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Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

The DSO was the second highest decoration for meritorious or distinguished service by officers of the armed forces during wartime, usually in real combat.

The award was normally given only to officers with rank higher than Captain but lower-ranking officers were also decorated - often to acknowledge that they had just missed out on the higher ranking Victoria Cross.

Recipients, officially called "Companions of the Distinguished Service Order" are entitled to use post-nominal letters of "DSO".

A bar is added to the ribbon for each additional award of order (several got 3 bars - i.e. awarded 4 times the DSO).

CommanderDate  Command
Lt.Cdr. Acland, Hubert Guy Dyke, DSO, RN8 Mar 1920  
A/Capt. (retired) Adam, Charles Keith, DSO, RN8 Dec 1942  HMS Ulster Queen (F 118)
Capt. Addis, Charles Thorburn, DSO, RN5 Jan 1944  HMS Sheffield (24)
Lt. Agar, Augustus Willington Shelton, VC, DSO, RN11 Nov 1919  
Capt. Agnew, William Gladstone, DSO, RN6 Apr 1943  HMS Aurora (12)
Lt. Ainslie, Michael Frederic Roberts, DSO, DSC, RN23 Nov 1943  HMS Shakespeare (P 221)
Lt.Cdr. Alexander, Robert, DSO, RN31 Mar 1943  HMS Vivacious (D 36)
Lt.Cdr. Alexander, Robert Love, DSO, RN10 Aug 1943  HMS Truculent (P 315)
Cdr. (retired) Allen, Conway Benning, DSO, RN5 Jan 1943  
Lt.Cdr. Alleyne, John Meynell, DSO, DSC, RN28 Aug 1918  
Cdr. Allison, John Hamilton, DSO, RN7 Jun 1940  HMS Worcester (D 96)
Lt.Cdr. Alliston, John Melvill, DSO, DSC, RN1 May 1945  
Cdr. Allsup, Claud Finlinson, DSO, RN17 Mar 1919  
Capt. Andrewes, William Gerrard, DSO, RN23 May 1944  
Lt. Annesley, John Campbell, DSO, RN23 Jul 1918  
Capt. Arliss, Stephen Harry Tolson, DSO, RN8 Jan 1942  HMAS Napier (G 97)
Capt. Armstrong, Harold Thomas, DSO, DSC, RN1 Dec 1942  
Capt. Armstrong, John Malet, DSO, RAN1 May 1945  HMAS Australia (D 84)
Capt. Ashbourne, , DSO, RN21 Dec 1943  HMS Ariadne (M 65)
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Ashdown, Thomas Aubrey, DSO, RNR13 Jul 1943  HMS ML 104 (ML 104)
Rear-Admiral Ashmore, Leslie Haliburton, DSO, RN18 Jan 1944  
Lt.Cdr. Austen, Nigel Hubert George, DSO, RN26 May 1942  HMS Hasty (H 24)
Lt.Cdr. (retired) Ayre, Albert, DSO, RNR19 Oct 1943  

Lt.Cdr. Baillie-Grohman, Harold Tom, DSO, RN17 Apr 1918  
Capt. Bain, Donald Keppel, DSO, RN4 Jan 1944  HMS Norfolk (78)
Lt. Baines, Edward Francis, DSO, RN10 Nov 1942  HMS Bramham (L 51)
Lt.Cdr. Baker, Arthur Bannatyne Arnold, DSO, RN17 May 1918  
Capt. Baker, Edmund Henry Buckingham, DSO, RN4 Apr 1944  
Cdr. Baker-Cresswell, Addison Joe, DSO, RN5 Aug 1941  HMS Bulldog (H 91)
Capt. Ballance, Frank Arthur, DSO, RN14 Nov 1944  
Lt. Balston, Edward Francis, DSO, RN12 Nov 1940  HMS Tribune (N 76)
Cdr. Barnard, Geoffrey, DSO, RN29 Jul 1941  
Cdr. (retired) Barne, Michael, DSO, RN11 Apr 1919  
Cdr. Barnes, John Richard, DSO, RN25 Aug 1944  
Lt. Barry, Claud Barrington, DSO, RN21 Jun 1918  
Cdr. Bate, Claude Lindesay, DSO, RN???  
Capt. Bayliss, Horace Temple Taylor, DSO, RN10 Jul 1945  
Cdr. Beale, George Henry, DSO, OBE, RN8 Jan 1942  
Cdr. Beattie, Kenneth Adair, DSO, RN24 Mar 1919  
Capt. Becher, Otto Humphrey, DSO, DSC, RAN18 Sep 1951  
Lt. Beckley, Denis John, DSO, RN17 Nov 1942  HMS Sturgeon (N 73)
Capt. Belben, George Devereux, DSO, DSC, RN4 Apr 1944  
Cdr. Bell, Charles Courtenay, DSO, RN17 Oct 1919  
Lt.Cdr. Bennetts, Sydney William Floyd, DSO, RN1 Jun 1943  HMS Bicester (L 34)
Lt.Cdr. Bennington, Leslie William Abel, DSO, DSC, RN29 Dec 1942  HMS Porpoise (N 14)
Capt. Benson, Richard Stoddart, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  HMS Exmouth (H 02)
Capt. Berthon, Edward Lyon, DSO, DSC, RN25 Nov 1941  
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Beverley, Herbert James, DSO, DSC, RNR30 Jul 1942  HMS Vetch (K 132)
Cdr. Bickford, Edward Oscar, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  HMS Salmon (N 65)
Capt. Bickford, Jack Grant, DSO, DSC, RN16 Aug 1940  HMS Express (H 61)
Cdr. Biggs, Hilary Worthington, DSO, RN28 Jun 1940  HMS Hero (H 99)
Lt. Biggs, Reginald Charles, DSO, DSC, RN30 Jul 1942  HMS Hussar (J 82)
Lt. Bill, Robert, DSO, RN16 Aug 1940  
Lt.Cdr. Billot, Godfrey Philip, DSO, RD, RNR18 May 1943  
Lt.Cdr. Birch, John Travis Beaufoy, DSO, RN8 Sep 1942  HMS Hurworth (L 28)
Cdr. Birkett, Miles Brock, DSO, RN4 Jun 1917  
Lt. Bitmead, Jack, DSO, RN30 Jul 1942  HMS Forester (H 74)
Cdr. (retired) Blackburn, John Fulford, DSO, RN29 Jul 1941  
Lt.Cdr. Blackman, Charles Maurice, DSO, RN16 Sep 1919  
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Bligh, Timothy James, DSO, DSC, RNVR13 Feb 1945  HMS MGB 662 (MGB 662)
Cdr. Bockett-Pugh, Ian Hamilton, DSO, RN10 Apr 1942  HMS Westcott (D 47 / I 47)
Lt.Cdr. Bolster, Thomas Charles Carpenter, DSO, RN23 Jun 1917  
Lt.Cdr. Bone, Howard Francis, DSO, RN13 Nov 1940  HMS Tigris (N 63)
Cdr. Boswell, Lennox Albert Knox, DSO, RN1 Jan 1940  HMS Pelican (L 86 / U 86)
Capt. Boutwood, John Wilfrid, DSO, RN7 Dec 1943  
Capt. Bovell, Henry Cecil, DSO, RN10 Nov 1942  HMS Victorious (38)
Lt. Boyd, Robert, DSO, DSC, RN11 Jul 1944  HMS Untiring (P 59)
T/Lt. Boyd, Thomas Wilson, DSO, RNVR21 May 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Boys-Smith, Humphry Gilbert, DSO, RNR16 Aug 1940  HMS Anemone (K 48)
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Bradford, Donald Gould , DSO, DSC, RNVR10 Oct 1944  
Lt.Cdr. Brammall, Harry Whittaker, DSO, DSC, RNR29 Sep 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Brett, Robert Ernest, DSO, RNR17 Dec 1943  HMS Seaham (J 123)
Capt. Brewer, Godfrey Noel, DSO, RN19 Oct 1943  
Lt.Cdr. (retired) Bridgman, Clement Edward, DSO, RNR3 Nov 1942  HMS Dianthus (K 95)
Lt.Cdr. Bridson, Gordon, DSO, DSC, RNZNVR1 Jun 1943  HMNZS Kiwi (T 102)
Lt.Cdr. Bristowe, Robert Henry, DSO, RN6 Sep 1940  
Capt. (RCN) Brock, Jeffry Vanstone, DSO, DSC, RCNVR28 Dec 1951  
Lt. Bromage, John Henry, DSO, DSC, RN6 Apr 1943  HMS Sahib (P 212)
Lt.Cdr. Brooke, Ronald de Leighton, DSO, DSC, RN4 May 1943  HMS Wheatland (L 122)
Lt.Cdr. Brookes, Russell Stanhope, DSO, DSC, RN29 Jun 1943  HMS Clyde (N 12)
Capt. Brooking, Patrick William Beresford, DSO, RN6 Apr 1943  HMS Sirius (82)
Lt.Cdr. Browne, Hugh Christopher, DSO, RN30 Sep 1941  
Capt. Brownrigg, Thomas Marcus, DSO, OBE, RN14 Nov 1944  
Cdr. Bryant, Benjamin, DSO, DSC, RN23 Mar 1943  HMS Safari (P 211)
Cdr. Buchanan, Alfred Edgar, DSO, RAN27 Mar 1945  HMAS Arunta (I 30)
Cdr. Buchanan, Herbert James, DSO, RAN27 Aug 1940  HMS Vanity (L 38)
Lt.Cdr. Buckley, Peter Noel, DSO, RN21 Aug 1945  
Lt.Cdr. Burch, Ronald James, DSO, RN28 Jun 1940  HMS Narwhal (N 45)
Capt. Burghard, Geoffrey Frederic, DSO, RN11 Jun 1946  
Cdr. Burnett, Philip Whitworth, DSO, DSC, RN15 May 1945  
Capt. Bush, Eric Wheeler, DSO, DSC, RN16 Aug 1940  
Cdr. Buzzard, Anthony Wass, DSO, RN11 Jul 1940  

