerto RicanOlivo, Juan Ramon, Merchant Marine1900Alcoa Pathfinder
Puerto RicanOrtiz, Alfredo, Merchant Marine1918Ceiba
Puerto RicanOrtiz, Victor, Merchant Marine-1942Lemuel Burrows +

Puerto RicanPabon, Juan, Merchant Marine1886-1942Barbara +
Puerto RicanPadilla, Emilio Lugo, Merchant Marine-1942Mariana +
Puerto RicanPagan, Carlos Manuel, Merchant Marine-1942Elizabeth +
Puerto RicanParra, Santiago G., Merchant Marine1914Cardonia
Puerto RicanPascoal, Manuel Rodrigues, Merchant Marine-1943Meriwether Lewis +
Puerto RicanPerez, Ascielo M., Merchant Marine1907Otho
Puerto RicanPerez, German, Merchant Marine-1942City of Alma +

Puerto RicanRamos, Guillermo, Merchant Marine-1942Comol Rico +
Puerto RicanReina, Bernardo Estaban, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanReinosa, Ignacio, Merchant Marine-1943Dorchester +
Puerto RicanReinosa, Juan Jose, Merchant Marine1921-2000Cherokee
Puerto RicanReyes, John Bautista, Merchant Marine1886Cherokee
Puerto RicanReyes, Jose, Merchant Marine1915Robin Moor
Puerto RicanRioz, Carmelo, Merchant Marine1921-1944Pillory +
Puerto RicanRivera, Jaime Laureano, Merchant Marine1915-1943Irénée Du Pont +
Puerto RicanRivera, Joaquin, Merchant Marine-1942City of Alma +
Puerto RicanRivera, Jose, Merchant MarineCherokee
Puerto RicanRivera, Jose Antonio, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanRivera, Juan F., Merchant Marine1897Caribsea
Puerto RicanRivera, Rafael Ramirez, Merchant Marine1922-1943William C. Gorgas +, HMS Harvester (H 19) +
Puerto RicanRobles, Damasco, Merchant Marine1904-1944Pillory +
Puerto RicanRodriguez, Angel Manuel, Merchant Marine1916-1942Major Wheeler +
Puerto RicanRodriguez, Carlos, Merchant Marine1920Sylvan Arrow
Puerto RicanRodriguez, Francisco, Merchant Marine1904Sylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
Puerto RicanRodriguez, Pedro Vasgues, Merchant Marine-1943Meriwether Lewis +
Puerto RicanRodriguez, Santiago, Merchant Marine-1942Mariana +
Puerto RicanRojas, Candelaria, Merchant Marine-1942Barbara +
Puerto RicanRosado, Luis A., Merchant Marine1912Cardonia
Puerto RicanRosario, Feliz, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanRosario, Ralph Albert, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanRosario, Virgilio, Merchant Marine-1942Barbara +
Puerto RicanRoss, Isidro, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +

Puerto RicanSaavedra, Jr., Castro, Merchant Marine1922-1942Major Wheeler +
Puerto RicanSanchez, Juan Rivera, Merchant Marine-1942La Salle +
Puerto RicanSanchez, Julio Ernesto, Merchant Marine1916-1942Equipoise +
Puerto RicanSanchez, Leoncio, Merchant Marine1908Barbara
Puerto RicanSanquiche, Vicente, Merchant Marine1905-1942Muskogee +
Puerto RicanSantana, Eugenio, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanSantiago, Elviro, Merchant Marine1916-1996City of New York
Puerto RicanSantiago, Esteban, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanSantiago, Nicolas de, Merchant Marine1913-1942Azalea City +
Puerto RicanSeoane, Juan Castineira, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanSerano, Isabelo, Merchant Navy1914Kassandra Louloudis
Puerto RicanSerrano, Felix, Merchant Marine1915Barbara
Puerto RicanSierra, Louis, Merchant Marine-1943Hastings +
Puerto RicanSilva, Manuel, Merchant Marine1905Cardonia
Puerto RicanSolis, Juan, Merchant Marine1916Barbara
Puerto RicanSoto, Frank, Merchant Marine-1942Mariana +
Puerto RicanStolle Rivera, Ines, Civilian1907-1942Barbara +

Puerto RicanTaraza, John, Merchant Marine-1942Arlyn +
Puerto RicanThode, Augustin Cecilia, Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanTorres, Hiram, Merchant Marine-1942Caddo +
Puerto RicanTorres, Nepomuceno, Merchant Marine1913-1942West Ivis +
Puerto RicanTremus, Carlo A., Merchant Marine-1942Coamo +
Puerto RicanTubens Velez, Julio Antonio, Merchant Marine1908-1942Major Wheeler +

Puerto RicanVasguez, Manuel, Merchant Marine-1942Angelina +
Puerto RicanVelasquez, Cristobal, Merchant Marine1918Otho
Puerto RicanVelasquez, Pedro, Merchant Marine1917-1942Mariana +
Puerto RicanVelez, Agustin, Merchant Marine-1942Tillie Lykes +
Puerto RicanVelez, Fred Gomez, Merchant Marine1891-1950Caribstar
Puerto RicanVelez, Pedro, Merchant Marine-1942Arlyn +

Puerto RicanZeno, Ramon Boria, Merchant Marine1913Irénée Du Pont

157 Puerto Rican people located. 100 of them died in the war.

A (4065), B (7726), C (6233), D (4280), E (1904), F (3015), G (4043), H (6667), I (573), J (3006), K (3311), L (4309), M (8676), N (2039), O (1591), P (4432), Q (172), R (4186), S (8184), T (3338), U (278), V (1248), W (4938), X (11), Y (469), Z (305), Å (33), Ä (1), Ö (6), Š (3), Ž (1), Ø (70), Þ (7)

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