Lt.Cdr. Callaway, Arhur Henry, DSO, RANVR9 Nov 1941  HMS Lady Shirley
Capt. Campbell, Ian Murray Robertson, DSO, RN1 Dec 1942  HMS Milne (G 14)
Lt.Cdr. (retired) Campbell, John Oliver, DSO, DSC, RN29 Jul 1941  HMS Aphis (T 57)
Cdr. Carlill, Stephen Hope, DSO, RN17 Mar 1942  HMS Farndale (L 70)
Cdr. Case, Richard Vere Essex, DSO, DSC, RD, RNR13 Apr 1943  HMS Rother (K 224)
Cdr. (retired) Castens, George William Emil, DSO, RN14 Dec 1943  HMS Stork (L 81 / U 81)
Lt.Cdr. Cavenagh-Mainwaring, Maurice Kildare, DSO, RN12 Nov 1940  HMS Tuna (N 94)
Lt.Cdr. Cayley, Richard Douglas, DSO, RN29 Jul 1941  HMS Utmost (N 19)
Capt. Cazalet, Peter Grenville Lyon, DSO, DSC, RN10 Jul 1945  HMS Myngs (R 06)
Lt. Chapman, Paul Charles, DSO, DSC, RN24 Oct 1944  HMS Upstart (P 65)
Cdr. Chatwin, Cecil Athos Newcome, DSO, RN26 Jul 1940  HMS Fame (H 78)
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Chatwin, Charles Leslie, DSO, RNVR11 Sep 1945  HMS Cynthia (J 345)
Cdr. Chavasse, Evelyn Henry, DSO, DSC, RN7 Sep 1943  
Lt.Cdr. Church, William John Patrick, DSO, DSC, RN29 Feb 1944  
Lt. Clarabut, Guy Stewart Chetwode, DSO, RN19 Oct 1943  
Capt. Clarke, Arthur Wellesley, DSO, RN16 Mar 1943  
Capt. Clarke, Charles Philip, DSO, RN4 Jan 1944  HMS Glasgow (21)
Cdr. Cleeves, York McLeod, DSO, DSC, RD, RNR16 Aug 1940  HMS Clematis (K 36)
Lt. Clutterbuck, Robert Julian, DSO, RN25 Feb 1944  HMS Torbay (N 79)
Lt.Cdr. Coats, Ernest Colin, DSO, DSC, RN31 Mar 1942  HMS Worcester (D 96)
S.Lt. Cochrane, Archibald Douglas, DSO, RN13 Sep 1915  
A/Capt. Colquhoun, Kenneth Stuart, DSO, RN14 Jun 1945  
Cdr. Colthurst, Anthony Paul, DSO, RN1 Dec 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Colvin, George Robson, DSO, DSC, RN23 Mar 1943  
Cdr. Conder, Edward Reignier, DSO, DSC, RN27 Aug 1940  HMS Whitshed (D 77)
Cdr. (retired) Congreve, Geoffrey Cecil, DSO, RN26 Sep 1940  
Cdr. Cooper, Edward Tyndale, DSO, RN30 Sep 1941  
Cdr. Couchman, Walter Thomas, DSO, OBE, RN11 Jun 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Courage, Rafe Edward, DSO, RN7 Jun 1940  HMS Havock (H 43)
A/Capt. Cousin, Alan Paterson, DSO, RANR(S)9 Oct 1945  HMAS Manoora (F 48)
Cdr. Crawford, John Stuart, DSO, RN24 Sep 1940  HMS Zulu (F 18)
Lt.Cdr. Crease, Thomas Crosbie, DSO, RN30 Jul 1942  
Capt. Creasy, George Elvey, DSO, RN11 Jul 1940  
Capt. Creswell, George Hector, DSO, DSC, RN23 Dec 1939  HMS Afridi (F 07)
Capt. Crombie, John Harvey Forbes, DSO, RN26 May 1942  HMS Bramble (i) (J 11)
Cdr. Cronyn, St. John, DSO, RN1 Jan 1941  
Lt. Crouch, Cecil Bernard, DSO, RN4 Feb 1941  HMS Thunderbolt (N 25)
Cdr. Currey, Edmund Neville Vincent, DSO, DSC, RN14 Nov 1944  

Cdr. D'Arcy, Kenneth Judge, DSO, RN11 Nov 1941  
Lt. D'Oyly-Hughes, Guy, DSO, DSC, RN8 Oct 1915  
Cdr. Dalison, John Stanley, DSO, RN1 Jan 1943  HMS Londonderry (L 76 / U 76)
Cdr. Dallmeyer, William Alexander, DSO, RN31 Dec 1940  HMS Highlander (H 44)
Capt. Daniel, Charles Saumarez, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  HMS Faulknor (H 62)
Lt. Daniell, Anthony Robert, DSO, DSC, RN28 Sep 1943  
Lt. Davies, Richard Bell, DSO, RN10 Apr 1915  
Capt. Davis, William Wellclose, DSO, RN23 May 1944  HMS Mauritius (80)
Capt. Day, Archibald, DSO, RN20 Nov 1945  HMS White Bear (4.02)
Cdr. Day, Edward Campbell Lacy, DSO, RN1 Jan 1944  
luitenant ter zee 1e klasse (Lt.Cdr.) de Booy, Otto, DSO, RNN1941  HNMS O 24 (P 24)
Cdr. de Burgh, Hubert Henry, DSO, RN14 Sep 1917  
Capt. de Salis, Antony Fane, DSO, RN8 Aug 1941  HMS Faulknor (H 62)
luitenant ter zee 1e klasse (Lt.Cdr.) de Vries, Wopke Johan, DSO, DSC, RNN1944  HNMS O 24 (P 24)
Cdr. De Wolf, Henry George, DSO, RCN27 May 1944  HMCS Haida (G 63)
Cdr. (retired) Dean, Brian, DSO, RN6 Jun 1940  HMS Sabre (H 18)
Lt.Cdr. Deneys, James Godfrey Wood, DSO, RN6 May 1941  HMS Vanoc (H 33)
Rear-Admiral Denny, Michael Maynard, DSO, RN23 Oct 1945  
Cdr. Dewhurst, Ronald Hugh, DSO, RN1 Jan 1941  HMS Rorqual (N 74)
Lt. Dickens, Peter Gerald Charles, DSO, DSC, RN13 Jul 1943  HMS MTB 234 (MTB 234)
Capt. Dickinson, Norman Vincent, DSO, DSC, RN16 Mar 1943  
Capt. Dickson, Robert Kirk, DSO, RN22 May 1942  HMS Manxman (M 70)
Cdr. Dolphin, George Verner Motley, DSO, RN14 Nov 1944  
Rear-Admiral Douglas-Pennant, Cyril Eustace, DSO, DSC, RN14 Nov 1944  
A/Cdr. Douglas-Watson, Francis, DSO, RN25 Oct 1940  
Capt. Dowling, Roy Russell, DSO, RAN6 Nov 1945  HMAS Hobart (D 63)
Lt. Drummond, James Ralph, DSO, DSC, RN27 Jul 1943  HMS Sickle (P 224)
Cdr. Duckworth, Auberon Charles Alan Campbell, DSO, RN9 Jun 1942  
Lt. Duff, Arthur Anthony, DSO, DSC, RN11 Apr 1944  HMS Stubborn (P 238)
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Duff-Still, Henry McLean, DSO, RNVR6 Jul 1943  HMS MGB 605 (MGB 605)

Cdr. Eaton, John William Musgrave, DSO, DSC, RN19 Aug 1941  
Lt.Cdr. Ede, Lionel James Spencer, DSO, RN16 Aug 1940  HMS Salamander (J 86)
Lt.Cdr. Egan, Rupert Cyril, DSO, RN30 Mar 1944  HMS Petard (G 56)
Cdr. Elliott, Jeffery, DSO, RD, RNR16 Aug 1940  
Capt. Ellis, Robert Meyrick, DSO, RN14 Oct 1941  HMS Suffolk (55)
Cdr. Ellison, Henry Bramhall, DSO, RN11 Jul 1940  HMS Fowey (L 15 / U 15)
Capt. Everett, Douglas Henry, DSO, RN23 Feb 1940  
Lt.Cdr. Evershed, Walter, DSO, RN3 Dec 1940  HMS Jersey (F 72)

Lt.Cdr. Faichney, William Nelson Mitchell, DSO, RNR4 Mar 1941  HMS Armeria (K 187)
Capt. Fancourt, Henry Lockhart St. John, DSO, RN16 Mar 1943  HMS Argus (D 49)
Capt. Farncomb, Harold Bruce, DSO, RAN9 Feb 1943  HMAS Australia (D 84)
Lt.Cdr. Farnfield, Gilbert Lescombe, DSO, RN11 Nov 1941  
Capt. Farquhar, John Wentworth, DSO, RN14 Nov 1944  
Lt.Cdr. Farquharson, John Phellips, DSO, RN11 Dec 1918  
Capt. Faulkner, Hugh Webb, DSO, RN16 Mar 1943  
Capt. Firth, Charles Leslie, DSO, RN27 Jun 1944  HMS Troubridge (R 00)
Cdr. Fisher, Ben James, DSO, RN2 Jun 1943  
Cdr. Fogg-Elliott, Mark, DSO, RN11 Jul 1940  HMS Delight (H 38)
Lt.Cdr. Forbes, John Hay, DSO, RN9 May 1940  HMS Spearfish (N 69)
Lt.Cdr. Francis, Philip Stewart, DSO, RN30 Jun 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Franks, Robert Denys, DSO, OBE, RN10 Aug 1943  
Lt.Cdr. Freaker, Ronald Clifford, DSO, RNR9 Sep 1941  HMS Nasturtium (K 107)
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Freeland, Harry, DSO, RCNR29 Jun 1943  HMCS Regina (K 234)
Capt. Friedberger, Wiliam Howard Dennis, DSO, RN8 Sep 1942  HMS Welshman (M 84)

Capt. Gale, Newell Herbert, DSO, RD, RNR27 Oct 1942  
Capt. Gatacre, Galfrey George Ormond, DSO, DSC, RAN1 Jun 1953  
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Gemmell, Kenneth, DSO, DSC, RNVR19 Sep 1944  
Cdr. Gibbs, Edward Albert, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  HMS Fortune (H 70)
Cdr. Gibbs, George Louis Downall, DSO, RN25 Jul 1916  
Lt. Godwin, Claud Herbert, DSO, RN16 Aug 1915  
Cdr. Goodenough, Michael Grant, DSO, RN26 Jul 1940  
Lt. Gordon, Cecil, DSO, RN3 Nov 1944  HMS Universal (P 57)
Cdr. Gordon, Roderick Cosmo, DSO, RN14 Jan 1941  HMS Intrepid (D 10)
Capt. Gornall, James Parrington, DSO, RN14 Jun 1945  HMS Orion (85)
Cdr. Gotto, Renfrew, DSO, RN7 Jun 1940  HMS Queen Elizabeth (00)
Cdr. Graham, Harry Robert, DSO, RN9 Jul 1940  HMS Escapade (H 17)
Capt. Graham, Quintin Dick, DSO, RN4 May 1943  HMS Unicorn (D 72)
Capt. Grant, Harold Taylor Wood, DSO, RCN5 Jan 1944  HMS Enterprise (D 52)
Lt.Cdr. Grant, John, DSO, RN30 Jul 1942  
Cdr. Grant, John William, DSO, RN9 Jun 1942  
Capt. Grantham, Guy, DSO, RN3 Jun 1941  HMS Phoebe (43)
Capt. Greening, Charles Woollven, DSO, DSC, RN10 Nov 1953  
Lt. Gregory, George David Archibald, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  HMS Sturgeon (N 73)
Lt.Cdr. Gregory-Smith, William Frank Niemann, DSO, DSC, RN8 Sep 1942  
Cdr. (retired) Greig, Kenneth Morland, DSO, RN7 Jun 1940  
Lt.Cdr. Gretton, Peter William, DSO, DSC, OBE, RN10 Nov 1942  
Cdr. Grey, Andrew Nichol, DSO, RN19 Jul 1940  HMS Fleetwood (L 47 / U 47)
Groeneveld, Carel Adrianus Johannes van Well, DSO, RNN 0000  
Lt.Cdr. (retired) Gwinner, Clive, DSO, RN20 Oct 1942  HMS Lulworth (Y 60)

Lt.Cdr. Haggard, Hugh Alfred Vernon, DSO, DSC, RN17 Mar 1942  HMS Truant (N 68)
Lt.Cdr. Hall, Harry John, DSO, DSC, RD, RNR11 May 1943  HMS Lotus (ii) (K 130)
Lt.Cdr. Hallett, John Ignatius, DSO, RN29 Aug 1917  
Capt. Halsey, Thomas Edgar, DSO, RN7 Jun 1940  HMS Malcolm (D 19)
Capt. (retired) Hamer, Richard Lloyd, DSO, RN3 Dec 1940  HMS Bulolo (F 82)
Lt. Hamilton, Louis Henry Keppel, DSO, RN24 Sep 1915  
Lt.Cdr. Hanson, Ronald John, DSO, DSC, RN2 Oct 1942  HMS Albrighton (L 12)
Cdr. Hardy, Cecil Campbell, DSO, RN12 Nov 1940  HMS Falmouth (L 34 / U 34)
Lt.Cdr. Hardy, Henry Noel Marryat, DSO, RN14 Mar 1916  
Cdr. Harrington, Wilfred Hastings, DSO, RAN10 Mar 1942  
Lt. Harrison, Peter Robert Helfrich, DSO, DSC, RN6 Nov 1942  HMS Ultimatum (P 34)
Lt.Cdr. Hart, Raymond, DSO, DSC, RN14 Aug 1945  
Cdr. Haskett-Smith, Reginald Cecil, DSO, RN1 Jan 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Hawkins, William Alan Frank, DSO, DSC, OBE, RN1 Sep 1942  HMS Partridge (G 30)
Lt.Cdr. Hayes, John Douglas, DSO, RN28 Oct 1941  HMS Croome (L 62)
A/Capt. Haynes, Henry John, DSO, DSC, RN15 Aug 1941  HMS Caledon (D 53)
Cdr. Heathcote, Ralph, DSO, RN1 Jan 1943  HMS Fame (H 78)
kapitein-luitenant ter zee (Cdr.) Hellingman, Cornelis, DSO, RNN16 Oct 1940  
Capt. Henderson, Harold Pitcairn, DSO, RN11 Jun 1946  
Lt.Cdr. Herbert, Godfrey, DSO, RN13 Sep 1915  
Cdr. Hewitt, John Graham, DSO, RN25 Jun 1940  HMS Auckland (L 61 / U 61)
Lt.Cdr. Hezlet, Arthur Richard, DSO, DSC, RN29 Dec 1944  HMS Trenchant (P 331)
Capt. Hickling, Harold, DSO, RN30 Sep 1941  HMS Glasgow (21)
Lt.Cdr. Hicks, Roger Bertram Nettleton, DSO, RN27 Aug 1940  HMS Vimiera (L 29)
Lt. Hickson, Vere Ashworth, DSO, RN18 May 1943  
Cdr. Hilken, Thomas John Norman, DSO, RN27 Dec 1940  
Capt. Hill, Duncan Codwise, DSO, RN10 Jul 1945  
Capt. (retired) Hill, Laurence Bernard, DSO, OBE, RN11 Nov 1941  
Lt.Cdr. Hill, Roger Percival, DSO, RN10 Nov 1942  
Cdr. Hinton, Eric Percival, DSO, RN16 Aug 1940  HMS Halcyon (J 42)
Lt.Cdr. Hodges, John Michael, DSO, RN21 Aug 1942  HMS Anthony (H 40)
Cdr. Holland-Martin, Douglas Eric, DSO, DSC, RN23 Jul 1943  HMS Nubian (F 36)
A/Capt. Hopper, Humfrey Greenwood, DSO, RN19 Dec 1944  
Cdr. Howard-Johnston, Clarence Dinsmore, DSO, DSC, RN6 Jan 1942  HMS Malcolm (D 19)
Cdr. Hughes, Harry William Cuthbert, DSO, RN   
Capt. Hughes-Hallett, John, DSO, RN2 Oct 1942  
Lt. Hunt, George Edward, DSO, DSC, RN5 Sep 1944  HMS Ultor (P 53)
Lt.Cdr. Hussey, William Frederick Eyre, DSO, DSC, RN24 Feb 1942  HMS Lively (G 40)
Lt.Cdr. Hutchinson, Christopher Haynes, DSO, RN9 May 1940  
Capt. (retired) Hutchinson, Colin Alexander Gordon, DSO, RN11 Jun 1942  
Capt. Hutton, Reginald Maurice James, DSO, RN19 Nov 1942  HMS Laforey (G 99)
Lt.Cdr. Hynes, William Bayard, DSO, RN14 Jan 1921  

Lt. Impey, Michael Elijah, DSO, DSC, RN14 Sep 1943  
Cdr. Ingham, James Geoffrey Penrose, DSO, RNWW I  

A/Capt. (retired) Jauncey, John Henry, DSO, RN26 Jan 1943  HMS Palomares (F 98)
Cdr. Jay, Alan David Hastings, DSO, DSC, RN8 Dec 1942  HMS Harrier (J 71)
Jeffrey, Douglas George, DSO, RCNR17 Nov 1917  
Cdr. Jellicoe, Christopher Theodore, DSO, DSC, RN8 Sep 1942  
Cdr. Jennings, Richard Borthwick, DSO, DSC, RN13 Apr 1943  HMS Sidmouth (J 47)
A/Cdr. Jerome, Henry Joseph Alexander Savil, DSO, RN10 Nov 1942  
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Jerram, Charles James, DSO, DSC, RNVR21 Aug 1945  
Cdr. Jessel, Richard Frederick, DSO, DSC, RN26 May 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Johns, Arthur Henry Tyndall, DSO, RN13 Apr 1943  
Cdr. Jones, Basil, DSO, DSC, RN27 Jul 1943  HMS Isis (D 87)
Lt. Jones, John Ivor, DSO, DSC, RNR17 Nov 1942  HMS Primula (K 14)

Lt.Cdr. Kerans, John Simon, DSO, RN5 Aug 1949  
Lt. Kershaw, John Bertram de Betham, DSO, RN17 Jul 1942  HMS Uproar (P 31)
T/A/Lt.Cdr. King, Clarence Aubrey, DSO, DSC, RCNR26 Dec 1942  HMCS Oakville (K 178)
Cdr. King, Henry Alexander, DSO, RN8 Jan 1942  
Cdr. King, Hugh Valentine, DSO, OBE, RN9 Nov 1943  HMS Rochester (L 50 / U 50)
Lt. King, William Donald Aelian, DSO, RN9 May 1940  HMS Snapper (N 39)
Cdr. (retired) King-Harman, Robert Douglas, DSO, DSC, RN14 Jan 1941  HMS Teviotbank (M 04)
Cdr. Kinloch, David Charles, DSO, RN16 Mar 1943  HMS Obedient (G 48)
Cdr. Kirby, Richard Evan Williams, DSO, RN11 Nov 1919  
Cdr. Kitcat, John Percy de Winton, DSO, RN21 Aug 1945  

Lt. Lake, Henry Neville, DSO, DSC, RN15 Feb 1919  
Lt. Lakin, Richard Barklie, DSO, DSC, RN9 Mar 1943  
Lt.Cdr. Lampen, David, DSO, RN25 Aug 1942  HMS Acute (J 106)
Capt. Larcom, Charles Arthur Aiskew, DSO, RN14 Oct 1941  
Lt. Launders, James Stuart, DSO, RN30 Jan 1945  HMS Venturer (P 68)
A/Capt. (retired) Lawford, Edward Douglas Wyndham, DSO, RN26 Jan 1943  
Lt.Cdr. Layard, Arthur Frank Capel, DSO, RN16 Mar 1943  
Cdr. Layman, Herbert Francis Hope, DSO, RN7 Jun 1940  HMS Hotspur (H 01)
Capt. Leach, John Catterall, DSO, RN14 Oct 1941  HMS Prince of Wales (53)
Cdr. Lean, John Trevor, DSO, RN28 Jun 1940  HMS Punjabi (F 21)
Lt.Cdr. Lee-Barber, John, DSO, RN9 Jul 1940  HMS Griffin (H 31)
Capt. Lees, Dennis Marescaux, DSO, RN19 Jul 1940  HMS Calcutta (D 82)
A/Capt. Lees, Eric Vernon, DSO, RN4 May 1943  
Capt. Leggatt, William Ronald Christopher, DSO, RN29 Aug 1944  
Cdr. Lentaigne, Charles Nugent, DSO, RN2 Jan 1942  HMS Gurkha (ii) (G 63)
Lt.Cdr. Lewis, Roger Curzon, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  
Cdr. Linton, John Wallace, DSO, DSC, RN15 Sep 1942  HMS Turbulent (N 98)
Lt.Cdr. Lloyd, Robin Wynell Mayow, DSO, RN30 Nov 1917  
Cdr. Lloyd-Davies, Cromwell Felix Justin, DSO, DSC, RN23 May 1952  
Lt.Cdr. Lloyd-Williams, Hugh, DSO, RNVR6 May 1941  
Capt. Longley-Cook, Eric William Longley, DSO, RN27 Mar 1945  
Lt.Cdr. Lowe, John Alverdus, DSO, DSC, RNR2 Oct 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Luce, John David, DSO, RN12 Nov 1940  HMS Cachalot (N 83)
Lt. Lumby, Michael Geoffrey Rawson, DSO, DSC, RN19 Mar 1943  HMS Saracen (P 247)

T/Lt. Macdonald, George James, DSO, DSC, RNZNVR19 Sep 1944  
Cdr. MacIntyre, Donald George Frederick Wyville, DSO, RN6 May 1941  HMS Walker (D 27)
Capt. Macintyre, Ian Agnew Patterson, DSO, RN1 Dec 1942  HMS Scylla (98)
Lt.Cdr. MacIver, Peter Graeme, DSO, RD, RNR21 Aug 1942  HMS Georgetown (I 40)
Lt.Cdr. Mack, Edward, DSO, DSC, RN19 Jun 1942  HMS Eclipse (H 08)
Capt. Mack, Philip John, DSO, RN11 Jul 1940  
Lt. Mackenzie, Hugh Stirling, DSO, RN30 Jun 1942  HMS Thrasher (N 37)
Capt. Mackintosh, Lachlan Donald, DSO, DSC, RN28 May 1943  HMS Victorious (38)
A/Skr.Lt. Mair, David Evan Stanley, DSO, RNR16 Mar 1943  
Lt.Cdr. Maitland-Makgill-Crichton, David Hugh, DSO, DSC, RN1 Sep 1942  HMS Ithuriel (H 05)
Lt.Cdr. Malins, Charles Wickham, DSO, DSC, RN25 Nov 1943  HMS Pathfinder (G 10)
Rear-Admiral Mansfield, John Maurice, DSO, DSC, RN27 Mar 1945  
Lt. Marriot, Peter Barnsley, DSO, RN5 Jan 1943  HMS Graph (P 715)
Lt. Mars, Alastair Campbell Gillespie, DSO, RN22 Nov 1942  HMS Unbroken (P 42)
Cdr. Marshall-A'Deane, Walter Roger, DSO, DSC, RN9 Jul 1940  HMS Greyhound (H 05)
Capt. Martin, Benjamin Charles Stanley, DSO, RN14 Oct 1941  
Lt. Martin, Desmond Samuel Royce, DSO, RN15 Jun 1943  HMS Tuna (N 94)
Lt.Cdr. Maud, Colin Douglas, DSO, DSC, RN1 Dec 1942  
Cdr. Maurice, Robin Hamilton, DSO, RN8 Sep 1942  
Lt. Maydon, Stephen Lynch Conway, DSO, RN22 Dec 1942  HMS Umbra (P 35)
Lt.Cdr. McBeath, John Edwin Home, DSO, RN27 Aug 1940  HMS Venomous (D 75)
Capt. McCall, Henry William Urquhart, DSO, RN8 Sep 1942  HMS Dido (37)
Capt. McCarthy, Edward Desmond Bewley, DSO, RN27 Jun 1941  HMS Ajax (22)
A/Capt. McClintock, Hubert Victor Perry, DSO, RN2 Oct 1942  
T/A/Lt.Cdr. McCowan, Donald Henry Ewan, DSO, RNVR30 May 1944  HMS MTB 693 (MTB 693)
Cdr. McCoy, James Abernethy, DSO, RN28 Jun 1940  HMS Bedouin (F 67)
Lt. McGeoch, Ian Lachlan Mackay, DSO, RN6 Apr 1943  HMS Splendid (P 228)
Cdr. McGregor, Eric George, DSO, RN11 Sep 1940  HMS Decoy (H 75)
Rear Admiral McGrigor, Rhoderick Robert, DSO, RN21 Dec 1943  
Lt. McIntosh, Ian Stewart, DSO, DSC, RN5 Sep 1944  HMS Sceptre (P 215)
Capt. McLaughlin, Patrick Vivian, DSO, RN11 Jun 1946  HMS Swiftsure (08)
Cdr. Medley, Ralph Cyril, DSO, RN28 Jul 1942  HMS Beagle (H 30)
Lt.Cdr. Menlove, Desmond Aubrey, DSO, RANR(S)22 Sep 1942  
Capt. Menzies, George Cunningham Paton, DSO, RN23 May 1944  
Cdr. Meyrick, Michael Donston Capel, DSO, RN5 Jan 1944  HMS Savage (G 20)
Cdr. Micklethwait, St. John Aldrich, DSO, RN1 Jan 1940  HMS Eskimo (F 75)
Lt.Cdr. Miers, Anthony Cecil Capel, DSO, RN7 Oct 1941  HMS Torbay (N 79)
Cdr. Miles, George Ralph, DSO, RCN3 Dec 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Miller, John Isdale, DSO, RNR24 Apr 1940  HMS Blackfly (FY 117)
Cdr. Mills, Ronald George, DSO, DSC, RN17 Jun 1941  
Lt.Cdr. Mitchell, David Reynolds, DSO, RN2 Jul 1943  
Lt.Cdr. Moloney, Bernard, DSO, DSC, RNR1 Jan 1940  
Lt. Morgan, Charles Eric, DSO, RN17 Jun 1919  
Cdr. Morrow, James Cairns, DSO, RAN11 Sep 1940  HMAS Voyager (D 31)
Lt. Morse, Harold Edward, DSO, RN22 Jan 1920  
Lt. Morse, John Anthony Vere, DSO, RN16 Aug 1915  
Capt. Mountbatten, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas, DSO, RN1 Jan 1941  HMS Kelly (F 01)
Lt.Cdr. Mowlam, John, DSO, RN28 Aug 1942  HMS Matchless (G 52)
Lt.Cdr. Munn, William James, DSO, RN11 Nov 1941  

Lt.Cdr. Napier, Lennox William, DSO, RN29 Jun 1943  HMS Rorqual (N 74)
Lt. Naylor, Cedric, DSO, DSC, RN29 Aug 1917  
Cdr. Neame, Douglas Mortimer Lewis, DSO, RN23 Feb 1940  
Cdr. Newman, Ralph, DSO, RNZNVR21 Mar 1941  HMS Acacia (T 02)
Capt. Nicholl, Angus Dacres, DSO, RN20 Feb 1942  HMS Penelope (97)
Capt. Nichols, Charles Alfred Godfrey, DSO, RN27 Mar 1945  HMAS Shropshire (83)
Cdr. Nicholson, Bertram William Lothian, DSO, RN27 Jun 1917  
Capt. Nicholson, Randolph Stewart Gresham, DSO, DSC, RN23 Dec 1939  HMS Somali (F 33)
Lt.Cdr. Nicolay, Edward Christian Frederic, DSO, RN28 Nov 1941  HMS Perseus (i) (N 36)
Cdr. Nicolson, Hugh St. Lawrence, DSO, RN11 Jul 1940  HMS Hyperion (H 97)
Lt. Noall, William Robert Boyce, DSO, RNR24 Mar 1942  HMS Mallow (K 81)
Lt.Cdr. (retired) Nock, Charles Frederick, DSO, RN22 Dec 1942  
Capt. Norfolk, George Anthony Francis, DSO, RN23 May 1952  
Lt.Cdr. Norfolk, Robert Galliano, DSO, RN19 May 1942  HMS Thorn (N 11)
Lt. Norman, Compton Patrick, DSO, RN22 Dec 1942  
Lt. Norman, Edward Dudley, DSO, DSC, RN12 Aug 1941  
Capt. Norris, Charles Fred Wivell, DSO, RN14 Nov 1944  
Lt.Cdr. Norris, Stephen Hugh, DSO, DSC, RN3 Dec 1940  HMS Firedrake (H 79)
Lt.Cdr. Northcott, Ralph William Frank, DSO, RN20 Feb 1942  HMS Lance (G 87)
A/Capt. Nott, Martin Henry St.Leger, DSO, OBE, RIN10 Jul 1945  

Lt.Cdr. Oddie, Eric Roland John, DSO, RN28 Jun 1940  HMS Triad (N 53)
Cdr. Oliphant, Henry Gerard Laurence, DSO, RN25 Jul 1916  
Capt. Oliver, Geoffrey Nigel, DSO, RN25 Nov 1941  HMS Hermione (74)
Cdr. Onslow, Richard George, DSO, RN30 Jun 1942  HMS Ashanti (F 51)
Cdr. Ormsby, Gerald Anthony Gore, DSO, RN6 Jun 1944  HMS Taff (K 637)
Capt. Orr-Ewing, David, DSO, RN4 May 1943  HMS Abdiel (M 39)
Capt. Otway-Ruthven, Robert Jocelyn Oliver, DSO, RN14 Nov 1944  
Lt.Cdr. Owles, Garth Henry Fyson, DSO, DSC, RN6 May 1941  
Capt. O’Donnell, George Eric Maxia, DSO, RN2 Dec 1938  

Capt. Parham, Frederick Robertson, DSO, RN5 Jan 1944  HMS Belfast (35)
Cdr. Parish, Frank Reginald Woodbine, DSO, RN11 Jul 1940  
Capt. Parry, Cecil Ramsden Langworthy, DSO, RN9 May 1944  HMS Garth (L 20)
Lt.Cdr. Peace, Alfred Geoffrey, DSO, RN31 May 1916  
Capt. Peachey, Allan Thomas George Cumberland, DSO, RN23 May 1944  HMS Royal Sovereign (05)
Capt. Pegram, Frank Henderson, DSO, RN19 Jul 1940  
Cdr. Pelly, Peter Douglas Herbert Raymond, DSO, RN8 Sep 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Petch, William Napier, DSO, OBE, RN8 Sep 1942  HMS Dulverton (L 63)
Lt. Peters, Frederic Thornton, DSO, RN3 Mar 1915  
Cdr. Peterson, Jack, DSO, RN18 Oct 1940  HMS Bangor (J 00)
A/Capt. (retired) Petrie, Christopher Henry, DSO, RN11 Nov 1941  HMS Glengyle (4.196)
Lt. Peyton-Jones, Loftus Edward, DSO, DSC, RN23 Feb 1943  
Capt. Philip, George Tothill, DSO, DSC, RN16 Mar 1943  HMS Furious (47)
Capt. Phillips, Alfred Jerome Lucian, DSO, RN14 Oct 1941  HMS Norfolk (78)
Cdr. Phillips, George Chesterman, DSO, RN1 Jan 1940  HMS Ursula (N 59)
Lt. Piper, Aston Dalzell, DSO, DSC, RD, RNR14 Nov 1944  
Lt. Pitt, Arthur John Wright, DSO, RN2 May 1944  HMS Taku (N 38)
Capt. Pizey, Charles Thomas Mark, DSO, RN1 Jan 1942  HMS Campbell (D 60)
T/Lt. Platt, Thomas Douglas Laverick, DSO, RNVR21 May 1942  
Capt. Poland, Albert Lawrence, DSO, DSC, RN25 Jun 1940  HMS Black Swan (L 57 / U 57)
Lt.Cdr. Poland, Allan, DSO, RN20 Sep 1918  
Cmdr Pope, William, DSO, RN8 Jan 1942  
Capt. Power, Manley Lawrence, DSO, OBE, RN10 Nov 1944  HMS Myngs (R 06)
Lt.Cdr. Powlett, Philip Frederick, DSO, DSC, RN24 Mar 1942  HMS Blankney (L 30)
T/Cdr. Prentice, James Douglas, DSO, RCN3 Mar 1942  HMCS Chambly (K 116)
Lt.Cdr. Price, Hugh Percival, DSO, RN24 Apr 1940  HMS Gleaner (J 83)
A/Cdr. (emergency) Prior, Redvers Michael, DSO, DSC, RN23 Mar 1943  
Capt. Pugsley, Anthony Follett, DSO, RN2 Jun 1943  HMS Jervis (F 00)
Lt.Cdr. Pumphrey, Edward Nigel, DSO, DSC, RN31 Mar 1942  HMS MTB 38 (MTB 38)

Lt.Cdr. Raikes, Richard Prendergast, DSO, RN16 Jun 1944  
Lt.Cdr. (retired) Ramsay, Frank Alan Winson, DSO, DSC, RN7 Apr 1942  
A/Cdr. Rawlings, Geoffrey Noel, DSO, RN1 Sep 1942  
T/Lt. Renwick, James, DSO, RNR27 Jan 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Rich, Lawrence St George, DSO, RN4 May 1943  HMS Paladin (G 69)
Lt.Cdr. Richardson, Hugh Nicholas Aubyn, DSO, DSC, RN1 Sep 1942  HMS Marne (G 35)
Lt.Cdr. Richardson, John Sherbrook Morris, DSO, RN11 Feb 1941  HMS Kimberley (F 50)
Cdr. Richmond, Maxwell, DSO, OBE, RN28 Jul 1942  HMS Bulldog (H 91)
Lt.Cdr. Rimington, Michael Gordon, DSO, RN11 Sep 1940  
A/Capt. Roberts, Philip Quellyn, DSO, RN11 Dec 1945  
Cdr. Robson, William Geoffrey Arthur, DSO, RN11 Feb 1941  HMS Kandahar (F 28)
Lt.Cdr. Roche, Standish O Grady, DSO, RN8 Sep 1942  HMS Beaufort (L 14)
Lt.Cdr. Roper, Edward Gregson, DSO, DSC, RN1 Dec 1942  HMS Impulsive (D 11)
Lt.Cdr. Roper, Nigel Edward Godfrey, DSO, RN30 Jul 1942  
Cdr. Rosenthal, Alvord Sydney, DSO, RAN25 Nov 1941  HMAS Nestor (G 02)
Cdr. Ross, Richard Cyril Vesey, DSO, RN7 Jun 1940  HMS Gossamer (J 63)
Cdr. Rotherham, Geoffrey Alexander, DSO, OBE, RN16 Sep 1941  
Cdr. Rowland, James Marjoribanks, DSO, RN1 Jan 1944  
Capt. Rowley, Henry Aubrey, DSO, RN29 Jul 1941  
Lt. Roxburgh, John Charles Young, DSO, DSC, RN12 Oct 1943  HMS United (P 44)
Capt. Ruck-Keene, Philip, DSO, RN23 Oct 1945  HMS Formidable (67)
Capt. Russell, Alfred Spalding, DSO, RN10 Nov 1942  HMS Kenya (14)
A/Cdr. Russell, Archibald Boyd, DSO, RN8 Dec 1942  HMS Malcolm (D 19)
Capt. Russell, Guy Herbrand Edward, DSO, RN5 Jan 1944  HMS Duke of York (17)
Cdr. Rust, Henry Thew, DSO, RN31 Mar 1942  HMS Sidmouth (J 47)
Capt. Rutherford, William Francis Henry Crawford, DSO, RN10 Nov 1953  

Capt. Salter, Jocelyn Stuart Cambridge, DSO, OBE, RN30 Jul 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Sanders, Harry Marcus Crews, DSO, DSC, RD, RNR5 Sep 1941  HMS Gladiolus (K 34)
Lt.Cdr. Sarell, Richard Iwan Alexander, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  
Capt. Saunders, Leslie Swain, DSO, RN30 Jul 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Sclater, Claude Edward Lutley, DSO, RN15 Sep 1942  HMS Obdurate (G 39)
Capt. Scott-Moncrieff, Alan Kenneth, DSO, RN27 Nov 1942  HMS Faulknor (H 62)
Cdr. Scurfield, Bryan Gouthwaite, DSO, OBE, RN1 Sep 1942  
Cdr. Sherbrooke, Robert St. Vincent, DSO, RN28 Jun 1940  HMS Matabele (F 26)
Lt.Cdr. (retired) Sherwood, Martyn Butt, DSO, RN16 Aug 1940  HMS Peony (K 40)
Lt.Cdr. Sherwood, Robert Evan, DSO, RNR19 Oct 1943  HMS Tay (K 232)
A/Capt. Short, Kenneth Albert, DSO, RN19 Jun 1945  
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Simmons, Edward Theodore, DSO, RCNVR1 May 1943  HMCS Port Arthur (K 233)
Lt.Cdr. Simms, Hugh Crofton, DSO, RN6 Mar 1942  HMS Javelin (F 61)
Lt. Sinclair, George Sutherland, DSO, DSC, RNR4 May 1943  
Cdr. Sladen, Geoffrey Mainwaring, DSO, DSC, RN27 Jan 1942  HMS Trident (N 52)
Lt.Cdr. Slaughter, Jack Etheridge, DSO, RN9 May 1940  HMS Sunfish (N 81)
Capt. Slayter, William Rudolph, DSO, DSC, RN7 Mar 1944  
Lt.Cdr. (retired) Smith, Leslie Johnson, DSO, RD, RNR25 Jan 1944  HMS LST 65 (LST 65)
Capt. Smith, Philip Sydney, DSO, RN11 Dec 1945  HMS Sirius (82)
Lt.Cdr. Smith, Vivian Funge, DSO, RNR5 Aug 1941  HMS Aubretia (K 96)
Lt.Cdr. Smyth, Arthur Dru Drury, DSO, RN17 May 1918  
Lt.Cdr. Somerville, Philip, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  HMS Kingston (F 64)
Lt.Cdr. Spooner, Ernest John, DSO, RN21 Jun 1919  
Cdr. Spurgeon, Stanley Herbert King, DSO, RAN22 Oct 1939  HMS Echo (H 23)
Cdr. St. Clair-Ford, Aubrey, DSO, RN8 Jan 1942  HMS Kipling (F 91)
Cdr. Stanley, Edmond Alan Berners, DSO, RN20 Feb 1919  
Lt. Stanley, Edward Talbot, DSO, DSC, RN27 Jul 1943  
Lt.Cdr. Stannard, Richard Been, VC, DSO, RD, RNR18 May 1943  
Cdr. Stephenson, Robert Hearfield, DSO, RN25 Aug 1942  HMS Cromer (J 128)
Capt. Stevens, Eric Barry Kenyon, DSO, DSC, RN26 Sep 1940  
Lt. Stevens, John Samuel, DSO, DSC, RN4 Mar 1943  HMS Unruffled (P 46)
Capt. Stevens-Guille, George Frederick, DSO, OBE, RN1 Jan 1940  
Cdr. Stokes, Oliver Maurice Fitz-Gerald, DSO, RN20 Feb 1919  
Capt. Storey, Jocelyn Latham, DSO, RN23 Mar 1943  HMS Jamaica (44)
Cdr. Surtees, Villiers Nicholas, DSO, RN7 Jun 1940  
Lt.Cdr. Swain, James Hamilton, DSO, RN6 Nov 1942  HMS Penn (G 77)
Lt. Swanston, David, DSO, DSC, RN10 Apr 1945  
Cdr. Swinley, Caspar Silas Balfour, DSO, DSC, RN7 Nov 1941  HMS Isis (D 87)

Lt.Cdr. Tait, Arthur Andre, DSO, RN16 Jun 1942  HMS Achates (i) (H 12)
Lt. Talbot, Arthur Allison FitzRoy, DSO, RN25 Jun 1940  
Capt. Talbot, Arthur George, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  
Lt. Teacher, Norman Joseph MacDonald, DSO, RN14 Jan 1941  
Cdr. (retired) Temple, Grenville Mathias, DSO, RN16 Aug 1940  HMS Sutton (J 78)
Lt.Cdr. (emergency) Teynham, , DSO, DSC, RN13 Mar 1945  
Cdr. Thomas, Mervyn Somerset, DSO, RN10 Sep 1940  HMS Dainty (H 53)
Cdr. Thomson, Charles Richard Powys, DSO, RN25 Aug 1942  HMS Martin (G 44)
Lt.Cdr. Thornton, Mark, DSO, DSC, RN12 Jan 1943  
Lt. Thorpe, Ernest Michael, DSO, RN10 Nov 1942  HMS MGB 644 (MGB 644)
Lt.Cdr. Thring, George Arthur, DSO, RN1 Jan 1941  HMS Deptford (L 53 / U 53)
Capt. Todd, Percy, DSO, RN9 Jul 1940  HMS Inglefield (D 02)
Lt.Cdr. Tomkinson, Edward Philip, DSO, RN29 Nov 1941  HMS Urge (N 17)
Capt. Torlesse, Arthur David, DSO, RN1 Jan 1946  
Cdr. Townsend, Michael Southcote, DSO, DSC, OBE, RN4 May 1943  
Capt. Troubridge, Thomas Hope, DSO, RN10 Nov 1942  
Cdr. Tuck, Gerald Seymour, DSO, RN13 Jun 1941  HMS Illustrious (87)
Lt.Cdr. Tuke, Seymour Charles, DSO, RN6 Sep 1940  HMS Weston (L 72 / U 72)
Lt. Turner, Ernest John Donaldson, DSO, DSC, RN23 Jun 1943  HMS Sibyl (P 217)
A/Capt. Turner, Errol Concanon Lloyd, DSO, RN1 Aug 1944  
Lt.Cdr. Tyrwhitt, Lionel Rupert Knyvet, DSO, DSC, RN20 Dec 1941  
Cdr. Tyson, Ismay James, DSO, DSC, RD, RNR18 Jul 1944  HMS Keppel (D 84 / I 84)

luitenant ter zee 1e klasse (Lt.Cdr.) van Dulm, Johannes Frans, DSO, RNN17 Feb 1942  HNMS O 21 (P 21)
luitenant ter zee 1e klasse (Lt.Cdr.) van Oostrom Soede, Henri Max Louis Frédéric Emile, DSO, RNN17 Jun 1943  HNMS Dolfijn (P 47)
Lt. Verschoyle-Campbell, David Stuart McNeile, DSO, DSC, RN2 May 1944  
Capt. Vian, Philip Louis, DSO, RN12 Apr 1940  HMS Afridi (F 07)

Cdr. Walker, Frederick John, DSO, RN6 Jan 1942  HMS Stork (L 81 / U 81)
Capt. Waller, Hector Macdonald Laws, DSO, RAN11 Sep 1940  HMAS Stuart (D 00)
Capt. Walter, Philip Norman, DSO, RN24 Sep 1940  
Lt.Cdr. Wanklyn, Malcolm David, DSO, RN2 Sep 1941  HMS Upholder (N 99)
Lt.Cdr. Waterhouse, John Valentine, DSO, RN5 Jan 1943  HMS Viscount (D 92)
Lt.Cdr. Watkins, Geoffrey Robert Gordon, DSO, DSC, RN8 Sep 1942  
Capt. (retired) Watson, Edward Clifford, DSO, RN1 Jan 1943  HMS Teviotbank (M 04)
A/Cdr. Wemyss, David Edward Gillespie, DSO, DSC, RN13 Jun 1944  HMS Wild Goose (U 45)
Lt. Weston, Tobin Subremont, DSO, DSC, RN15 Aug 1944  HMS Satyr (P 214)
Lt.Cdr. White, Charles Everard Hughes, DSO, RN29 Nov 1918  
Lt.Cdr. White, Richard Taylor, DSO, RN11 Jul 1940  HMS Antelope (H 36)
Capt. William-Powlett, Peveril Barton Reibey Wallop, DSO, RN8 Jan 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Willmott, Michael, DSO, RN12 May 1942  HMS Talisman (N 78)
Lt. Wilson, Alexander Guy Berners, DSO, RN11 Nov 1919  
Lt.Cdr. Wilson, Graham Francis Winstanley, DSO, RN20 Jul 1917  
Cdr. Wilson, Robert Amcotts, DSO, RN8 Dec 1915  
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Wilson, William Joseph, DSO, RINR2 Feb 1943  HMIS Hindustan (L 80 / U 80)
Lt.Cdr. Wingfield, Mervyn Robert George, DSO, RN17 Nov 1942  HMS Taurus (P 339)
Lt.Cdr. Withers, Peter Alison Ross, DSO, RN8 Sep 1941  HMS Avon Vale (L 06)
Lt.Cdr. Wodehouse, Philip George, DSO, RN17 May 1918  
A/Cdr. Woodhall, Eric Langton, DSO, RN23 Dec 1939  
Cdr. Woods, Wilfrid John Wentworth, DSO, RN20 Jan 1942  
Lt.Cdr. Woodward, Edward Arthur, DSO, RN7 Apr 1942  HMS Unbeaten (N 93)
Lt.Cdr. Woodward, Hugh Joseph, DSO, RN23 May 1917  
Lt. Wraith, John Somerton, DSO, DSC, RN3 Apr 1942  HMS Upright (N 89)
Cdr. Wright, John Piachaud, DSO, RN7 Jun 1940  HMS Hostile (H 55)
Cdr. Wyburd, Derek Bathurst, DSO, DSC, RN14 Nov 1944  HMS Ursa (R 22)
Cdr. Wynter, Gerald Charles, DSO, RN11 Jun 1919  

T/A/Lt.Cdr. Young, Edward Preston, DSO, DSC, RNVR12 Sep 1944  HMS Storm (P 233)

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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